Being Buried Alive


If you're like me, or any other reasonable human being, at some point you'd probably try clawing your way out from below ground and when that part happens I'd like to think that suffocating to death with dirt clogging up your airways would be better than rotting away underground doing fine for the most part, until you need to go to the bathroom.

Imagine that your sleeping but your not breathing but through the nose. And your parents thought you were dead so they bury you. THe next day you woke up and you are buried alive!

Lel guys you can survive being buried alive. First, you take slow deep breaths to conserve your energy. Turn on a flashlight if you have one, and punch the middle of the coffin. Take a piece of cloth for your access to breath. When the coffin is full, stand up, and crawl upwards, wriggling like a worm. Just in case when your friend dies, don't forget to put in a flashlight and a brass knuckle in there

Well if you are getting hurried alive you run out of oxygen and if that's not the case you die from Hunger and loss of water

I hope that happens in Groundhog Day so the groundhog can dig me out

It can happen. Its like you passed out but everyone thought you died so they buried you than BANG you wake up! How will you get out?

Buried alive AVENGED SEVENFOLD! This is now your life. Strike you from the light. This is now your life. DIE BURIED ALIVE!

Hell doesn't exist, neither does God nor any gods. Even if hell existed, this happens AFTER life, not in it.

One of my worst fears. It would be all just suffering, despair and loneliness.

But going to "HELL" is supposed to be the first

How about killing people? If I killed someone I would tell the police and commit suicide.

Can we have some sort of standard here? Like only things we KNOW can happen for sure

I can't hold my breath for that long... I would cry if I was sentenced to this

. I don't want to be buried I want to be shot out of a cannon into the ocean.

No light, no air, no movement possibility. I find this terrifying

Yea losing a son. Or losing a parent should be number 1

Buried Alive is all an Avenged Sevenfold song.

It hurts and thinking we're you will go.

Won't think nothing of it the next day,

This is so scary and worst thing ever!

There are more harsh things in life

Brown pants factor: off the charts.

Ouch.. Why do people vote for "hell? "

You will not be able to breath and you will have bugs crawling on you and steering to bite you in plazes

This is BY far the worst. I accidentally voted for 'hell'. I couldn't even imagine being buried alive.