Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen If Disney Bought TheTopTens


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1 They Put Mickey Ears On the Logo

That would be so adorable! But let's be honest, that is Disney's trademark. It doesn't belong on a different website. Why would Disney even buy TheTopTens in the first place? - RockFashionista

Actually, that's cute and adorable!

The site will be a lot more childish.

That would be so cute!

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2 Every Five Seconds They Remind You to Watch Liv and Maddie Sundays at 7

I would break my device and never come onto this website again - kaitlynrad11

Liv and mad die isn't as bad as Jessie. - AnonymousChick

The only way that Disney1994 Will Like This Site - Nateawesomeness

I would rage quit - Jordansalesguy2392

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3 They Make a Bad Sitcom About It

I am fine if they get my gender wrong (they might, we don't know), but they need to get a lot of things right:

1) Keep my age between 13 and 16.
2) I am the nerd who is always writing.
3) I am socially awkward.
4) I have am a kind person with violent thoughts.
5) I do not, I repeat, DO NOT have a love interest (yet).

I'm guessing all of you also have criteria that you would require. None of it would be met because Disney. - Cyri

If this happens and I'm portrayed as a pink, sparkly, princess, or be a makeup and boy obsessed girl I will sue Disney. - RiverClanRocks

They better not make me stupid. I've been on the honor roll 3 quarters and if they with this knowledge make me a nerd I will kill them as well. - ToptenPizza

Please Disney have mercy on me. The truth is is that Disney could probably buy the whole web with money to spare - MrQuaz680

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4 They Make Mickey Mouse Run Across the Page

Only with the Konami Code will I allow this. - Cyri

That would be cool

That won't be as bad,exept if Mickey Mouse is close to u

5 They Put In Background Music Featuring Messages from the Illuminati

This should be #1. At least mouse ears aren't satanic. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Illuminati is great - Nateawesomeness

Their was illuminati on goofeys skateboard on Disney infinity,so they might

6 They See This List and Do Everything On It

Let's hope Disney never knows about us. - ToptenPizza

7 Perry the Platypus Becomes the Mascot

Perry is good and all but do we really want him as the mascot? - RiverClanRocks

Perry the Platypus is so cute

To be honest. He's an overrated character and over-praised a lot. Go ahead. Hate me. I don't care.

Can't it be the old Mickey Mouse?

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8 They Try to Sell You Tickets to Disney World

And also Disneyland. Sorry, but I prefer Vegas over Disneyland.

This will be good,free tickets

That will be good,but I prefer carowinds,for FURY 325,the best coaster in the world

9 They Disable Homepages
10 They Delete You Account for "Copyright Infringement "

Their is banning in club peinguin,they might do it on this

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11 They End It

Why would they buy it if they weren't going to do something with it in the first place? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I would hate them 4 life - kaitlynrad11

12 The Tickets to Disney World Cost $10,000.99

They probably already do. Disney World is so effing expensive! - RiverClanRocks

13 They Remove Negative Things Said About Them

Well, I dislike most of Magic Kingdom. It's too happy and it has too many kiddie rides for my tastes. - Cyri

14 They charge you for it

That would be terrible! I don't have that kind of money! Lets hope Disney never finds this website

15 They Rename It "The Disney Tens"

Ok, that would mean anger... - micahisthebest

16 They make a TheTopTens musical

I hope it's rock/metal.

Would Asia or Duran Duran be in it?

This would be stupid. - RiverClanRocks

That would be cool. There could be a musical about a troll, an admin, a rude user and a nice user, plus a girl. It would be a cheesy love triangle thing where the rude user is about to win but the nice user prevails, and there would be a song with an epic adventure. It would end with the troll being banished by an admin, and the rude user dying for the nice user, because he finally shows he or she has a heart. I'm half joking. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

17 They will Delete "Worst Disney Channel Shows" List
18 They Make You Download Their Games to Continue Playing
19 They Remove Everything That's Not Related to Disney

Then that would mean that the whole site would be kept in place. I'm not going to explain this fully because it will take too long, but picture all the Disney merchandise and movies. Pretty much all of that can be realated onto another product or company. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

20 They'll Delete Accounts that Made and Commented on the List "Top Ten Things You'd Like to Throw at Elsa from Frozen"

You say that like it's a bad thing. That and all the other "thing you'd like to throw at insert Frozen character here" lists are terrible wastes.

Caps Girl would do that before Disney does.

21 They Remove the Reasons Why Disney World is Not the Happiest Place on Earth List

Let's hope they don't buy the top tens.

22 They Would Remove Top Ten Reasons to Hate Disney List
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1. They Put Mickey Ears On the Logo
2. Every Five Seconds They Remind You to Watch Liv and Maddie Sundays at 7
3. They Make Mickey Mouse Run Across the Page
1. They See This List and Do Everything On It
2. They End It
3. They Delete You Account for "Copyright Infringement "
1. They Put Mickey Ears On the Logo
2. Every Five Seconds They Remind You to Watch Liv and Maddie Sundays at 7
3. They Make Mickey Mouse Run Across the Page


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