Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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261 Kim Jong-Un Becomes the Supreme Leader of North Korea

Oh, wait... That already happened!

262 Getting Friendzoned
263 Forced To Play Talking Angela

She has cameras in her eyes

She kidnaps kids

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264 Being Forced to Listen to Meghan Trainor
265 Pop Stars Get Ebola

That would be the best

266 Not meeting One Direction

That is the best! One Direction should go away and be forgotten!

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267 Being Forced to Eat Yourself

Do you disintegrate, stay at the same size or get twice as large?

268 Swallowed, Digested and Crapped Out Alive
269 Watching Robot Chicken V 1 Comment
270 The Purge Actually Happens

It already is happening genius

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271 Getting Beat Up by a Little Kid

I get beaten up by my little siblings all the time - mayamanga

I find this really messed up. Especially since you think you could take him and he kicks your butt, and if you talk all this s***. Ha

272 An Alien Poops on You Then Eats You

What were you smoking when you came up with this one?

This alien would be doing the above one.

273 Becoming A Brony

It's very shameful and embarrassing to be a brony.

The show and the bronies should NEVER exist!

274 Watching My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

This really destroyed my hope for humanity.

I will never get used to this show, as well as bronies, cloppers, and eye-torturing ponies all over the Internet and real life!

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275 Star Wars Cancelled Forever
276 Falling down a Bottomless Dark Hole and keep falling forever
277 All Music Dies
278 Everyone Disagrees with You
279 Getting Framed for Murder and Punished by Execution
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