Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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201 Getting In a Concentration Camp

That would be a nightmare!

202 Saving Up for Ages for Something You Really Want Only to Realize That It's Already Been Bought
203 Not Getting the Job of Your Dreams

Life is about following your dreams and doing what you love. Life would be completely pointless otherwise.

Then I must grant myself a wish. My wish is to be A... PRESIDENT LOLOLOLOL

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204 Being Stuck In Time Paradox Where You Die Every Time

Think of gLaDoS
5 seconds watching yourself die over and over and over for eternity

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205 The Nuke Alarm

If that ever happens I will be prepared. I have the most secure house. trust me this is where they test nukes.

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206 One Direction Breaking Up

That would be the best thing that happened in my life. - 4rs3R4mm3r

If they do break up, that would be the 4th best day ever, Their music is bad and the lyrics make no sense but the reason why I them is because of the directioners. I don't really care what band do people like, but when you say something negative about 1D, you will find 95% of them will be very pestering

That would be awesome if they broke up, I would rather have them break up then get a million dollars!

That is one of the best things that would happen to music! Every sane person around the world would be celebrating!

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207 Spending the Rest of Your Life Inside a Fat Guy's Stomach

I would get digested in there so horrible

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208 Dolphins Take Over the World and Become the Dominant Race

I wouldn't mind that because I've found out that dolphins may be more smarter than chimpanzees. they've even been known to give themselves names by using whistles. so I'm sure if dolphins evolve they will be a much more advanced race than humans will be.

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209 Eminem's Career Ends

It can happen very soon it will be sad because he saving rap he is one of the only good rappers left

Yeah... If this thing happened. I don't know what I am gonna do to myself.. !

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210 Finding Out Someone You Hate Is Dating Your Crush
211 Metallica Breaks Up

Worse than Daft Punk retiring!

212 Becoming an Atheist

There is nothing wrong with atheism! I am an atheist. I did not CHOOSE to be one, I just am. I can't control my beliefs. I have a meaningful life and am very happy. I know that this might seem impossible for someone with faith but I assure you it is true. Another common misconception is that atheists hate God. We don't, we just don't believe in God. If he does exist, though, I have infinite respect for him for creating such a brilliant and complex universe.

I'm kinda of getting sick of people shoving religion down my throat. I think I've rather be an atheist, agnostics, or maybe believe in the Egyptian gods.

I think that I'm a better person if I'm not super religious. I'm an agnostic which is a completely different thing.

Atheists are good because they do good things because they now it is the right thing to do, not so they can get blessings from god

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213 Everyone On Earth Hates You

This is the story of my life... Definitely. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

Kanye West is this guy.

214 Getting Crohn's Disease
215 Your House Is Bombed
216 Foreclosure/eviction

The thought of losing your house... Scary stuff. - Turkeyasylum

217 Every Other Sane Person In the World Dies

Justin Beiber and Nicki Manaj are the only ones left besides me... Is suicide still an option?


218 Getting Banned from Gta Forever
219 Having to Go to School Forever

NOO! This is the worst thing that could ever happen! - mayamanga

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220 Discovering That Everything You Have Ever Known Has Been a Lie
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