Worst Things That Could Happen at a Store


The Top Ten

1 People break in and hold everyone at gunpoint

We should have a security System to see who has a gunshot

2 Store blows up

This is worse than people holding you at gunpoint because it kills even more people - Martinglez

"We have a 50% discount on all explosive items and ISIS flags" - SirSkeletorThe3rd

3 The employees and manager get shot and killed

"Now, boys" -you sweet-talk them into stealing all the candy in the store- "Thank you, boys! " -dashes away and drives away to her house before they realize it was a trick- - StickfeatherShip

Time for a shopping spree!

Meahahaaha! Grab the poptarts whiles you still can! - SamuiNeko

4 Robbers take hostage
5 The thing you need isn't there

Where are the pop tarts?!

Random Person: That's because you're at Ace Hardware, idiot. - StickfeatherShip

6 Your wallet is missing

Ok but I would keep up with my wallet 💌

7 Somebody steals your credit card
8 Your purse is gone
9 You don't have enough money to buy everything you need
10 Justin Bieber shows up with all of his fangirls

Uh oh. Then everyone would die! This should be #1 on this list.

OH, LORD... A NATURAL DISASTER - StickfeatherShip

The Contenders

11 The checkout line is really long

Wow this line is really long. I need food so I'll just wait. (20 minutes later) Okay I'm near the beginning of the line. (3 hours later) You know what I'll just go get Chinese takeout. - PianoQueen

12 Terrorists take everyone hostage
13 You get kidnapped

Yikes - MissWinnipegJets

I agree ☺️

14 Someone steals your car while you're inside
15 The store catches fire
16 Someone steals your phone
17 A pallet falls down
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