Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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61 Getting Ebola

Seriously! Getting Ebola is considered better than watching Dora Explorer with your kid?!

Still don't get it what the hell is Ebola!

You wouldn't find out until your dead

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62 An Ice Cream Cart Destroys Civilization

This would suck big time, happened to me once

Wait WHAT - shawnmccaul22

63 Being an Experiment for Torture Devices

This is even worse than kidnapping and Justinbieber.

This is a violation of human rights!

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64 A Moose Crashes Through Your Roof and Starts Singing JB Music and Spews Out Lightsabers.

That's so oddly specific

Lol what



65 Having to Watch Dora the Explorer With Your Kids

Dora: What was your favorite part of the trip?
Me: When you had Diarrhea!
Dora: I liked that too!
Me: Haha!
Dora: My favorite part was when I had Diarrhea!
Me: What... The... Devil?

Me and my brother watched like five mins of Dora with our mom like two months ago and we were laughing really hard during the entire thing, I think she posted it on Facebook

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66 Being Kidnapped

Even if you have a plan to get out of their grip, you probably would become so absorbed in fear, you wouldn't use it.

This is 48! Whoever made this list is an idiot. This should be 10 or something.

Who ever kidnapped me there dead they, are dead.

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67 You Go to Prison

Especially LIFE in prison. It's boring there...

I think on my personal thought it would be cool to go to prison I love the danger

68 Stepping On A Lego

Bane of my exisitance! Legos are fun to play with, but torture to step on! If I was to be tortured then interigated, this would break me the fastest!

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69 You Wake Up Naked in the Middle of the Road.
70 Getting Caught Masturbating

Yeah this is so bad especially if it's your parents but if it's a friend I would just own it, should've knocked bro.

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71 Get Brainwashed

Exactley. This is what happened to all of the little girl's that are completely obsessed with Justin Bieber and One Direction.

My father is brainwashed by smoking

If this happen to me it might be a good one because.. I have bad memory.

72 Going to Jail for Life for Something You Didn't Do

That would suck big time! Me going to jail for something I didn't even do? If someone said I committed a crime I didn't even commit (or will ever commit for that matter) I would kill that person (and you can't arrest me because I meant "kill" metaphorically, not literally).

I wouldn't mind so much about this, to be honest. In jail, you've got food, clothes and shelter, but out there, you work so hard, so selflessly and stressfully, but yet, you may not be able to provide yourself with these necessities.

It's like people do not use D.N.A. test anymore... Or security cameras and witness do not exist anymore... Nevertheless the Bill of Rights... - LostDream258

This is a dream for meh people!

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73 Watching Your Children Being Stabbed to Death

Watch while you can. Aren't you gonna help your child freak!?!?

I don't know, but I may not be able to take watching that.

That must be awful

What if they coulden't move and the parents was held by a bunch of really strong people forcing them to watch their son or daughter get stabbed to death? diden't think of that did you?

74 Suicide

I've heard many stories abour people commiting suicide. It sounds so bad. Especially for that person's family. They honestly had no reason to die!

Suicide is something people use when they are really desperate and have tried time and time again to get things right but it doesn't work. The person loses hope entirely and can only think and see what they see and not the bigger picture. They become vulnerable to any negativity and can be easily pushed over the edge. And the stigma around suicide and depression is immense which makes it hard for a person to ask for help which is why I believe it is one of the worst things having experienced it myself. It got VERY close to giving up time but then I finally found something to keep me going and thought of that every day when I woke up. Every time I thought of something negative, I would try to find something positive and I thought why not see how long I can do this for. Every day, I realised I was finding more positive things and thought what's the point now? I'm getting a bit more positive! Not necessarily healing but developing another part of me that can make up for the missing part ...more

75 Metallica Retiring

Metallica dying would break my heart, but I would still have ALL Their albums.

I'll retire the day these happens, Metallica can't Dissappear, That they will never come, I'm just One crazy fan

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76 Falling in love with a psychopath
77 A Toaster Attacks You.
78 Being Forced to Do What You Don't Like

My parents forced me to smile on picture day, but I wanted a straight face and they should have accepted it.

OK, this is stupid. People have to make unpleasant choices every day because they're NECESSARY and believing that you can always do what you want is unrealistic and immature. What mother WANTS to change her baby's dirty diaper? What person ALWAYS wants, every day, to go to work or school? But they do, because the consequences are worse.

I am forced to do all of this in the morning. Here we go. Get dressed, Make my bed, Feed the dog, Make breakfast, Unload the Dishwasher and Get ready for school. I wake up at 7:00AM (Canadian) and I leave for school at 8:25 so I have a slim time limit.

Story of my life - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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79 Seeing the Love of Your Life Die

This is the worst thing of all... the thing I'm most afraid of

Poor Sabrina Carpenter.

This would be awful :(

I don't think I could hanndel that

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80 You Never Hit Puberty

I honestly do not see why this is so bad. You wouldn't have so much stress.

This really wouldn't matter to me because I will never be in a relationship or get married because all girls hate me - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I'm only fifteen but I haven't gotten the full thing yet. - HeavyDonkeyKong

It actually sucks hitting puberty - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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