Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Video Games

Ethier you or the game there both going to be bad, Real bad!

The Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Video Games

1 You Were About to Beat a Video Game and Then the Power Goes Out.

I was playing the legend of zelda ocarina of time I was fighting ganon after losing the master sword, I was fighting him with the big sword then the power went out, now I have to do the boss again

I was playing sonic 3 and knuckles on the last boss I think I was almost done completing the boss then the power went out, now I have to do the last level and boss again

I was about to beat my lego batman 2 file 100% was on the way to unlock super girl then the power went out I had to wait until the power came back on to unlock super girl

This happened when I was about to beat super mario 64 then the power went out I replayed the boss and beat it when the power came back on 10 seconds later

2 Little Kids Deleted Your Save File

IKR! My little sister can't keep her hands off my stuff. I boot up Mario 3D World on FINAL WORLD (and it was the real one) but I have to eat. My little sister wanted to play Just Dance 4 and the stupid little girl thought 'delete game' was the way to get back to the menu. Then, I come to the T.V. and see the 'file deleted screen' and beat her to a pulp. Then I put a password on my Wii you account and deleted hers. While shes tied up in a cellar. For 5 hours. Too short by the way. - happyday

Ouch. That must hurt. I think people should read before they press, I mean who confuses delete with exit? Not even toddlers.

I had my super smash bros melee file deleted by my little cousin I had everything unlocked except for final destination since I got stuck on the last event thanks to him I have to restart the game, I went on his memory card and deleted his lego star wars 1 and 2 file for revenge

My little brother deleted my mario kart 8 save file and breath of the wild safe file I was 100% complete with breath of the wild and had 3 stars on all cups on mario kart 8, now I have to restart the games thanks to him, he shouldn't of went on my wii u

My little cousin delete my super mario sunshine file on my gamecube memory card I got so angry at him

3 You Nearly Beat the Game and Your Save File Corrupts

Gran Turismo 4... Easily To Corrupted, But Anyway, Still The Best Game!

I was about to beat super mario sunshine and my memory card corrupted I had to format it, r.I.p save files

Imagine if this happened during Animal Crossing New Leaf where you spent 1000 hours 100 percenting the game.

My friend was up to the sixth gym in Pokemon Emerald. He had just spent over 13 hours on his game. He goes on it and it says his file corrupted. He has to do the WHOLE GAME AGAIN!

4 Unskipable Cut Scenes

I hate the unskipable cut scenes on my lego batman 2 and 3 files on story I had to watch them all when I played the story the first time, at least I can skip them in freeplay or if I replay story

Oh my God there is this one game where I watched this 5 minute cut scene, then died, and had to watch it again. I died about 25-30 times... A 5 MINUTE LEVEL TOOK WHAT IT SEEMED LIKE 6 HOURS.

I despise this. Games like Mass Effect are littered with these. Sometimes you go through a really long cut scene, die a while later and have to go through the whole thing again.

So annoying when on the sims you have to watch teenagers ask each other out while you were building up someone's first kiss that you wanted to watch!

5 Game Freezes

Today this happened when I was playing saints row the third on my laptop, I just changed my shoes color during a mission then jumped in the car then the game froze I had to log off and back on, I was lucky it Auto saved before I started the mission it froze on, I didn't manually save for a long time, so I just had to re change my shoes color and then do the mission again that I started before it froze, and a second time later in the game in a middle of a mission when we were falling with a tank it froze again, twice in one day! - trains45

I suck of my bully game crashing on my laptop, it's driving me crazy! I can't beat the first chapter because it always crashes during the help gary mission when I fighting Russell

My bully steam game keeps crashing on me, it drives me crazy! I trying to beat the game and it keeps crashing on me I stuck on chapter 1 halloween mission because of this

My game crashed today on lego batman 3 on level 5 I glad I got the check point I would of had to get the mini kit I missed in the first area again

6 You Throw the Wii Remote and Break the TV by Accident

This almost happened to us... Thank goodness for the Wii remote jackets! Xp - NintendoROCK3T

You break it! You brought it!

My mom once did this with our fan on the roof while playing Wii Tennis.

Am I the only one who thinks of Alvin And The Chipmunks 2 when his comes to mind? This happened in the movie and I was laughed my butt off!

