Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Video Games

Ethier you or the game there both going to be bad, Real bad!
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You Were About to Beat a Video Game and Then the Power Goes Out.

I was on the last battle of sonic adventure 2 battle on my gamecube, I was about to kill the battle he was 1 hit and I was about to hit him, then the power went out, I was so mad! now I have to restart the boss

Happened to me while playing Disney/Pixar's Brave (2012) on John Decker's original PS3 at his house during a 2 player game and BOOM! The power goes out throughout Sugar Land because it ain't funny at all. Now that's what I call a major whimsy situation of a blackout (no it is not funny). I was stuck in the darkness without my precious princess flashlight (I left it at home), falling off the stairs, not knowing that I tripped over something rollable while trying to get myself a bite to eat.

I was playing super Mario 64 for n64. I was fighting the final boss and before you know it... BOOM! The lights go out! I had to redo the whole game because of this! It also happened to me while playing plants vs zombies for Xbox! Had to start it all over!

It once happened to me in SM64 DS (Well, no, I wasn't about to beat the game). Wario was in Lethal Lava Land fighting against the big Bully. I don't even want to know what happened to him after my power went out :P

Little Kids Deleted Your Save File

I used to delete my sister's Cooking Mama save file all the time when I was younger. She had a lot of gold medals and because I was 4, I didn't know what I was doing. She always raged at me and would chase me around the house. 9 and a half years later, we sometimes bring up those events whenever we are having a conversation. Speaking of which, my sister purposely deleted my save file for Mario 1 on the 3DS virtual console and I was at World 6, she did it on purpose because she wanted revenge after what I did with her Cooking Mama save file. A late payback because she deleted my Mario 1 save file 4 years ago and the Cooking Mama stuff happened 6 years earlier.

A 4 year old kid that I let play my gamecube and ps3, big mistake, he deleted all my save files on both systems, I so angry! And all my chaos are gone on my ps3 sonic adventure 2, and on my sonic adventure on gamecube, and my mario kart double dash file, and super mario sunshine, and my ps3 saints row 3 and 4 file is gone same with my Grand Theft Auto 5 file

I had brought my PS Vita to Texas over the summer, and my 8 year old brother wanted to play. Since I read this list before going, I set a code on the Vita. My bro asked for the code and I said "I do I have to tell you mine if your phone code is a secret? ". He tries to get on. Next thing I know all my data is deleted. The story has changed over the months. First one: It was out of rage for not knowing the code (Most likely). Second one: It was by complete accident (Nope). Third one: He clicked on something that he thought said "forgot passcode" (I'm calling BS). That's why I don't really trust people to play my systems without permission.

RIP Noah from GameCube animal crossing.


You shall be missed because you know, asking isn't a thing.

Oh don't worry, it will come back, JUST SPEND 500 HOURS GETTING IT ALL BACK!

Yeah, that's the worst thing ever, it's extremely rare but if that happens to you, you will hate the person.

Trust me, it's a horrible feeling where you go on a game and you find everything you worked on for so long, is long gone.

Imagine if something like at happened to me now in Pokemon Y.

110 hours wasted.

And hopefully it shall be longer unless the worst happens.

For now, lock your door, get a camera on that T.V. screen 24/7

And make sure that you are e only person that matters with that T.V..

Other wise, your younger sibling might ruin your dreams of having those little free NES games gone, thrown in the wind.

Again, RIP my ye ol' animal crossing save file.

You Nearly Beat the Game and Your Save File Corrupts

I was about to beat bully on my phone and then it crashed and then I lost my safe file I luckily I had cloud safe so I was able to restart the last mission

Happened to me while I was playing Disney Infinity 2.0 (as The Lone Ranger) on my PS3 just before I level up my character to level 20, my save file (along with my PS3 hard drive) was totally, officially, definitely and most of all, finally corrupted. I was totally, officially, definitely and most of all, finally clueless. My PS3 was useless. I had to fix my PS3's corrupted hard drive but all of my PS3 save files (Minecraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Phineas & Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension, DuckTales: Remastered, Shaun White Snowboarding and Warhawk) are there (my PS3 save file for Disney Infinity 2.0 was corrupted) so I had to restore my PS3 game system to a factory manufactured condition, deleting all of my stuff on there.

