Little Kids Deleted Your Save File


I hate it more than current 1 and 3 because if the power goes out at least you can reload to the checkpoint, and if it corrupts, at least you won't get horribly mad in a rampage and knock your siblings teeth out, and then feel really guilty and get grounded.

Mental Note for all people who suffered the consequences of your little siblings deleting your game files: swear vengeance on them beat them up until they bleed and if they bleed still continue unless someone interferes, Punish and abuse them, torture them (don't try burning them alive I meant like offend them and say mean and ironic things about them), try getting things that can hurt them such as toy swords (even if it is a toy it can still deal some damage), and punish them as much as you can but don't kill them just let all the rage out by doing what I said or if you don't want to hurt them just be rational and cool down but beat them up until they bleed until they scream and don't go to the limit of punishing them k

I would do it but I think you went way too far you have too much rage

One time I was playing super Mario super sluggers, and I was busy collecting all the characters for the team and I'm battling the last one but then I have to be done. The next day I come back and found out my sister turned off my Wii so I had to get all the characters again.

My little sister deleted my file in Super Mario Galaxy good thing I'm good at the game. - Jake09

I had managed to get all of the Red Rings in Sonic Lost World for Wii U. That was very difficult and time consuming and I got Super Sonic in return... But too bad my sister pressed the "New Game" button and DELETED MY SAVE DATA. I raged at her for so long.

I was playing Sonic Unleashed (please don't judge) and I was on Chun-Nan (the day version, which is pretty hard to get to) and my little brother wanted to play some of the Werehog stages (they are the only stages he can actually beat). He didn't know how to get to a stage then, and there were no save files left, and he deleted mine. After that, I have never trusted him with my games ever again. Whoop de do.

A few days ago my brother was playing super Mario 64 ds. I had nearly 30 stars and the little bastard deleted and I somehow got 12 stars if he deletes any of my games I'll have to tape all of my video games so that hell N. EVEr play it

When I was younger my little brother (who was 8 at the time) deleted my Mario Kart DS save file after I had grinded on it for 3 years. At the time I had 3 stars on all Grand Prix and invested hundreds of hours into time trials. If you think having the power run out before beating a game is bad, imagine having to restart the game from scratch

What happened to me was bad. My cousin (15 years old) wanted to play my favourite game, Borderlands 2, so I taught him in my file. Then he decided to play his own file, and OH GOD he clicked on New Game, thinking that other files will appear. Result? All my work, my Level 46 Gunzaker, lost. Thank god for Dust 514 :D (friend recommendation).

This would be terrible if you were playing an RPG. Months of progress turned to nothing by a over-curious kid. Now you either quit or repeat the last few months.

I had brought my PS Vita to Texas over the summer, and my 8 year old brother wanted to play. Since I read this list before going, I set a code on the Vita. My bro asked for the code and I said "I do I have to tell you mine if your phone code is a secret? ". He tries to get on. Next thing I know all my data is deleted. The story has changed over the months. First one: It was out of rage for not knowing the code (Most likely). Second one: It was by complete accident (Nope). Third one: He clicked on something that he thought said "forgot passcode" (I'm calling BS). That's why I don't really trust people to play my systems without permission.

I was playing a game on my PS3 (Disney Infinity 2.0) as Lone Ranger (I was almost to getting my character to level 20) until Austin deleted my save file while I was outside talking to one of my cute girlfriends. So I deleted his Grand Theft Auto Five save file on his Xbox 360 while he is tied to a chair by John Decker. - playstationfan66

It happened to me. I was on level 49 on bubble witch saga and it got deleted back to level 1! Stupid People. - CN121

My Little ANNOYING sister does that ALL the time. She said it was an accident. But I know the TRUTH!

My older sister deleted my best Skyrim save for giggles and I seriously wanted to stab her. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

My goddam little sister deleted my Ocarina of Time 3D game file. I was at Ganon's tower. So I deleted all of her save files on all of her "games."

Happened to me with a friend named will he was like 4 and he deleted my best super Mario sunshine file. I had like 50 shines. Now I have 36 or so - Garfieldtop10s

If you DID complete the game and it's deleted you can probably start over again... YOU DID KNOW ABOUT ALL THE LEVELS, STAGES OR CHAPTERS

Shouldn't Deleting Worlds Become Password Locked? - Harri666

Oh yeah, that's how my little sister died, cause I got mad at her for deleting my file and beat her up.

RIP Noah from GameCube animal crossing.


You shall be missed because you know, asking isn't a thing.

Oh don't worry, it will come back, JUST SPEND 500 HOURS GETTING IT ALL BACK!

Yeah, that's the worst thing ever, it's extremely rare but if that happens to you, you will hate the person.

Trust me, it's a horrible feeling where you go on a game and you find everything you worked on for so long, is long gone.

Imagine if something like at happened to me now in Pokemon Y.

110 hours wasted.

And hopefully it shall be longer unless the worst happens.

For now, lock your door, get a camera on that T.V. screen 24/7

And make sure that you are e only person that matters with that T.V..

Other wise, your younger sibling might ruin your dreams of having those little free NES games gone, thrown in the wind.

Again, RIP my ye ol' animal crossing save file.

One time I was about to beat assassins creed and my nephew deleted my save file.

Once, my brother pressed random buttons on the Wii menu and somehow managed to DELETE EVERYTHING!

This is the worst thing ever! And why do little kids like just dance 4 so much?!,!

So annoying when you're little sis or bro messes up you're game files