Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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221 Stuck On an Island With Joseph Stalin
222 Commies Take Over the American Government
223 Soviets Rise Once Again and Take Over the World
224 Having Your Eyes Gouged Out

I would rather die.

225 Someone Chopping Off Your Head While Sleeping
226 Your Friends Get Flirty With You!

What if your a guy and all your friends are guys? That would suck... And be extremely awkward

Nothing worse, than them being flirty with you and making the friendship awkward!

If this happens to me...
My friend:Hi!
My Friend:Are you busy friday night?
My friend:Do you wanna go out? (Holds my hand)
Me:Hey, stay off me!
My friend:Until you answer the question...
Me:No! Why would i?! (Slaps my friend and walk to class) - MLPFan

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227 Having Your Balls Smashed

The best thing that would happen to Justin Bieber. Oh wait, does he even have balls?

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228 Kirk Hammet Dies Then Metallica Can't Find Another Guitarist So They Have to Quit Music Forever

Are you trying to tell me that thwy won't get Dave Mustaine back?!

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229 Going to Miley Cyrus's Birthday Party

I would rather die than do that!

Especially if Justin Bieber is there too. - MLPFan

230 Having Your Home Country Become a Theocracy or Get Taken Over by Militant Anti Theists
231 Death of Bruce Dickinson
232 Metal Dies

If metal dies I will cry so hard

Rate number one please

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233 Being On Total Blackout
234 Funnyuser Dies
235 Getting Shot
236 Listening to Your Least Favorite Song by Nicki Minaj for 3 Hours

So all of them

237 Being Forced to Marry Justin Bieber

That's actually pretty bad sorry

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238 Being Corrupted by the One Ring of Sauron

Just look what happened to Gollum.

239 Being Forced to Eat a Human

Id get a big mouth, then swallow him whole

240 Having Your Penis Cut Off and Thrown Into a Field from a Moving Van, by Your Wife V 1 Comment
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