I was on my Xbox 360 one day and have completed Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption, and loads more games that took a lot of time and skill. I had to turn it off and go do something and when I got into Skyrim I was put in a new game so I checked my profile and it said "Corrupted Profile" what's worse is that I forgot my Xbox Live password and now it's gone forever and now I have a new Xbox Live profile.

My friend was up to the sixth gym in Pokemon Emerald. He had just spent over 13 hours on his game. He goes on it and it says his file corrupted. He has to do the WHOLE GAME AGAIN!

Unskipable Cut Scenes

Cut scenes take all the fun out of gaming. You just sit there waiting to resume your game but instead of taking 10 minutes to beat a level or something you have to take 10 hours due to the stupid cut scene. CURSE YOU CUT SCENES! CURSE YOU!

I hate that! It's like on super Mario bros wii on the cake scene! Or even worse on Animal crossing when you make a character and you have to go through all that about getting a card! Kappns boat though... Skippable but creepy songs...

The Cake Scene in that game makes me cringe, especially the background music.

I despise this. Games like Mass Effect are littered with these. Sometimes you go through a really long cut scene, die a while later and have to go through the whole thing again.

So annoying when on the sims you have to watch teenagers ask each other out while you were building up someone's first kiss that you wanted to watch!

Forgetting to Save

OH MY GOD! This happened to me once with Skyrim when I got a new weapon, when I was first beginning to play. I was excited since it was a shiny dwarven greatsword, and I wanted to try it out. So I went to whiterun and went on a mass killing spree, to see if I was finally powerful enough to destroy the entire city. And it was, and all the NPC's who are mortal and the Whiterun guards who were currently there were slaughtered that day. I didn't actually want to kill the whole city, I just wanted to test my power, so I planned on doing it and going back to a previous save. Unfortunately, it turned out that I never made a hard save before that and after I got the dwarven sword, and the game autosaved times so my last auto save was after I murdered somebody. So I got a bounty of around 35000 gold, my favorite city turned into a ghost town, and became thane of a city with almost 20 residents. I still cry about that to this day

This has happened to me A LOT. ON super Mario 3d World I was playing for about 5 hours. I got all the way up to CHAMPION'S ROAD. But I forgot to save before I went to eat and thanks to that I was back at world 7

Yes! The first time I played WWF Smackdown, I forgot to save and had to start all over again. I was so pissed.

It the worst when you forget to save and turn off the game or the power goes out or the game freezes

Game Freezes

Today this happened when I was playing saints row the third on my laptop, I just changed my shoes color during a mission then jumped in the car then the game froze I had to log off and back on, I was lucky it Auto saved before I started the mission it froze on, I didn't manually save for a long time, so I just had to re change my shoes color and then do the mission again that I started before it froze, and a second time later in the game in a middle of a mission when we were falling with a tank it froze again, twice in one day!

I suck of my bully game crashing on my laptop, it's driving me crazy! I can't beat the first chapter because it always crashes during the help gary mission when I fighting Russell

My bully steam game keeps crashing on me, it drives me crazy! I trying to beat the game and it keeps crashing on me I stuck on chapter 1 halloween mission because of this

My bully game keeps freezing on my pc, heard it's a windows 10 thing, it hard to play the game it freezes too much that I got a refund for it for steam

You Throw the Wii Remote and Break the TV by Accident

Be careful not to throw the Wii Remote in front of the television (same goes for my PlayStation Move motion controller while playing Brave).

Am I the only one who thinks of Alvin And The Chipmunks 2 when his comes to mind? This happened in the movie and I was laughed my butt off!

After reading the Wii Sports warnings, I just threw the game away and played Mario Kart instead

My mom once did this with our fan on the roof while playing Wii Tennis.

Forgetting to Save and Dying

Oh my god this happens all the time. Your reaction, oh I died luckily I saved! No you didn't. Your answer : crap!

I hate it when I forget I save or it crashes when I least expect it! I'm looking a you Spore, Grand Theft Auto Sandreas, and

Final fantasy is the worst offender of this happening to people

This happened to me once on the legend of zelda ocarina of time

You Can't Pause the Game.

