Worst Things That Could Happen While Opening Your Backpack at School

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Phone falls out and breaks

I never brought my phone to school so I never had this happen - trains45

Ouch. Thinking about this hurts already. Poor Piper. - Martinglez

That's why protective phone cases exist. - Entranced98

That must be awful... - TwilightKitsune

The thing you need is not in there

My most common negative backpack experience. - WitheredBonnie

I have had that experience so many times. - NightJinx

I may of had this happen - trains45

Totally relatable

Everything falls out

Yeah this would suck, especially on the first day of school when you bringing all your supplies to school - trains45

That would suck - Randomator

Happens to me all of the time.most of the things in the list happened to me to.

Bully grabs your book and rips it

Then I'd shove a book down the bully's throat - TwilightKitsune

The zipper snaps

This happened to my old school bag I remember it broke in the morning when I opened it when I got to school, my teacher had to duck tape the bag closed while I went through the school day so I didn't lose any supplies - trains45

It falls on the floor, the bell rings, and everyone tramples over it
You have the wrong backpack

This would suck, my old bus had us put our bags in the front, sometimes someone may of accidentally grabbed the wrong bag if someone else had the same school bag of theirs - trains45

I hope this doesn't happen to me! - Pegasister12

Teacher sees the phone and confiscates it
A nest of spiders are inside

This would be scary to have spiders all crawl out of your bag in class or at your locker - trains45

Time to set all of my backpacks on fire - SirSkeletorThe3rd

A snake crawls out

I bet half the class would scream if this happened - Randomator

Why would Dita Von Teese be in my backpack?

This is the worst! I hope this never happens to me! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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Your private journal falls out of it and your teacher confiscates it

That happened to my friend. A boy started reading it out loud so then everyone knew who her crush was.
This is my worst nightmare. If anyone sees my diary I’ll die. - Hermione_Granger220

Let's read Lia's diary, shall we!
"I really want to be friends with Callie (not her real name.)"
Okay, next page.
"Mrs. Smith is the worst teacher."

The teacher looks inside of it

My school did look inside my bag on some field trip incase someone was sneaking weed or something inside an event - trains45

Happened to me in high school so many times

Your zipper gets caught on the backpack fabric

Always happens to me at least 5 times a month - SpectralOwl

A wasp nest is inside your backpack

I once had a dream that wasps made a nest in my school bag it was scary, but I was glad it was just a dream - trains45

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