7 Forgetting to Save and Dying

This happened to me once on the legend of zelda ocarina of time - trains45

250% true it always happens to me

Hate it when that happens when playing Fallout. See, that's why you must save the game like every 5 minutes or else you'll get so pissed off that it makes you throw the controller at the T.V.

Oh my god this happens all the time. Your reaction, oh I died luckily I saved! No you didn't. Your answer : crap!

8 Forgetting to Save

Resetti is watching you, at least he used to. This lives on in older Animal Crossing games.

This should be higher up, it happens to me way to often and makes me want to strangle infants

This has happened to me A LOT. ON super Mario 3d World I was playing for about 5 hours. I got all the way up to CHAMPION'S ROAD. But I forgot to save before I went to eat and thanks to that I was back at world 7

On new super Mario bros Wii I'm on level 6-1 and hard for me to beat so whenever I beat it I always forget to save

9 Have a Heart Attack

Wait, a legit heart attack?! Because that would suck no matter what you were doing! - Ironsights51

A real heart attack... It would be a whole lot worse than you're game getting messed up. YOU COULD DIE!

Yup played slender almost passed out noo Hitler might have a secret child I'm Jewish I keep thinking a bout that noo

If you are having a heart attack start couching REALLY HARD it will help push blood around your chest cavity while you drive to the hospital it might just keep you from dying

10 Bugs and Glitches

Sometimes glitches help you but many and I say many are game-breaking/ruining. If you hate this please tell me so. Glitches shouldn't have negative effects on the games rating. If a game is good but glitchy it shouldn't be rated bad. It should be rated normally like any other game. There are glitches in every game. The glitchy games get recognition for the glitches. So my final rating for glitches is... a piece of cheese / 10

Do glitches count as freezing? If it does, my game froze on me at the end of a super long cut scene! I had to watch the some long cut seen three times! How would you like to waste about 2-3 hrs of your life trying to get past the stupid cut seen! I just hate when this happens!

Thinking about Sims 2. It has so many bugs that it's impossible to play long without manipulation...

I like bugs and glitches if it's not like fall out of the world because someone hit a button at the same time as a person on the other side of the world does.

The Contenders

11 You Can't Pause the Game.

I agree with that because in fortnite you have to build to stay alive or you're dead

The creator of Five Nights at Freddy's created a game called "There is no pause button! ". Oh boy...

Same thing happened in Disney Infinity 2.0 for PS3 (I was playing as The Lone Ranger). I accidentally pushed the select button (to bring up the building menu) instead of the start button (to pause the game). Same thing goes with Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases of feature films and television shows (especially PROM). - playstationfan66

Ghostbusters 2 on Nintendo?

12 Game Crashes

I hate it when that happens.

Cough, cough, Minecraft, cough, cough.

Happens every time when I play Super Mario World. I wonder why - Chaotixhero

So annoying when the game crashes.

13 Loading Time

Code name steam on 3ds has these problems during the enemy turns.

I played terminator salvation and it's hard and when I die it takes almost a whole minute which is annoying when the game is hard enough - Sabbath

Skyrim is a great game but the loading times took forever! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Yay buffering

14 When You're About to Kill a Hard Boss, He Heals Himself and Gets More Power

Oh this happens a lot in Yakuza kiwami. Makes me want to rage quit.

That happens a lot in Pokemon black version - bravenwolfzx

Ender Dragon Does It with the help of end crystals. Oh damn those obsidian towers, I had to go to another island to make a crafting table just to make ladders to climb the towers to stop that dragon from healing. Minecraft ain't for SG Noobs

Pokemon. Pokemon. Those full restores though.

15 Your Friends Are Watching You Play a Video Game

That would make me feel uncomfortable. - Rorywilbren

If anything that motivates me to be better than them.

It's not that bad, and I feel boss when they watch,

Its because you will be embarresed if you fail that video game.

16 Thank You Mario, But Our Princess Is In Another Castle

This is the reason why everyone wants to kill that character.

That's so legit It's like Mario's crawling on the floor after defeating a dragon over a flipping lava course (not a thing I bet but whatever) and he's right in front of the castle with the two guards and he says "The princess is here right? " and then they're like "laugh out loud you SUCK SHE'S LIKE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY" - maddyparrot22

Thank you but now it is time for me to stick a knife in your ass! - Artattack

After you beat a dang mega turtle thing, you're almost dead and crawling on the floor; you go up to Toad and what does he say? "laugh out loud Mario the princess in a whole different world haw haw"

17 Having to Use the Bathroom During a Boss Battle

You can pause the game guys.

