Seeing the Love of Your Life With Another


Well if you never tell the person you love that you love them do you expect them to be a mind reader if you don't tell them they will just date a person who is confident enough to ask them out. Also usually when someone rejects me I lose all feelings and I also of a sudden lose my crush on them so I wouldn't care if I saw them with someone else. the worst thing in my opinion is when you had a boyfriend that treated you like crap when you were with him but now he treats his new girlfriend better then you that is worse.

That would be terrible and especially if you changed everything about you just to be with them. Also they rather be with another and you just feel sad because you changed just to be with them and they throw it back at your face.

That's happened to me before, he used to like this girl that I hang out with, but now he is dating someone else and it's all over Instagram and all the people are talking about it, I just can't escape.

Don't love someone who is in love with another one, because if you do, it would be like buying a gun to shoot yourself loaded with Unlimited bullets. - Ananya

It's already happened so many times. But I'm still young so I have time to find love! But it hurts... BAD! It's probably even worse when you were married, so I guess I can count myself lucky!

This is worse than losing a child or being buried alive?

Listen to Hurricane Drunk, it's really sad to hear it from one of the kindest, funniest, prettiest women in the world.

My eyes will bleed if I see my crush dating someone else. - TristGamer

Just like Sakura dump on Naruto... and Naruto being blind that Hinata loves him.

Oh come on guys! Stand up for yourself and look for something more worthy of your time then your crush,

Yeah it's true to the core, it's really worst feel and uncompromising part!

You can't feel death but you can feel heartbreak. - Animefan12

Yes that would be the worst.. even worse than seeing them die.

This should be first... If Brittany cheated on uzi then there is no hope

It's very hard for a while...then you move on

Hell yea this right here is the worst! :(

My Love of my life was making out with my best friend. Every time I think of her now I burst into tears. This is wrost than everything up there I changed in everyway for her but she still left me like I'm nothing. :'(

I hope this doesn't happen to me unless it is the best

I feel so sorry for you and I hope you feel better

My friend has experience..."Very painful" he says. - Zab

Maybe it was for the best but who knows

I wouldn't want to see that, but if they truly are the love of my life I would want them to be happy, even if that mean't in the arms of another.

When the person you love falls in love with a friend of yours and they tell you themselfs

Shes not with anyone but she could never possiblely love me I have so many flaws I'm not athlectic at all I'm slow nervous shy have anger problems depression and thoughts of suicide so ya never can love me

It hurts me cause I know am young but I think I already felt love cause I just feel happy when am around him but hurtss that I see him happy with somone else