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1 Shuts down

This would be awful. I hate to think of losing the friends I've made on this site. - PetSounds

But I've joined it only recently. That's too soon for me. (And will be too soon, till I'm on this site. ) - Kiteretsunu

I've made a lot of friends also - CityGuru

I just started 4 days a go I'm not losing my followers. - nothingbutcool

2 Becomes a Justin Bieber fanpage

This and number 6 are my worst nightmares!

3 Turns into a porn site

TheTopTens wasn’t even meant to be a porn site. - JoeBoi

This is even worse than number one but if disney buys it I wonder what they would do - simpsondude

That's not that bad

This is even worse than this becoming a Justin Bieber fanpage. We don't need to see porn on this website. - Minecraftcrazy530

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4 Gets flooded with drunk users

Please let this happen! - RoseWeasley

This would be hilarious, but bad for the accuracy of the lists

Too bad, it already is *swings bottle* ALL MY FRIENDS ARE HEATHENS TAKE IT SLOW, WAIT FOR THEM TO ASK YOU WHO YOU KNOW - TwilightKitsune

5 Gets bought by Justin Bieber
6 Admin quits and TheTopTens gets shut down

This may be a good thing if someone replaces him.

7 Becomes a survey page
8 Gets flooded with porno ads

This wouldn't even be a problem, if you don't want to see it, just use an adblocker - PeeledBanana

While naked girls get me horny, I don't want this to become a porn site. Note: If I make sexual comments, I'm not being perverted. I'm joking. I do find women attractive, but I'm gonna be respectful about it. - Therandom

If this happens, I'll ask the admin to delete my account from the site's system - MLPFan

This would be terrible. It would make me hate the site. - cosmo

If you hate this site that much, maybe you should leave. I don't want you to leave, but do something other than complain. - Therandom

9 Gets bought by Google

Google already ruined YouTube. They shall not buy TheTopTens! - ethanmeinster

Google must die all of them.

10 Becomes infected with malware

The Contenders

11 A hacker displays everybody's private information
12 Must be 18 to add to the site
13 Hacks your PC
14 Someone hacks and bans everyone

The Admins should never be hack! Whoever does that could end up in jail!

15 You have to pay money for having an account on this site

I would leave this site forever if this happens - christangrant

16 Visitors aren't able to vote

Many options that I agree with here. For me I come to this website as a "Visitor" to vote on what I agree with and if I feel like writing a comment I would. Not being able to vote will make me less active on this website although I can still view the lists and comments if that is allowed.

17 TheTopTens gets purchased by Google
18 Gets bought by Disney

Disney owns enough already, they should stop being so greedy and look at what they already have. - JoeBoi

I hope that doesn't happen. They would probably get Disney off all the worst lists. - Turkeyasylum

They've been buying a lot of our favorite things. Who says they can't buy this site?

I hope disney dies if they bought this!

-666 (evil number)

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19 You troll/cyber bullied some one and he gets revenge on you
20 You have to be a citizen of a certain country to use the site
21 You get banned
22 Justin Bieber hacks and makes himself number 1 on all the best singer lists
23 Miley Cyrus turns it to a twerking website
24 You get locked out

That happened to me TWICE. - Pony

25 Gets hacked by one of the Kidz Bop Kids
26 The site turns into a dating site
27 You are not allowed to make negative lists
28 Advertising
29 Gets bought by Hitler

How can it be brought by Hitler? He's dead... DUH

30 Becomes a propaganda website
31 Website gets a virus
32 Someone hacks and makes this site about drunk people on Saturdays
33 Game Freak buys TheTopTens
34 All your lists get replaced by "top ten reasons I love (something you hate)"
35 It becomes part of the deepweb

So? Just download TOR. - WheresMyGuitarPick

36 Your username and password changes to a preset string of numbers
37 It can only be read in a language that nobody has ever heard of
38 All of your hated enemies make accounts and spam your messaging
39 The layout changes to a bad rainbow graphical layout with comic sans as the font
40 All the TopTenner accounts get wiped off the system and you have to start again
41 It turns out it was being run by the Illuminati
42 Justin Bieber joins the site

Then makes a bunch of lists like...

Reasons why Justin Bieber is better than Led Zeppelin
Reasons to love Justin Bieber and hate Heavy Metal

And then makes himself no. 1. On every single list.

Top ten things to do during the summer

1. Justin Bieber
2. Go to the pool
3-3949493919. Something random

43 Aren't allowed to post anything negative about this site
44 Pop up ads
45 Very sensitive word filters
46 Only level 5 and above member can create lists
47 Blog Posts get removed, and users aren't allowed to make them anymore

Then I would consider retiring. That's pretty much all I do on this site except stand around doing nothing.

48 Nicki Minaj buys the site


49 Becomes a SJW haven

Worst possible future for the site.

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1. You have to pay money for having an account on this site
2. Visitors aren't able to vote
3. You are not allowed to make negative lists
1. Shuts down
2. You troll/cyber bullied some one and he gets revenge on you
3. Admin quits and TheTopTens gets shut down
1. Admin quits and TheTopTens gets shut down
2. A hacker displays everybody's private information
3. Gets bought by Google

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