Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen When Using the Bathroom


The Top Ten

1 You run out of toilet paper
2 Bad smells overwhelm you
3 You get explosive diarrhea and spend four hours on the toilet

This must be awful - YanRocky

This has happened to me for real :(

4 You think of 2 Girls 1 Cup, then puke
5 The fire alarm goes off
6 Your pee flies everywhere

I just blame my little brother for his bad aim.

I don't want to talk about. *sigh* - JaysTop10List

7 A sex offender breaks down the door

I'll either do two things 1:if I'm urinating I'll pee on him and call him a pervert or 2:if I'm defecating I'll liters throw my refs at him like a mental monkey.

Oh, you want the person the pee in your face? Ok sure if you don't mind. - JaysTop10List

8 You slip and fall head first into the toilet
9 You go into labor
10 Agent 47 murders you

If Agent 47 points a gun at me while i"m at the toilet urinating I'll take the gun and put it in my pocket.

The Contenders

11 You pop one of those annoying erections for no apparent reason

Now you gotta pretend to go and somehow stuff it away without being noticed

12 A Nicki Minaj song plays out of nowhere
13 You fall asleep on the toilet and you get stuck there
14 The lights go out
15 You realize the toilet won't flush
16 The PA system starts playing a Miley Cyrus song

You are trapped in there with your pants around your ankles, nowhere to run

17 An arm with a dagger mysteriously pops out of the toilet and stabs you in the butt
18 A butt song plays out of nowhere
19 A snake crawls up the toilet
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