Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Life

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142 Finding Yourself On This Website

This is the worst website I have ever come across.


lol yup

143 Going to School

Going to school is very lucky. Not everyone who wants to can go to school.

You mean getting bullied in school and also not everyone is lucky enough to go to school I miss my ex girlfriend e.e..

But it gives you the opportunity to get better jobs once you graduate!

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144 Failing A Test

If I ever fail a test while everyone else succeeded, I think I'm gonna get a 1 year grounding - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

145 No One Cares About You

In real life, no one really cared about me. Often, if people say they do, it's either a lie or a pathetic attempt to cheer me up - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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146 Watching Sanjay and Craig

Yup. I would freak out. - mayamanga

147 Getting Caught Watching Barney and Having It Posted On YouTube

If you're very young this is absolutely nothing

148 Being Tortured

This should be a lot higher

149 Falling in love with a psychopath
150 Being Replaced

There's nothing worst than looking back at the memories you once thought that were special and exclusive with the person you love the most, and seeing them rehappen with someone else. Leaving you off the list.

151 Seeing Justin Bieber

Its just bad!:(

NO I'D HATE THAT! X( - Goatworlds


152 Getting Bitten by an Alligator
153 Your Hands are Stuck in a Bronze Saucepan for 5 Months.
154 Getting Stabbed In the Stomach.

That well be so painful I would probably die from that

I would say top 10 worst thing I've experienced wouldn't wish it upon anyone or the lungs or the back too

This is a fatal situation, and it would be so painful.

155 Your Favorite Celebrity Unliking You

That would be Justin Bieber if he hates me I well spray him with mace and run away from him

No, not Kelly Clarkson hating me! I wouldn't want to live in a world where Kelly Clarkson would hate me.

Its okay I don't like em anyway

I dom't want trivium and Metallica members hate me

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156 Your House Burns Down
157 Realizing Your Mother Is a Narcissist and Never Loved You

My mom never loved me ever since I was 2

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158 Getting Kicked In the Face

One day I was running super fast Howard's my big sister and as I was getting closer she did a cheer kick and cloncked me directley in my forehead and I went flying very high of my feet. I had trouble seeing straight for a few minutes.

159 Going to Jail Until You Turn 80

It wouldn't be that bad if you were 79

Would be fine if you were turning 80 tomorrow

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160 Your Neighbor Passes Away

Happened to an elderly couple on my street. They've known me since I was in my mother's belly. :/

This happened to one couple on my street too. The lady that is still alive moved and now she lives somewhere else. :( - funnyuser

If my neighbor passes away I'll go to their hose and take whatever I want.

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