Same thing happened in Disney Infinity 2.0 for PS3 (I was playing as The Lone Ranger). I accidentally pushed the select button (to bring up the building menu) instead of the start button (to pause the game). Same thing goes with Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases of feature films and television shows (especially PROM).

The creator of Five Nights at Freddy's created a game called "There is no pause button! ". Oh boy...

It sucks when I can't pause mario kart tour I have to quit the game if I have to do something

In crash of cars offline mode, you can't pause the game, so I have to drive to an empty corner just to pause.

Game Crashes

On Terraria, I got a SUPER rare NPC (Party Girl).I was so happy! I went to buy a Bubble Machine,Confetti Cannon and Smoke Bombs. But then the game crashed and I lost her. I was SO annoyed but eventually I got another one.

Did it once with The American Girls Premiere on a Macintosh Performa 6116CD desktop computer (from within disc 2) and BOOM! The game crashed, telling me to restart my Macintosh computer.

It the worst when the game crashes I had it happen on saints row 3 on my laptop it drove me nuts

Happens every time when I play Super Mario World. I wonder why

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? Rubber Banding

I can’t stand AI rubber banding, especially in Mario Kart 64 where the AI would always overtake me after holding a dominant lead.

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Have a Heart Attack

Wait, a legit heart attack?! Because that would suck no matter what you were doing!

A real heart attack... It would be a whole lot worse than you're game getting messed up. YOU COULD DIE!

You mean if your playing Five Nights at Freddy's? Or if it just happens randomly

Only if you play a scary game or a game with a scary moment.

Bugs and Glitches

Sometimes glitches help you but many and I say many are game-breaking/ruining. If you hate this please tell me so. Glitches shouldn't have negative effects on the games rating. If a game is good but glitchy it shouldn't be rated bad. It should be rated normally like any other game. There are glitches in every game. The glitchy games get recognition for the glitches. So my final rating for glitches is... a piece of cheese / 10

Do glitches count as freezing? If it does, my game froze on me at the end of a super long cut scene! I had to watch the some long cut seen three times! How would you like to waste about 2-3 hrs of your life trying to get past the stupid cut seen! I just hate when this happens!

There are glitches that annoy me in my favorite game of all Skyrim, I was nearly finishing this quest when I get stuck to the WALL! I try everything to get out but I ended up selecting my last autosave! ( Skyrim is still a great game! )

Yesterday I got a pretty funny bug on the same game. A guard was standing in the same spot all day.

I like bugs and glitches if it's not like fall out of the world because someone hit a button at the same time as a person on the other side of the world does.

Loading Time

Remember those early cd console like PlayStation and you have to wait for everything to load. With the commodore you have to wait an ENTIRE HOUR

Code name steam on 3ds has these problems during the enemy turns.

Skyrim is a great game but the loading times took forever!

Loading... Loading...loading... (after a while) (impatiant) LOADING ERROR PLEASE TRY AGAIN

Losing Connection On Online Games

Oh my god.. 15 seconds until the match is over in Splatoon, my team winning, and suddenly..
"The connection has been lost."

Stick Arena loses connection really fast even if you have a GREAT connection

It's so stupid when the game says you lost connection even when WiFi is ON...

This thing happens a lot of times on games such as Clash Of Clans

Thank You Mario, But Our Princess Is In Another Castle

After you beat a dang mega turtle thing, you're almost dead and crawling on the floor; you go up to Toad and what does he say? "laugh out loud Mario the princess in a whole different world haw haw"

But thank gosh nintendo make super mario 3d world! Because I knew they learn a new story now. And I hope they make another story in the next console geration.

Why does Mario keep arriving at the wrong castle? Someone needs to strap a GPS on peach

This is the reason why everyone wants to kill that character.

Your Friends Are Watching You Play a Video Game

If anything that motivates me to be better than them.

It's not that bad, and I feel boss when they watch,

That would make me feel uncomfortable.

Its because you will be embarresed if you fail that video game.

When You're About to Kill a Hard Boss, He Heals Himself and Gets More Power

Ender Dragon Does It with the help of end crystals. Oh damn those obsidian towers, I had to go to another island to make a crafting table just to make ladders to climb the towers to stop that dragon from healing. Minecraft ain't for SG Noobs

I was about to kill the Wither Boss but it actually blasted me pretty far. I losted him
and when I found him, he was on health 300.

