Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen to Music In 2020

Important note : Don't be super panic after reading this. This is just a prediction, it might happen, it might not

The Top Ten

1 Metal and rock forgotten by almost everyone

I hope this won't happen, but the problem is barely anyone listens to metal/rock anymore - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

If this happens, I'll jump of the roof! - NikBrusk

There would be less metal bands - Martinglez

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2 Autotune and lip sync rules music

There wouldn't be a singer in the world that uses natural instruments and real voices! PLEASE NO! - NikBrusk

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3 People call Justin Bieber "The New King of Pop" or "The King of Music"

Actually, this one and the Nicki one aren't as bad. Now, before you dislike this hear me out:
If they did call them this, that would mean that they would recover from their bad song state and make good and acclaimed songs. - Martinglez

Hopefully I'm dead before this happens.

4 Everyone gets brainwashed by bad pop "singers"

This is also already a reality.

5 The only genre that exists is pop


6 Nicki Minaj becomes "The Queen of Rap"
7 Miley Cyrus becomes "The Queen of Music"
8 People think pop is real music
9 Twerking not considered as inappropriate anymore since everyone does it
10 More and more bad singers

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11 A Justin Bieber junior is born


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