Worst Things That Could Happen at a Store

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People break in and hold everyone at gunpoint

We should have a security System to see who has a gunshot

Store blows up

This is worse than people holding you at gunpoint because it kills even more people - Martinglez

"We have a 50% discount on all explosive items and ISIS flags" - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The employees and manager get shot and killed

"Now, boys" -you sweet-talk them into stealing all the candy in the store- "Thank you, boys! " -dashes away and drives away to her house before they realize it was a trick- - StickfeatherShip

Time for a shopping spree!

Meahahaaha! Grab the poptarts whiles you still can! - SamuiNeko

Robbers take hostage
The thing you need isn't there

Where are the pop tarts?!

Random Person: That's because you're at Ace Hardware, idiot. - StickfeatherShip

Your wallet is missing

Ok but I would keep up with my wallet 💌

Somebody steals your credit card
Your purse is gone
You don't have enough money to buy everything you need
Justin Bieber shows up with all of his fangirls

Uh oh. Then everyone would die! This should be #1 on this list.

OH, LORD... A NATURAL DISASTER - StickfeatherShip

The Contenders

The checkout line is really long

Wow this line is really long. I need food so I'll just wait. (20 minutes later) Okay I'm near the beginning of the line. (3 hours later) You know what I'll just go get Chinese takeout. - PianoQueen

Terrorists take everyone hostage
You get kidnapped

Yikes - MissWinnipegJets

I agree ☺️

Someone steals your car while you're inside
The store catches fire
Someone steals your phone
A pallet falls down
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