Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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121 Having Your House Catch On Fire

That would be hard losing everything you owned - Sabbath

It happened to my neighbors. It was on the news. Luckily, no one was injured. - Ghostbunny

How is this better than watching dora with your kids

Not if you have renters insurance

122 Being a Redneck

Hey I'm a redneck I am offended ( lucky I'm gifted when it comes to my superior intellect)

You're racist, whoever added this is racist.

So, I am purely a city person. And I I mean, I'm sorry, but no.

123 Being Cheated On

Being cheated on by someone you have been with for a while and are deeply in love with, could be one of the worst things in life. It also would suck if the person had been doing it for years and you didn't know.

If someone created on you, and you were suposed to get married in two days. Then they let the wedding go on and didn't tell you anything about it until you already had a kid together.

If the child you had went to the hospital and they were the emergency contact

You were invited to the cheater's wedding

124 Your Girlfriend Was a Man All Along

This actually happened to my friend one she thought her "boyfriend" was a boy but was actully a 12 year old girl.

125 Getting Kicked In the Balls

I would faint if that happened.In FF7,For some odd reason Vincent kicked me.I was felling pain in my imaginaton;

126 Farting uncontrollably for the rest of your life
127 Taylor Swift Tickets Concert Are Very Expensive
128 Taylor Swift Sings With Justin Bieber V 1 Comment
129 You're Having a Baby and the Person That's Delivering It Eats It In Front of You

This happens all the time, don't you just hate it when your wife is giving birth and everything is cool but noo, the doctor just has to go and eat your new born baby, AGAIN. It happened 12 times in the last 3 years and I just really hate it.

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130 Get mutated from nuclear fallout

I hate Your music! You're such A loser, I'm no Longer going To be Your fan I'm gonna Ignore you Gracias

131 Getting Tied to a Railroad

Just waiting for the train to come screeching down the track...

132 Not Seeing Criss Angel

I am not really a fan of him but you know I am a magician too so you know gotta see what he's gonna do next

What happened to billy the exterminator

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133 Loosing Your Long Flowing Hair

It happened to me but my hair grew back

If you have it

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134 Lose Your Pet

This is worse than you pet dying for sure because you never know if the pet died, or lived and purposely stayed away from you. Either way it's horrible knowing it could be either of those.

I would hate it if my dogs died because they are so cute I would cry for the rest of my life and then some. :'( - LBDestroyer

This I'd a duplicate

Really zero votes

135 Get Raped by an Animal

This is why I don't trust dolphins

How would this even be biologically possible? - LostDream258

Only if it was like an anImal wIth a gI ant dIck and in the ass.

I think getting raped by a bear would suck so bad

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136 Having a Criminal As a Parent

A drug dealer used to live across the street from me and he had three kids. Kinda sucks because their father would get arrested for selling drugs and their kids would never be able to see him outside of jail.

I would break my heart if one of my parents turned out to be a mass murder... - LostDream258

137 Getting Addicted to Smoking

If you smoke too much you will kill yourself. I don't get why everyone spends their money on something that will eventually kill them.

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138 Adolf Hitler Becomes Your Parent

Oh No Hitler is my FATHER! Well the good news is I'm not Jewish.

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139 Having Your Heart Broken

It breaks your spirit, too. It makes you cold and callous. Maybe that's just me, I don't know. I've been rejected by girls enough times that I just hate everyone.

Don't listen to that. People who break your heart only want you to commit suicide

Dude it happens you just have to push on.

140 Parents Get Divorced

If this happens I would cut myself into half so my dad and mom would each have me

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