Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Video Games

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21 343 Killing the Halo Series by Making It Look Bad

Yes. Halo 4 is just Black Ops, MCC had crappy multiplayer, and Halo 5 beta is just Destiny.

22 You Fall Off of a Clift by an Enemy

I really hate falling of "clifts".

In Ocarina of Time 3D, you know that huge cliff by Gerudo valley? Yeah well I started exploring the world before I got to Hyrule castle. So I didn't know about the cuckoo thing. So I go up to one and start attacking it. I started chasing it near the edge. Then I hit it once more and it got angry and summoned its brethren. One of them hit me and I fell all the way down the cliff. Instead of falling into the river I ended up falling on the "shore" near the bottom where that cow is.

This. This is the main reason I will always hate Dark Souls 2... Or the first, or Demons Souls, or why I'll never play Bloodbourne. Dark Souls 2 just killed it for me...

I realize a lot of people love it, but I get too mad when I'm avoiding an enemy, rolling around, and I straight up roll off a cliff mid-fight... I find no happiness or enjoyment in those games, for precisely this reason.

Oh, unless you meant "Clift" literally, 'cause I have no idea what that is.

Oh noes a clift

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23 Your Favorite Video Game Never Gets a Sequel

Super Mario sunshine, no super Mario sunshine sequel :( I feel like my hopes in gaming were ripped out of me.

Looking by the ways Sonic is going, I can sorta wait for a Sonic Heroes remake. - TrueBlueHeroes

Half life 3,dukem nukem 3,prototype 3,god of war 4,mass effect 4,doom 4,Minecraft 2,pray 2,black 2,new assassin's creed ezio franchise game,quake 5,Grand Theft Auto san andreas 2,Grand Theft Auto iv-ii,

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24 Falling to Your Death After Being Hit by a Flying Enemy

Megaman, Iceman stage. 'enough said.

25 The Game Console Blows Up

If that happens, it's your fault; because the only way that can happen is if you put a stick of dynamite, a bomb, a TNT or some other kind of explosive.

I know right your playing a game and then for no reason BANG so realistic dumb@$$

Like I'm about to beat mr sandman's title defense and the Wii just blows up

My friend pushed the Xbox button and the console blowed up

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26 Going Negative In Any Call of Duty
27 You're About to Beat a Game and Your Console Overheats and Shuts Off

This should be number 1 because you can never play any games anymore

Cough cough Red Ring of Death cough cough

28 Lagging During a Firefight V 1 Comment
29 Scary Maze Game Scares You and You Have a Heart Attack.

A YouTube video shows this guy got so scared that he punched the monitor!

"A YouTube video shows this guy got so scared that he punched the monitor! "

By the way, that was staged.

When my friend was 4 years old, she played that because her cousin (or something like cousin). Yeah, she didn't like it very much.

I played this when I was five. TRAUMATIZED FOR LIFE

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30 Being Stuck In a Vrmmorpg

Exactly like sword art online. You die in the game you die in real life and NO way to log out

And if you die in the game you die in real life!

Me: Oh God! NOOO! I WANT OUT! - EmperorCales

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31 Running Out of Ammo In Resident Evil 4
32 Bloody Escort Missions

The worst thing is when the character you are escorting is slower than you and when you get to far away from it the mission restarts, worse when its not a side mission.

Resident Evil 4 was just one big escort mission with the most annoying girl ever - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Almost reaches the finish point Escortee gets one shot by THE WEAKEST GUN IN THE ENTIRE SERIES

33 Bubsy 3d Gets On VC

Virtual Console does not support PlayStation games so that will never happen. - N64Dude

34 About to Beat Magolor and Die
35 You Discard Something by Accident

Happened to a lot of YouTubers

36 Xbox Gets RRoD

You know, under PROPER circumstances, an Xbox can live for a decade bug free.

This hasn't happened to me, but I think it's because I got my Xbox in 2014 so it was likely fixed. - Skullkid755

Xbox 360 slim or elite don't get RRoD

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37 Your Favorite Game Developer Goes Down.

I would get depressed if Nintendo goes down.

38 Good Game, Terrible Final Boss/Ending

Fullmetal Alchemist Dual Sympathy. That ending was too bad. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Metroid: Zero Mission and Mega Man 2. Yeah I remember - Chaotixhero

Fallout 1-New Vegas... Vanilla versions.

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39 Sonic Dies In Sonic 06

I hated the whole Sonic franchise anyways...

Please don't remind me of that cutscene... :cries: No more Elise, please. - TrueBlueHeroes

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40 You Beat a Game

Actually, when I beat black flag it was kinda sad when I realized that's the end of fun with Edward Kenway

After is boring. But restart button exist.

When I beat Portal 2, I was actually sad. MAKE PORTAL 3 VALVE! - toptenzen

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