Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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101 A Wizard Turns You Into Justin Bieber and the Only Cure Is to Have Sex With Harry Styles In Public

Rather be pushed off the grand canyon by a cow...

I don't think that can even happen.

Would rather be buried alive


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102 Same Sex Marriage Becoming Legal Everywhere

Why the hell is this on the list? Having two people of the same gender marry would not hurt anyone.

Why is that bad? I think same sex marriage should be legal everywhere.

If you love someone of the same gender, that's fine, don't change who you are because of what someone said.

Oh no People getting equal rights. How scary (sarcasm)

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103 Slip and Fall In Cow Poop

My cousin once did that while we were on a hike. It was awful.

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104 Going Insane V 4 Comments
105 You Sit On a Poo
106 The Illuminati Takes Over the World

The NWO will take over the world one day. we need to act! Join my world corruption prevention alliance! Made of all 6th graders... But we're getting there!

(this message was in all lowercase for a reason)

If that happen we really need god

The Illuminati doesn't exist

People need to prevent this from happening

107 Get Brainwashed

Exactley. This is what happened to all of the little girl's that are completely obsessed with Justin Bieber and One Direction.

My father is brainwashed by smoking

If this happen to me it might be a good one because.. I have bad memory.

108 Justin Bieber Was Your Dad This Whole Time

Since bieber was born in 1994 if I was born in say like 2013 and found out that bieber was my dad I would be like oh mother of god no!

If juntin Bieber want to been a man, first she try to transform in a man

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109 Accidentally Killing Someone
110 Falling into a Meat Grinder
111 Disease

I think disease is the worst because you cannot do anything about it... there are a lot of terrible diseases in the world! And the loss of health is basically the only way to die��" diseases are a natural way of your health slowly declining. But it's not quick, like being stabbed with a knife. It must be terrible to know you're going to die and your murderer is inside of you! People are scared of bugs but these bugs are invisible. Does that make it better? To wake up everyday and find yourself slowly deterioating seems like a terrible thing! It probably makes you feel weak and yucky... Many times, disease has natural reasons. Blood loss, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. It can be prevented, but many times, it can't be predicted! Would people shun you? I can't imagine what it would be like to have lived in a plague infested area. Maybe it's irrational. But disease is a scary and ugly thing! I think I might consider suicide if I had one of the worse diseases. :-/

112 Losing It V 1 Comment
113 Waking Up Next To Khloé Kardashian
114 Your Home Country Adopts the Euro as Its Currency
115 Having a Kidney Stone
116 Living Without Freedom for the Rest of Your Life.

This is crazy and makes me feel I should have been born in the first place. I was born to be free, explore, invent and be aware of the current happenings in the world.

That's my life, get up, school, sit in the house all day, go to sleep

Welcome to North Korea everyone!

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117 Living With Your Parents Forever

My mom hates me I had plans one day and she ruined it

Do you know how annoying that could be?

I know a lot of people have to do that, but for me it's a failure.

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118 Your Best Friend Dumps You

It's sad it's happening right now in my life

It's happening to me. CURSE YOU - "Dude. You can't name people on the Internet."

This just happened to me yesterday.

Oh, that's happened to me quite a lot of times - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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119 The American Empire Forms In Place of the United States
120 Dora Rocks Becoming the Most Subscribed Youtuber

Oh, that would be sickening!

I'll cut off my hands if that happens. Thankfully it probably won't. - Tacocheese

I would rip out my insides if this happened. - mayamanga

I'll pop my head open if that happens

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