Pause game to go to the bathroom right when you're doing a double jump over lava, come back, and forget to press A again.

You have no choice! Lose or Dirty pants. WHICH ONE?

I usually just bring my DS in the bathroom, but if you have something connected to the T.V. you're screwed...

Especially when during The Ender Dragon boss battle, since you cannot pause Minecraft and will lose all of your stuff in the void while she knocks you off and you take a dump!

18 Losing Connection On Online Games

Stick Arena loses connection really fast even if you have a GREAT connection - tent2

It's so stupid when the game says you lost connection even when WiFi is ON...

This thing happens a lot of times on games such as Clash Of Clans

This happen a lot when I play Roblox

19 Quick Time Events

Probably the most annoying things in video games if your not quick enough or if your not paying attention it can easily lead to cheap deaths. - egnomac

There so basic. Every game in this era ends either with quick time events, or boss battles.

One thing: Sonic Unleashed. - tent2

God these are annoying

20 Dying at the End of a Good Speed Run

Worst thing ever, then you'll have to start the Speed Run ALL over again. - tent2

Then it says GET NOSCOPED

21 343 Killing the Halo Series by Making It Look Bad

Yes. Halo 4 is just Black Ops, MCC had crappy multiplayer, and Halo 5 beta is just Destiny.

22 You Fall Off of a Clift by an Enemy

I really hate falling of "clifts".

In Ocarina of Time 3D, you know that huge cliff by Gerudo valley? Yeah well I started exploring the world before I got to Hyrule castle. So I didn't know about the cuckoo thing. So I go up to one and start attacking it. I started chasing it near the edge. Then I hit it once more and it got angry and summoned its brethren. One of them hit me and I fell all the way down the cliff. Instead of falling into the river I ended up falling on the "shore" near the bottom where that cow is.

This. This is the main reason I will always hate Dark Souls 2... Or the first, or Demons Souls, or why I'll never play Bloodbourne. Dark Souls 2 just killed it for me...

I realize a lot of people love it, but I get too mad when I'm avoiding an enemy, rolling around, and I straight up roll off a cliff mid-fight... I find no happiness or enjoyment in those games, for precisely this reason.

Oh, unless you meant "Clift" literally, 'cause I have no idea what that is.

Yo Dawg, I heard you like clifts so I pushed you off that clift! - 4rs3R4mm3r

23 Falling to Your Death After Being Hit by a Flying Enemy

Megaman, Iceman stage. 'enough said.

Castlevania I and III, enough said - xandermartin98

Terraria, zombies and demon eyes, 'nough said. - TheRedstoneWiz

24 Bloody Escort Missions

The worst thing is when the character you are escorting is slower than you and when you get to far away from it the mission restarts, worse when its not a side mission.

Resident Evil 4 was just one big escort mission with the most annoying girl ever - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Almost reaches the finish point Escortee gets one shot by THE WEAKEST GUN IN THE ENTIRE SERIES

How am I supposed to escort a B-29 in a jet?! Its nightmare in war thunder. Throttle 50% now 30% now WEP...

25 You're About to Beat a Game and Your Console Overheats and Shuts Off

I was about to beat castle crashers on my xbox 360 and them the fan quit working and while I was on the last boss my console overheated and shutoff, now my xbox 360 is unplayable after a few mins because it overheats because the fan is broken

This should be number 1 because you can never play any games anymore

Cough cough Red Ring of Death cough cough

26 The Game Console Blows Up

How would that happen

If that happens, it's your fault; because the only way that can happen is if you put a stick of dynamite, a bomb, a TNT or some other kind of explosive.

I know right your playing a game and then for no reason BANG so realistic dumb@$$

Like I'm about to beat mr sandman's title defense and the Wii just blows up

27 Disk Freezes
28 Your Favorite Video Game Never Gets a Sequel

Super Mario sunshine, no super Mario sunshine sequel :( I feel like my hopes in gaming were ripped out of me.

Looking by the ways Sonic is going, I can sorta wait for a Sonic Heroes remake. - TrueBlueHeroes

They need to make bully 2, it would be a fun game to play

Again, Um Jammer Lammy - xandermartin98

29 Magikarp In a Master Ball

Slow clap. Move this to one!

