Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen When Trick or Treating

When you go trick or treating just hope nothing here happens... (Do not make drug references, inappropriate references, or anything like that. No drug/inappropriate talk, etc. Kid-friendly please)

The Top Ten

1 Slenderman is on the run

Run! Don't worry, let the creepypasta shipgirls/fangirls be the sacrifices!

2 The Mean Neighbour tries to give you Necco Wafers

How could you hate these? - RiverClanRocks

But I like necco wafers :(

Nobody likes Necco Wafers because they taste like raccon's defecation from the bottom of the garbage can.

3 Someone rolls your house with toilet paper and eggs

Don't make monkey sounds at teenagers outside your Grandma's house, kids.

4 Aggressive dog gets loose from his/her backyard

Actually pretty likely :P Happened to me before and it was a PitBull :/

5 Someone steals your loot

I'd slap them silly and hunt them down

6 You get hit by a car

Always wear reflective tape, kids and do not go near the

7 It's a trick and it's a bucket of water.

When it's your Dad in the bushes with a garbage can full of water..

8 Voldemort and Obama eat all your candy at 3:00 in the morning

I think that happened to me one year. Or was it my brother? - PositronWildhawk

Along with Snoop Dogg and A Walrus.

9 Freddy Kruger and Jason the chainsaw guy knock on your door if you're inside.

I'd call the cops.

10 You give up some of your favourite candy for "wonder trade" like pokemon and you get.. Necco Wafers or something you hate.

Like you and some other kids all put random candy on the floor and you each get a random one like Wonder Trade on the Pokemon games.

In Wonder Trade, I always get junk like Wurmple. I DON'T WANT YOUR STUPID CATERPILLARS! - RiverClanRocks

The Contenders

11 Drugs in the candy
12 You die or get badly hurt!

You can end up in hospital or be gone forever!

13 A nuclear war breaks out and all your friends and family die. You are left mutated, wondering whether to go on or not.
14 Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton cosplay as Justin Bieber and Jacob Sartorius
15 A killer clown chases you
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