Don't let these things happen to you,!

We would never like it if these things happened to TheTopTens. Listen to me, TheTopTens. Here are the things we don't want you to do.
#1. Become a Justin Bieber fan page
Don't ask me why you shouldn't do it because it's too obvious. You're supposed to be a website about top ten things, not about Justin Bieber.
#2. Shut down
Why do you want to shut down, TheTopTens? Is there a reason why? Everything is fine by me & all of us! Don't shut down!
#3. Turn into a porn site
Who wants a top ten list website to become a place where you look at porn? That's the stupidest thing anybody's ever heard!
#4. Get flooded with drunk users
Do you see what we mean, TheTopTens? Drunk people are completely stupid. If you're drunk driving, that's bad. It's illegal to drunk drive. If you're not allowed to drunk drive, then you shouldn't go on the Internet while being drunk!
#5. Letting Justin Bieber buy it
He sucks. Don't let Justin Bieber own you, TheTopTens!
#6. Become a survey page
After people are finished with their top ten list, they ask people on their opinion & their remix of the original list. C'mon, TheTopTens. You're a top ten website, not a survey site.
#7. Become infected with Malware
#8. Hack our PC computers
What kind of website hacks a PC? You better not become the first one to do that, TheTopTens!
#9. Have porno ads
That's too inappropriate!
#10. Have people pay access for this site
Why do we need money for accessing this site? It's ridiculous!
Alright, TheTopTens! That's what we don't want you to do. Please don't let any of these happen to you!


Don't let your self get hert by boing anything - visitor

Close down? Not a chance! And if you are closing down, just look at my comment in sad irony. - PositronWildhawk

Close down? NO! - aarond09

If you closed down, my life would be ruined. - NerdyPweeps

I ******* hate porn! Is worse than hell! I hope it did not have porn ads! - visitor

Laugh out loud...2nd one - visitor

Google, you better not buy this website! - Turkeyasylum