Only idiots throw master balls at magikarps am I right guys like how are you that dum

This is just terrible! - RiverClanRocks

You would get lucky

30 Lagging During a Firefight

I have a old computer, so this sometimes hapens

31 Scary Maze Game Scares You and You Have a Heart Attack.

A YouTube video shows this guy got so scared that he punched the monitor!

"A YouTube video shows this guy got so scared that he punched the monitor! "

By the way, that was staged.

When my friend was 4 years old, she played that because her cousin (or something like cousin). Yeah, she didn't like it very much.

I played this when I was five. TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE

32 Xbox Gets RRoD

Good thing I play PlayStation! - DatIrishman

You know, under PROPER circumstances, an Xbox can live for a decade bug free.

This hasn't happened to me, but I think it's because I got my Xbox in 2014 so it was likely fixed. - Skullkid755

Xbox 360 slim or elite don't get RRoD

33 You Fall Into the Void As Soon As You Killed the Enderdragon

, no dragon egg or credits for you :( - Harri666

That would be so horrible - top10epic

Happened to me once.
Long story short, I literally punched a hole in the wall. - CatCode

And Yes, you can still rsspawn... In overworld. Best way to die, Minecraft!

34 Being Stuck In a Vrmmorpg

Exactly like sword art online. You die in the game you die in real life and NO way to log out

It could happen in the future my friend. - EmperorCales

That would suck but how would it happen - ecool553

And if you die in the game you die in real life!

Me: Oh God! NOOO! I WANT OUT! - EmperorCales

35 Your Favorite Game Developer Goes Down.

I would get depressed if Nintendo goes down.

36 Good Game, Terrible Final Boss/Ending

Fullmetal Alchemist Dual Sympathy. That ending was too bad. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Super Mario Sunshine/ Galaxy 2. - FasterThanSonic

Metroid: Zero Mission and Mega Man 2. Yeah I remember - Chaotixhero

Bully. Gary is super easy. - GoldenRocket

37 Saving a Game Right Before You Die

This happens to me in Fallout and Skyrim all the time. I would hate Bethesda softworks for this, but I don't. Since they made really great games, so I forgive them. But still, this pisses me off all the time.

38 Running Out of Ammo In Resident Evil 4
39 Hackers

Hackers r so annoying especially on roblox - top10epic

On Mario Kart Wii: it becomes imposible to win
-getting infinite blue shells

40 Cramp

Never buy these games like Just dance 4 because one time I did one song and then ending up getting cramp and told them for a refund but instead I traded a game for the Wii

When would this happen

That includes dancing and exercizing games. IT HUURRTTSS! Well that's it. I really hope that doesin't happen to bye. ( Note: These events don't happen to me)

41 Cat Jumps On the Keyboard and Breaks Off One of Your Keys You're About to Use

How would that happen?

I don't have a dang cat, so how would this happen?!

How could a cat break a key off a keyboard? - Minecraftcrazy530

That's so random lol

42 Bubsy 3d Gets On VC

Virtual Console does not support PlayStation games so that will never happen. - N64Dude

43 Going Negative In Any Call of Duty
44 About to Beat Magolor and Die

Oh my god this is one of the worst things like in the ex and magalor soul are the worst things if you die when fighting magalor soul you cannot get another ability at the start and ex same but worse if you die while fighting magalor soul ex you have to start the other battle all over again

45 You Discard Something by Accident

Happened to a lot of YouTubers

46 Getting Trolled by Voice Trollers

Many a kid has experienced this on minecraft xbox.

47 Sonic Dies In Sonic 06

Why there dislike there.

I hated the whole Sonic franchise anyways...

Please don't remind me of that cutscene... :cries: No more Elise, please. - TrueBlueHeroes

48 You Beat a Game

How is this bad? - N64Dude

Actually, when I beat black flag it was kinda sad when I realized that's the end of fun with Edward Kenway

After is boring. But restart button exist.

When I beat Portal 2, I was actually sad. MAKE PORTAL 3 VALVE! - toptenzen

49 Stuck On the Very Last Level

There are tons of games with this

Wow. I keep trying and trying...
SM3DWORLD I was in champions road and I died at like 30 Lives and no white tanooki suit!

50 You Are About to Finish the Final Boss Then Mom Tells You to Do Homework

Pause the game.

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