Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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41 Being Paralyzed

I think this would be awful cause you are sitting being bored crying wanting to die and stop waisting time on a wheel chair trying to say a guy KILL ME saying stop making me live and wishing you could be walking moving not feeling awful and wish I never lived.

I hope this doesn't happen to me!

42 Being Pushed Off the Grand Canyon by a Cow

That's what happened to me...

Hilarious. But still it sounds horrible. It happened to my uncle's friend.

Yeah I was pushed by a cow off a cliff and I was unconscious for a day when I woke up you was like "Ugh, I'm in hell? Colder than usual"

If that happened to me, I would probably laugh then start cursing. It's a bad way to go! Imagine being in the after life and someone asks how you died and you say, 'I got pushed of the Grand Canyon by a cow' That would suck!

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43 You Go Deaf

This would be bad but not as bad as going blind... when your death you don't know whether people are speaking bad things about you, you can't dance and join in that much with songs like whip nae nae, you will never know if you can sing good anymore, you will never get to hear anyone say they love you, you won't be able to talk on the phone, you will never know if your speaking too loud or too quietly, you will never be able to play chinese whispers I could go on

Dude stop lying I am so sick of people making fun of this I for really am deaf. its just wrong

You can't appreciate awesome music like Metallica!

But hey you don't get to listen to Nicki or Bieber - Ohno

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44 Gaining 4790 Pounds in a Day

What's this supposed to mean?

I'm 4791 pounds over weight and I find this so insulting you inconsiderate bastard. Is there something wrong with it.

If that happens, then you die from a heart attack.

How is this offensive? They're not joking about it, they're saying it's serious and really bad. - Ohno

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45 Lose a Limb

Edward Elric lost 2 limbs when he was 11

Imagine how hiccup haddock would feel losing a limb at age 15! - coolguy101

46 Losing Your Mother

The saddest thing ever. It wants me to cry. - Jordansalesguy2392

I love my mom. she the best!

My mom is awesome.

My mom may be kind of sour and strict, but she does a great job raising me. - Ohno

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47 Your Phone Drops In Toilet

Phones are overrated anyway... Besides, they still your life... That happened to me until the day I read "Conservation as a National Duty," it inspired me to get outside... And get my life back... Phones are a nuisance, a plague that blocks you from your life... That blocks you from reality... - LostDream258

13 year old phone obsessive girls. This isn't a big deal. Just buy a new phone, bastards. - Ohno

Basic world of techno prology.

48 Being Homeless

If you see a homeless person help them don't just ignore them. Imagine if it where you in that situation. You would want someone to help you.

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49 Trapped Under Ice

Well sing Trapped Under Ice by Metallica and the ice will melt

You could try to sing Trapped Under Ice by Metallica, but then Justin Bieber tapes your mouth and starts singing Baby to make the Ice thicker! Stupid Justin Bieber has to ruin everything.

Screaming! I'm Trapped Under Ice!

Scream as loud as you can, it may crack, call someone for help, wait for it to melt, etc. - Ohno

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50 Being Forced to Eat Yourself

Do you disintegrate, stay at the same size or get twice as large?

51 Being a High School Loser

It builds character. And once you've graduated college, you can hire the kids who bullied you to mow your lawn. I randomly hired a landscaping company and the guy who mowed my lawn was the biggest prick in my high school. It was both awesome and kinda sad. - Jdub2119

I was a high school loser, but now I am a billionaire who's married to a supermodel.

I was as an underclassmen then my last 2 years I was pretty popular and lemme tell you it's much better but after high school it really doesn't matter

Who cares if they bully you for being the smartest student, you'll get a lot of money off your intelligence once you graduate college. - Ohno

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52 Nazi Rise Again

It's good because the Nazis will definitely not come back because Germany has a better relationship with all the countries now! Now we have to worry more about the Middle Easterners!

This is terrible. What if they get even bigger than last time?

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53 Being Replaced

There's nothing worst than looking back at the memories you once thought that were special and exclusive with the person you love the most, and seeing them rehappen with someone else. Leaving you off the list.

54 You Can't Go to College

Why would anyone want to go to college

I pray that I could go to college

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55 Stuck On an Island With Adolf Hitler

If this happens bring an AK 47, bullets, a license to bear arms, also if you're blonde haired and blue eyed make sure you wear contacts and either dye your hair or wear a wig. Then pack some flares and a knife in-case the gun doesn't finish him off

It could be worse. He could also have his wife with him and that would be double torture. But on the bright side... THERE IS NO BRIGHT SIDE WHEN PATHETIC HUMAN (his wife) AND TERRIBLE MOUSTACHE (Hitler) ARE AROUND (but you could insult them.

If this happens, film yourself stabbing him to death or killing him some other way, but if neither of you have any weapons, you could always drown him, or use a rock to smash his bones, and the last thing he here's is you making fun of his moustache

This would be cool

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56 Being On Big Brother

Well, you don't get to see your loved ones for 3 months something could happen to your family and its mostly horrible

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57 Experiencing Depression

I experiance depression whenever a pet dies, and it's really bad because I'm always afraid it will happen to another pet. I also got that when my first boyfriend broke up with me. So sad.

58 Being Hated

I'm glad I have supportive friends who would never leave me. Without them I don't know what I'd do!

This happen but how's is it bad? I mean you can do what ever you like.

This is Justin Bieber and after looking at this list I can finally say I am h8ed

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59 Your Favourite TV Show Gets Canceled

I would cry all day

It happened to me too. Remember that show "The Secret Circle"? I used to love it so much and when it was cancelled I cried so much, but then I got over it.

This has happened to me twice! ICarly and Good Luck Charlie

Hey remember when Ed Edd and Eddy got replaced by Johnny Test? - Ohno

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60 Lose the Person You Love Most

How did they die and if someone murdered them can I hunt them down?

Look at what this did to Professor Snape.

Who ever did it it just a simple task.

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