Going to Hell


Hell is not fictional. Quantum physics has proven that the conciousness moves out of the body after death, and that it goes somewhere else. Sure, life is hard, with relationship struggles, deaths of family members, being fired, etc. , but Hell is worse. In life, there's hope. Jesus died for all of our sins (you name it, it can be forgiven). God doesn't tolerate sin, and we all sin weakly. If Jesus hadn't died for our sins, heaven would be empty. The real reason why people go to hell is not accepting Jesus as their savior. Hell is the most horrifying place ever. Worse than any horror movie or nightmare. Pure evil everywhere in that realm. It's where souls burn forever, and are tortured in horrific ways. There's no hope, at all, because hell is eternal separation from God. If you don't believ, it's good to start now. - ethanmeinster

When can religious people just focus on things that have been proven to exist, I'm not against religion but we generally don't know if hell if even a thing, or if god is even a thing, to me god is just a thing someone invented to give them hope, so that they can say that he or she will make it better, god could religion could just be made and used because we feel like we have grasp of the world when he have religion because it may or may not exist but it makes people believe and give them hope.

Going to hell can't happen in life. You have to be dead in order to go to hell. Oh, and that it's a fictional place designed as a tool of social control to keep people in line. - Jdub2119

Most of the Christians do good things because of the fear of hell. You say God loves anyone, so, why would He throw you in a place burning with demons and torture blah blah

Hell is to punish the evil and unjust he loves you but if you are evil he must do it

This should be no. 1, because being buried alive is only temporary and you will die, and then might end up in heaven. Going to Hell is permanent and you're stuck there forever. If that's not all, Hell is a lot more painful than being buried alive with Justin Bieber singing Baby with you. This is why this should be no. 1.

This is definitely the worst thing. I'm a Christian, so I know all about this place. In Heaven, you're are blessed with no sickness, no pain, plenty of food, and you get to honor and praise God. Going to this place is the exact opposite. You face pain, and get burned alive. Just thinking about it scares me so much, I can't even say this word.

"In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth..." (Luke 13:28, New American Standard Bible). Hell is the worst thing that can happen to a soul. Not only is it burning fire and punishment, but it is the feeling of complete abandonment from God. Stay in Christ; nothing in this world is worth eternal damnation.

Open your eyes people! This can only happen AFTER life. Although if this list was called "Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen After Life" This would be at the top without a doubt. - toptenzen

Hell is indeed worst then dying if you die you can go to heaven or in hell and if you go to hell after dying you are in worst position then dying think again

While I don't think it's the worst thing in life considering you're dead, I do believe that it is the absolute worst endgame to happen to a person. Nothing else can beat the horrors of hell. Of course, this is just my opinion. Hell may not even exist...

This is absolutely one of my biggest fears! I have had nightmares beyond expression about it, I grew up in the Catholic religion, school, and church, and it seems they are one of the worst for pitch forkin' you to hell for "breathing the wrong way! " lol And movies, like "The Exorcist", for example, love to portay evil and the Catholic religion all in the same scenario quite often! I am considered a "non-practicing" Catholic by my family, however, they are soon to be blown away when I might decide to convert to Buddhism! - julz_b21

That's a hard one! Some people don't believe in hell so it may not apply to some people. But if we were to just say that hell does exist, it is pretty bad. You may be stuck there for the rest of eternity! Not a fun place to be

Wake up people! Religion is a lie! There is no magic man in the sky who created all life in a snap of the fingers! The origin of life is a mystery we may never unveil.

Fear, sadness, torture, and evil for eternity. It's scarier than any prison on Earth, and there's no way out. The demons dragging souls downward, into the pits of lava and sulfur...
This place is THE most horrific place in all realms and ages. Accept Jesus Christ as your savior and STOP sinning now. Repent. You never know when it could all end for you. - ethanmeinster

This is definitely a thing I'm extremely afraid of. Some people say hell doesn't exist, but no one truly knows. Other people say that only bad people go to hell, but what if I am bad? How do I know?

Wait, isn't Hell supposed to be after you die and this list is about while you're alive?

Because you can TOTALLY go to Hell when you're alive. Yep. That makes SO much sense.

Hold on... guys, but I noticed, if you're in Hell, you've died, so you're not alive. So this isn't happening in LIFE.

I think a god who sends people to hell for not believing in him is evil. It woukd be like a world leader arresting those who were not in his political party. If a person has lived a good life, they should go to heaven regardless. - Hajj

You can't even imagine the pain and suffering that you may go through in hell. Our minds can't comprehend it. I just pray to god that I don't end up there.

Going to hell is like a burning hole. Always trying to figure out how to get out but ending up just quitting but then realizing you'll be punished for the rest of your life.

Yes, that is the worst, though that happens in the next life. Not this one.

This is used by stupid christian to convert an atheist "If you don't believe in God, you go to hell" If hell really exist and God didn't let me in heaven even if I did a lot of good things that only proves that God is a Psychopath, If you're an atheist don't be affraid to go to hell you would be friends with other atheists

I think going to hell is a bad thing if someone does something good or bad you should be treated the same because everyone has done something bad in their life

Being tortured non stop forever. Nothing can be worse. Hell is my biggest fear. Just belive in God and be a good person. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Ah, blue diamond, I have sadly have to say, hell is a fictional place used to keep Christians in line. - ARandomPerson