Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen to Music In 2016


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21 Evanescence splits up

How is this bad? I would have a party! - MetalObsessed

22 Taylor Swift releases more horrible music

This would be a nightmare, she just needs to stop making music and retire cause she makes bad music, one of the worst.

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23 Ke$ha keeps making horrible music

Hopefully, she will never make music ever again or chaos will break out.

24 Iggy Azalea keeps making garbage music
25 Kanye West becomes president

A country of 50 million or so and you get stuck with two clowns. Even a man named Larry who was driving a bus I was on while on holiday in Florida would be better.

At least he's better than Donald Trump - NikBrusk

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26 Shawn Mendes keeps making music
27 Slipknot breaks up

NO! This band may not be one of my favorite, but I like them! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

28 Charli XCX makes a new album
29 Bernard Sumner of New Order gets shot and killed and replaced with Justin Bieber

It would ruin the career of Britain's defining dance-punk band entirely!

30 Adam Lambert makes several number-one hits

Even worse is the fascist glamberts that will gloat on people to show how SO important their little ugly screamer is. For goodness sake, listen to REAL music not the crap you currently like, The Smiths would be a good start.

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32 Linkin Park breaks up

Please don't! I've loved Linkin Park since I was little. I don't want them to break up! - NikBrusk

To be fair, Linkin Park does kinda suck.

33 Paramore releases an album that is worse than Self Titled

In 2017, they switched to indie pop. Hard Times is a good song. - 445956

34 Vocaloid disappears
35 Lil Wayne releases a new album

He's not bad, he's not even a bad rapper post-2010. And plus, he'll drop an album no matter what, the Carter V. For you "I hate one guy cause I think he's a bad rapper" elitists, be happy, this is his last album. But seriously, Carter IV and FWA were dope.

36 Maroon 5 Releases More Horrible Music

I used to like Maroon 5, but now all their songs are about loving and making out with some girl. I'm sick of it! - NikBrusk

Maroon 5, sorry I mean Adam Levine needs to quit making music now

37 Fetty Wap makes more horrible music

He'll probably end up like Iggy Azalea, famous for 1 year and then become forgotten

38 A song worse than cheerleader is made

Cheerleader is the worst song I have ever heard and honestly I have nightmares that thinking one day I will find something that's worse.

39 Barbie Girl will have a remake
40 Barbie Girl will play in the radio more often
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1. Metal gets banned
2. Bruce Dickinson is forced to leave Iron Maiden because of his tongue cancer
3. Morrissey dies of skin cancer
1. Albums by bands such as Amon Amarth and Mastodon get pulled from record stores due to lack of interest
2. More songs about partying, drugs, sex, and butts get made
3. The idea of Rock and Roll being the Devil's music keeps going on
1. Metal gets banned
2. Albums by bands such as Amon Amarth and Mastodon get pulled from record stores due to lack of interest
3. Bruce Dickinson is forced to leave Iron Maiden because of his tongue cancer

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