Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen In Video Games

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41 Sonic Dies In Sonic 06

I hated the whole Sonic franchise anyways...

Please don't remind me of that cutscene... :cries: No more Elise, please. - TrueBlueHeroes

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42 You Beat a Game

Actually, when I beat black flag it was kinda sad when I realized that's the end of fun with Edward Kenway

After is boring. But restart button exist.

When I beat Portal 2, I was actually sad. MAKE PORTAL 3 VALVE! - toptenzen

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43 Saving a Game Right Before You Die

This happens to me in Fallout and Skyrim all the time. I would hate Bethesda softworks for this, but I don't. Since they made really great games, so I forgive them. But still, this pisses me off all the time.

44 Hackers

Hackers r so annoying especially on roblox - top10epic

On Mario Kart Wii: it becomes imposible to win
-getting infinite blue shells

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45 Stuck On the Very Last Level

There are tons of games with this

Wow. I keep trying and trying...
SM3DWORLD I was in champions road and I died at like 30 Lives and no white tanooki suit!

46 You Are About to Finish the Final Boss Then Mom Tells You to Do Homework V 1 Comment
47 Cat Jumps On the Keyboard and Breaks Off One of Your Keys You're About to Use

I don't have a dang cat, so how would this happen?!

How could a cat break a key off a keyboard? - Minecraftcrazy530

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48 SpongeBob Battle for Bikini Bottom Glitches

Oh my god I just wanted to murder those robots during BtBB whenever a glitch came out just to relieve stress! - kurai803

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49 Disk Freezes
50 Your TV Dies

It happened to Mordecai and Rigby on Regular Show - N64Dude

Wha!? What's going on here!? We should have stopped at 25!

What does that mean? How does that happen?

How would this happen?

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51 Your Hated Video Game Has a Sequel V 1 Comment
52 Too Scared to Beat Last Boss V 1 Comment
53 You're Playing a Really Hard DS Game, the Battery Dies and You Forgot to Save

Happened with My Secret World by Imagine (2008) as soon as I entered my next entry in my top secret journal. - playstationfan66

GOT A AC CHARGER? - shelleyduvallfan10

54 You Get This Awesome Power Up and Then 4 Seconds Later You Die

That's kind of like in Punch-Out! Wii, getting three stars, and subsequently getting hit.

I got a fire flower in Mario bros Wii then I died because I got squished

55 You Run Out of Credit While You're Online
56 Lose Your Data

My donkey kong country lost all its data for NO REASON.

57 Sanjay and Craig and the Breadwinners Block Your Screen So You Can't See the Screen

How can that happen? - FasterThanSonic

This can never happen but these are two terrible shows

Is this even possible - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I'm laughing so hard! - Skullkid755

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58 Emulator Stops Working V 1 Comment
59 Cramp

Never buy these games like Just dance 4 because one time I did one song and then ending up getting cramp and told them for a refund but instead I traded a game for the Wii

That includes dancing and exercizing games. IT HUURRTTSS! Well that's it. I really hope that doesin't happen to bye. ( Note: These events don't happen to me)

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60 Bowser and Peach Making Out

Apparently, at the end of super Mario sunshine, Bowser jr says that his mother is peach in the cutscene - Harri666

I'm taking this down, too inappropriate;

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1. You Were About to Beat a Video Game and Then the Power Goes Out.
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