Getting Cancer


My friend and one of my neighbors died of cancer. They were both people who would always have a smile on their face and they were very friendly and positive. WHY GOD WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO THE NICEST PEOPLE OH WHY!

I agree... getting cancer is terrible... but love and taste the life until your last breath... cancer is not an end to a precious life... cancer is nothing before a satisfied life... there are many things in our life which is worst than cancer... jealous... rage... etc.. many are suffering from these kind o f diseases... mainly WITHOUT ANY SELF MEDICATION... only self medication could be provided for that kind of diseases... cancer is nothing before your love towards your life... enjoy the life without worrying about your cancer...

I know it's horrible. But it is possible to survive due to growing technology, like radiation. - LostDream258

Do you really think listening to Justin Bieber is more life threatening then getting cancer? Give me a break -_-

Angela zhang is one of those people who might have developed a cure for cancer.

Why is this lower that listening to Justin beiber

Today is the 3rd year anniversary may 25, 2015 that my neighbor died of cancer I sat in a room and watched him die I was 10 it was horrible he had 2 children my age and he never smoked. cancer it the worst thing on the face of this earth.

Unfortunately fearing of cancer deals more damage than having it. It's true though, I've heard it a couple times only.

Two of my BFF's mom (They're sisters) has cancer, and she just shaved her head... Even though I'm not related to them it hurts because I've known them since I was 6, and the person it happened to was so kind and wonderful, I can only imagine my two friends'pain. It's so terrible.

Cancer it the worst thing that could ever happen

Getting cancer is sad it screws up your life

A person in my 6 grade class has cancer or used to be 5 grade

Especially when you were just born, it's a disease that is so painful, just take care of yourself if your an adult, especially when your pregnant, and DO NOT SMOKE WHEN YOUR PREGNET T ALL TIMES, if you listen to me, then you will have a long life and your cells won't die

Everyone smusthers you with love and its nice when they do that but when they look at you you can see the fear in their eyes, that your not gonna be ok.

One of the worst diseases ever,and probably the most spreading in the world,but if you had cancer right now,then why would you be waisting your life in TheTopTens,and how are you even in the top tens!