Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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181 Get a School Project
182 Develop a Sixth Sense to See Dead People
183 Being Forced to Listen to One Direction

Oh, yes! One direction and directioners annoy the hell outta me!

All of one direction songs are noise pollution

I may sound like a dying cat but I can sing way better than them - YouShallEatPoopy

I hope I could find a pail of water and destroy the speakers.

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184 Eating Someone

This is my nightmare. ugh

185 Getting Kicked In the Face

One day I was running super fast Howard's my big sister and as I was getting closer she did a cheer kick and cloncked me directley in my forehead and I went flying very high of my feet. I had trouble seeing straight for a few minutes.

186 Fall Down a Cliff
187 AC/DC's Career Ends

This would be the worst thing in music.

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188 Being Gay

Why si this here? I know it goes against the Bible but I thought God loves people for who they are. - HeavyDonkeyKong

It's not the worst thing ever, but prepare for at least SOME bigotry and homophobia against you when you "come out of the closet"!

That is just discrimination. I may be against same sex marriage, but I'm also against discriminating them. They're still human!

Whoever put this on here is a homophobe - mayamanga

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189 Having a Break Up

How could this be the worst things in life? Break ups happen all the time. - funnyuser

190 Cheating and Getting Caught
191 When You Have Everything and Feel Like Nothing to Wear

Because I often feel like...

192 Getting Leprosy

Getting leprosy will you fear such as:Body parts falling off numbness deformity weight loss nerve injury,

I saw that in kingdom of heaven. king baldwin of Jerusalem got leprosy. - Danteem

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193 Haunted by Ghost

This is definitively one of my worst fears.

194 Be a Victim of Genocide
195 Growing Up With People Who Are Not Your Parents

How's that bad? At least those people raised you and took care of you. It's good to know at least one different person.

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196 Smosh Leaves Youtube

I mean I love smosh but you can't deny the fact that they're abusing the heck out of their channels just to make profit. If you like them, good for you. Just please don't hate me or other people for not liking smosh.

Smosh has been on YouTube since 2005, it would be a shame if they left.

They're money grabbing sell outs now. so I wouldn't be surprised if they left YouTube.

197 Daft Punk Retires

NOO! I would commit suicide!

198 The the World End With Only You and 10000 Zombies Left

That's gotta hurt. A LOT. considering you'll be bitten and scratched by 10000 zombies.

-grabs Minigun-
Just because I axcept my inevitable fate I'm not in a hurry to embrace it!

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199 Not Having Lady Gaga V 2 Comments
200 Getting In a Concentration Camp

That would be a nightmare!

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