Going to Jail for Life


It may see terrible. But sometimes, people really do deserve it. (Just imagine if the Joker was real, would you want him loose on the streets? Or a what if Hitler was still around, you would want him gone, correct? - LostDream258

Well at least I jailbreak everyone, I hate hitter, unless he kills the police, because they kidnap everyone just because of a law

Well, if you get jailed for life, then you have done something to deserve it, so its your own fault

It's not so bad to go to jail. Think about the food, clothes and shelter you get in there. Out there, I work so hard and so stressfully, but I still can't afford enough food and clothes for my family. don't let me start on about shelter. We will become homeless very soon.

What would happen to me due to my stupid luck is I would become immortal and be framed by the mob and get sent to prison for life. - Dman1972

If Kieran Stark were in prison, he wouldn't cry gently. He'd cry hard & masculinely.

I would feel useless in the world and would just be sad

You have no freedom In jail. You should just kill self instead of spending live there - Sabbath

Everything would be thrown away... My whole life down the drain. That's terrifying! - keycha1n

There is this guy who murdered his wife and he got 10,000 years in prison for doing so.

Not really that sad if you did a mass murder then you deserved it.

Especially if it's false charge, and you didn't commit the crime :(

The other prisoners will kill me.

If you go in for life it's probably your own fault

Once you go to jail for life, life is over
Do the same exact thing everyday
Stay in a cell and only stay outside for an hour
Bad food
Bathrooms are right in the open
No T.V. ,cell phones or fun things
Mean people

That's the worst thing that could happen

Congratulations police,you got the most bossiness people ever award

AHHH! That'd be so sad! I never wanna even go to jail for a day! Much less life! I would never see my family again, that's why I will just follow the rules. Because one little slip up could land me in jail.

That's why I hate polices so much, they basicly so what arrest you, I mean KIDNNAP you just because you broke a stupid law

That will never happen,you only go to jail for like a week,and it won't be our fault if were arrested anyways,it's just that the police is retarded