Getting Raped


Why the hell is this BELOW listening to Justin Bieber?!? I mean, yeah, I hate him too, but think about this. You are saying that a life-scarring thing that has affected many people, old and young, is BETTER than a tween singer who can't sing. If you hate him, ignore him. But don't say he is worse than rape. That is childish and ridiculous.

Well, I have never been... you know, but I was sexually harassed when I was 12. It really destroyed about two years of my life. I can't even imagine how it would have impacted someone who actually experienced it. I think that this should be #3 or #4. I do believe in Hell, but that is not something that would happen to you in your life. If you are good then you don't need to worry about experiencing it in the afterlife either.

Getting raped is horrible whether you are a boy or a girl. It will leave mental scarring that will never go away. No one should get taken advantage of like that.

This is definitely one of the worst things that could ever happen to you... Especially for girls - AndreaStephens

Definitely a fear of mine. This shouldn't happen to anyone. Ever. - keycha1n

Especially if you have aids, and you will feel funny when you don't want it too

How can you even love or touch a man again after this, this is horrible and to live through it is rough because you lose a part of you after this

This is horrible. You always have that thought in your mind.

Thinking of this makes me cringe

I'd put this second just under going to hell. Because it's literally hell. But this is definitely second

Uh... I don't even want to hear anything about this.

@09ShamsulBahriel, it is rather rude of you to assume pain is gender specific. I am rather confident many men would NOT enjoy it, it is not a 'maybe' situation for one gender, and not the other!

My friend told me and it is NOT good

Guys can get raped too but worse in the ass but it's problem

Literally have two fears and this is one of them. Download safeTrek app. I should get payed for this... but seriously buy a pepper spray or a swiss army knife

This would leave u scarred and afraid to trust anyone this is horrible after this u wouldn't want to live