Worst Things That Could Happen When Using the Bathroom at School


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1 Tornado

Happened to a kid at my school. So we had to go into lockdown. - LittleLovelies

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2 A school lockdown

This happened. It was four burglars. I was thinking of men with guns, rabid dogs, and honey badgers that escaped from the zoo.

3 Someone shooting the school

A blackout is better than this. This should be #1. It is not fun to see teachers, and even some people you don't know, get shot and/or bleed to death. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

your right

Let's see,the shooter breaks in the bathroom,you die before you finish pooping... - SamuiNeko

4 A blackout

If you think your school has too many blackouts read the City Of Ember

That's happened to me before, there's been strokes and dogs proving it not too bad.

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5 You forgot to lock the bathroom door and someone opens your stall

Our school is so old and our boys are so rowdy, that you can't even close the stalls at all! The doors don't work! Especially one stall in one of the bathrooms where the door isn't even even with the lock! Some retard broke the wall around the stall and so they fixed it and it really isn't even fixed at all! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

In kindergarten, I was new in my school. Since my old country didn't even have stalls, I didn't know how to lock the stalls and all the sudden... The teacher opens the stall. I was terrified.

My school bathroom door lock is kinda broken and "bathroom for all gender" type. one time I'm only use trash can to close the door, a boy open it and the worst thing is I'm only wear my bra!

When I was little this happened to me and I accidentally did to someone else.

Rememberto lock your door! - Lunala

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6 Bullies go inside your stall shove your face inside the toilet

That's extremely funny LOL

It may sound funny but its not when you experience your head inside the disgusting school toilet. - Catacorn

7 A teacher barges into your stall and pulls you out of the bathroom

That would be horrifying.

8 The mean girls grab your pants under the stall and take it

Why would you even put your pants on the floor anyway? If you keep your pants up high then no one can take it. Even if you put your pants on the floor, it still isn't a nice thing to do. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Maybe you were changing your clothes. And there are mean people who grab your pants. - Catacorn

Who even does that. Well not my school. - LittleLovelies

Why would they want your pants? , maybe they wanna burn them or worse they have a creepy fetish.. yeah I'm glad I'm homeschooled now - Lunala

9 Firedrill

I chose this because the first four made absolutely no sense

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10 An earthquake

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? The school burns down

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11 Your body gets stuck in the toilet

Oh my God! Talk about embarrassing... - Turkeyasylum

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12 Snake bites your penis

This is so sexual. Are you talking about someone who has a longer one than you and he wrestles yours, or are you talking about an actual snake coming out of the toilet? - SirSkeletorThe3rd

And maybe the snake was hiding inside the hole in the toilet bowl, and it slithered out to bite you. Maybe you didn't know it was there. - Catacorn

EW! Where is the snake from anyways? Did Cat's python get loose? Oh wait, our school doesn't have Pet Day.

I'm a girl - Lunala

Still, it would be just as bad for a snake to slither up from the toilet bowl and bite your bum! - Entranced98


13 A dog comes and licks your face

Hello?! Who's dog is this? *dog licks me* e-eww stop please *dog jumps on me and licks my face* I hate my life... - PrincessKiana

Where would a dog even come from anyways? - cosmo

And apparently Paris' dog is loose...oh wait, our school never even talked about Pet Day.

Stop it dog!

14 Angry Video Game Nerd is in the stall next to you and says, "Come here often?"

I'd be shocked. This has nothing to do with video games.

15 Underwear falls in the toilet

How would they fall in the toilet if they're around your legs, and you just pulled them down not 100%? - kaitlynrad11

This happened to a kid in 6th grade at my old school. He accidentally flushed the toilet and it went inside the toilet bowl, so he had to go the rest of the day without underwear on. Talk about disgusting! - Catacorn

Who would take them right off in the first place? - Entranced98

16 You find an army of spiders

Nah, not scary.


Hey look pubic hair! *throws rock* S**T! that's NOT PUBIC HAIR! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

17 An inspector calls

Haha. An inspector coming into the toilet would be creepy. - drdevil

18 The music teacher walks in on you

Our music teacher is so mean because she is a huge drama queen!

19 A Category 5 Hurricane

Imagine the whole school getting swept away except for you sitting on the toilet. - Entranced98

20 Pass a kidney stone

Oddly I had a nightmare about this once... - Entranced98

Seriously? - phenylamine

21 You die of hunger
22 Justin Bieber peeks at you

Whoa! He's being a creepy maniac!

23 People are throwing stuff at you

Oh god. Some of the more crazy guys get a bunch of paper towels and wet them so they can throw it at each other. I got hit by one while I was taking a dump. They throw them over the stalls too. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

24 Someone runs off with your toilet paper

Just make sure you have tissues handy. - Entranced98

25 Your first period

My first period happened at home thankfully - mayamanga

Damn it! I missed Reading! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Just going on things that actually happen >.> Especially if you're young enough to not understand it yet. It's even worse if you do like my friend did today and accidentally text the wrong person about it

26 You suddenly decide to put your head down the toilet
27 You slip on someone's pee in the stall you're in and your head lands in the toilet

This never happened to me but I just thought of it lol! - PrincessKiana

28 You get extreme diarrhea and miss watching Ghostbusters with your class
29 The toilet gets bought by a Chinese pirate game company while you're in
30 A first grader dressed up as a ninja breaks into your stall
31 Someone goes into your stall and strips you naked

It's horrible. Just horrible.

32 The toilet explodes
33 You drop your phone in the toilet
34 Someone puts their head under the door of your stall

Once I was going potty in peace in an empty bathroom with 3 stalls. then this random kid walks in and se says "hello who are you" I stay silent the next thing you know her head pops up under the door. I should have kicked her face - Lunala

35 Die from constipation
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1. A teacher barges into your stall and pulls you out of the bathroom
2. Bullies go inside your stall shove your face inside the toilet
3. The mean girls grab your pants under the stall and take it
1. A school lockdown
2. A blackout
3. Tornado


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