Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen at Summer Camp


The Top Ten

1 You drown
2 Jason Voorhees massacres everyone
3 The children's cabins burn down with them in it
4 A kid commits suicide
5 The fat, chain smoking lunch lady poisons the food
6 Damien from The Omen shows up and kills everybody
7 A kid chainsaws all the counselors
8 Courtney from Total Drama shows up

This guy is a genius, whoever made this list - Juan-Luis

9 Miley Cyrus visits and performs
10 Your boat gets a hole in it and you sink into the lake

The Contenders

11 You accidentally sleep in a poison ivy patch
12 You find a huge bear sleeping in your cabin
13 The drinking fountain runs out of water
14 A fiery arm comes out of the ground and drags you to Hell

Yeah, I would not like to be in hell. - ToptenPizza

15 You are forced to hold two buckets of rocks for 50 minutes
16 You get abducted by aliens
17 A creepy old man shows up and says "The virgin will be sacrificed at dawn."
18 Someone pulls an awful prank on you

Chinese fire drills... Chinese fire drills... - kaitlynrad11

19 You have a mean scout master
20 You get eaten by a lake monster
21 Someone plays Nicki Minaj's Anaconda over the flagpole speaker

I'll start bursting to flames and dying - ToptenPizza

22 Your scoutmaster turns out to be a deranged lunatic

We're doomed! EVERYBODY RUN! - RiverClanRocks

23 A kid shoots up the camp
24 You stand in the middle of a campfire
25 Your cabin gets really dirty
26 You have to share a cabin with a mean kid
27 You are forced to sit on a pile of pine cones
28 You get gassed in a shower
29 You run out of hot water for the showers
30 You run into a Snipe
31 Parents won't take you back afterwards.
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1. Jason Voorhees massacres everyone
2. You drown
3. The children's cabins burn down with them in it
1. You drown
2. A kid commits suicide
3. Miley Cyrus visits and performs


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