Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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81 Somebody Stealing from You

Oh yeah! I would be ticked if someone stole from me!

If someone steals from me I'll take the stolen item and put it in my pocket.

I am actually a pretty good pickpocket.

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82 Going Skydiving and Your Parachute Malfunctions

This is the reason I'm afraid to go skydiving, there's nothing more scary then jumping out of a plane and you try to activate your Parachute and it doesn't work. - egnomac

Actually I heard about a man who this happened to and he survived. I dunno, Google it. The point is, statistically, it's EXTREMELY unlikely your chute will fail. And even in the event that that happens, you have a backup chute. Trust me, I have been skydiving three times now and it's really not as scary as people make it out to be.

This is why I'm scared of doing this. I'd only do it with someone experienced.

That no problem I can swim! Oh crap sharks!

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83 Homework

Homework is 1 of the only bad parts about my school. But what is TRULY satanic is the fact that we give it on the weekends and holidays. my bets that Satan himself invented that idea

I mean I don't mind homework like as early as 7pm on a sunday or monday night but on a friday night or a saturday? now that's just cruel.

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84 Rape V 1 Comment
85 Getting an Abortion
86 Having Your Appendix Taken Out

My dads appendix died one day when we were in a car trip. The ride was very long, but at the end we got to our destination safely and my dad went to the hospital. You see, it was a weekend trip to visit the family of my stepfather. But because of the dead appendix me and my sister were stuck at my stepfathers home and his mother was taking care of us. After one week we came home. My teacher marked me down for missing that week of school. - AnonymousChick

It's even worse when they try to force feed it to you.

It's certainly not pleasant, but fracturing your pelvis on the dashboard during a car accident is far worse. Plus they give you lots of morphine after the surgery. - Jdub2119

I did that and I died

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87 Dying In a Stupid Way

Slipping on an orange peel

There was once a man that died because someone stabbed him in the ass with an umbrella (the part that stabbed him was lead).
Imagine a convention in the afterlife:
Soldier: I got shot while protecting the ones I loved.
Lady: I was shielding my children from a shooter.
Him: I got killed by an umbrella...

Drowning in a kiddie pool. Don't know why, but the thought still haunts me. - bighercules

Stepping on pencil led - Tacocheese

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88 Watching Justin Bieber Videos

I feel sorry for the sicker who has to do this.

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89 Watching Big Brother

I don't know why anyone would want to do that!? It is honestly the worst show ever!

90 Being Forced to Watch Big Brother

I'd rather be pushed of the grand canyon by a cow.

91 Being Forced to Eat Poop

Even if someone would pay me a million dollars, I won't do it!

I don't care if they give me ANYTHING! I will never do this. - mayamanga

Thank god this has never happened to me. - Freddy_Fazbear

These are just getting dumb

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92 Bullying
93 Uy Scuti Crashes on Your House.

Then that's WAY too unfortunate.

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94 Being Frightened

Being Frightened over a million things like getting killed without knowing how to defend yourself, going in a haunted house, skydiving down from outer space like the Red Bull commercial or If you're going to take your appendix out, etc.

Fright is what prevents us from venturing onward.

95 Sleeping With Rihanna/rebecca Black

Rihanna's songs are good, though.

But Rhianna's hot, but not Rebecca Black

96 Eating Something You Hate

Never Ever eat Spinach - Jake09


Never eat Potato Skin! I was forced by a bully to eat this, I nearly threw up

Oh done it a lot.. I thought it was eating someone you hate that would be yummy :D

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97 You Are Forever Single

Don't care. I don't even plan to get married - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Err, I LOVE being single. True love is overrated! - LostDream258

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98 Homicide/Murder
99 Prison Life
100 Everyone You Love Is Dead

You would be very lonely without your family

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