Pokemon. Pokemon. Those full restores though.

That happens a lot in Pokemon black version

Having to Use the Bathroom During a Boss Battle

Especially when during The Ender Dragon boss battle, since you cannot pause Minecraft and will lose all of your stuff in the void while she knocks you off and you take a dump!

I usually just bring my DS in the bathroom, but if you have something connected to the T.V. you're screwed...

Peeps, this is about BOSS BATTLES, and you're saying stuff about online? This proves that people are really effing stupid.

You have a very good strategy to beat him, but while you were in the bathroom. You forgot it!

Your Favorite Video Game Never Gets a Sequel

Super Mario sunshine, no super Mario sunshine sequel :( I feel like my hopes in gaming were ripped out of me.

Half life 3,dukem nukem 3,prototype 3,god of war 4,mass effect 4,doom 4,Minecraft 2,pray 2,black 2,new assassin's creed ezio franchise game,quake 5,Grand Theft Auto san andreas 2,Grand Theft Auto iv-ii,

There's mass effect 4, God of war 2018 technically is God if war 4, and minecraft doesn't need a sequel

Looking by the ways Sonic is going, I can sorta wait for a Sonic Heroes remake.

They need to make bully 2, it would be a fun game to play

You're Playing a Really Hard DS Game, the Battery Dies and You Forgot to Save

Happened with My Secret World by Imagine (2008) as soon as I entered my next entry in my top secret journal.

That would be the worst if my 2ds xl died when I was playing a hard game


Quick Time Events

Sonic unleashed did the Quick Time Events too far example the final boss dark gaia, I had to press x 60 times in 25 seconds, how was I supposed to do that? the only series that does the qtes right used to be the paper mario series or the mario and luigi series

Probably the most annoying things in video games if your not quick enough or if your not paying attention it can easily lead to cheap deaths.

I was playing sr4 and I was in the big ship escape mission I looked away for one quik second boom

There so basic. Every game in this era ends either with quick time events, or boss battles.

Dying at the End of a Good Speed Run

Worst thing ever, then you'll have to start the Speed Run ALL over again.

343 Killing the Halo Series by Making It Look Bad

Yes. Halo 4 is just Black Ops, MCC had crappy multiplayer, and Halo 5 beta is just Destiny.

You Fall Off of a Clift by an Enemy

In Ocarina of Time 3D, you know that huge cliff by Gerudo valley? Yeah well I started exploring the world before I got to Hyrule castle. So I didn't know about the cuckoo thing. So I go up to one and start attacking it. I started chasing it near the edge. Then I hit it once more and it got angry and summoned its brethren. One of them hit me and I fell all the way down the cliff. Instead of falling into the river I ended up falling on the "shore" near the bottom where that cow is.

This. This is the main reason I will always hate Dark Souls 2... Or the first, or Demons Souls, or why I'll never play Bloodbourne. Dark Souls 2 just killed it for me...
I realize a lot of people love it, but I get too mad when I'm avoiding an enemy, rolling around, and I straight up roll off a cliff mid-fight... I find no happiness or enjoyment in those games, for precisely this reason.
Oh, unless you meant "Clift" literally, 'cause I have no idea what that is.

This. This is the main reason I will always hate Dark Souls 2... Or the first, or Demons Souls, or why I'll never play Bloodbourne. Dark Souls 2 just killed it for me...

I realize a lot of people love it, but I get too mad when I'm avoiding an enemy, rolling around, and I straight up roll off a cliff mid-fight... I find no happiness or enjoyment in those games, for precisely this reason.

Oh, unless you meant "Clift" literally, 'cause I have no idea what that is.

This happens in super Mario 64 ds when I was in Bowser and the dark world a goomba knock Mario off the couse and fail! I beat Bowser and the dark world and Bowser at the fire sea with Luigi. he very easy to use because he can jump higher than Mario. he can do a super spin when he do a back flip.

Lose Your Data

I lost my sonic adventure 2 file when it corrupted I still have my chaos

That would suck to lose your save file I would be the worst

My donkey kong country lost all its data for NO REASON.

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