Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen While Watching 2014 FIFA World Cup


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1 Electricity Goes Out

I know that be bad

2 Signal Stopped Due To Rain
3 Sony Six Stops Broadcasting
4 A Justin Bieber Song Starts Playing in the Stadium

It seems that everybody HATES Justin Bieber

I hate Justin Bieber. His songs stink he stinks and he is a dirty butt

He is a little girl who's made more than one girl pregnant, and went to jail more than once


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5 Your Parents Don't Give Permission To Watch

Happened once to me so sad :(

6 Luis Suarez comes out of nowhere somehow and bites you

Laugh out loud! I heard your more likely to be bitten by him than a shark!

Its true and your more likely to be bite my him than win the lottery

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7 Match Is Delayed Due To Rain
8 Your Kids Steal The Remote Right Before The FIFA World Cup Starts And Change Channel To Nick, Nick Jr., Nick Toons, TeenNick, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, CN, Boomerang, Sprout, The Hub, BabyFirst, Qubo, or Smile

I am a kid. I love soccer. I ALWAYS followed the World Cup and left my fave shows in the trash when the World Cup was here. - PizzaGuy

This is why I don't want kids they can be noisy and steak your remote

Your long topic crashed Google chrome, time to switch back to firefox

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9 The Soccer Ball Gets Kicked Into Your Face

This happened to me yesterday. It's not fun.

10 One of the good members quit

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11 SBS One Loses the Rights to Broadcast It
12 ABC (In Australia) Gets The Right To Broadcast it and can't be available in other stations

Yeah, I know! I wouldn't be able to watch my Australian Rules Football cause FIFA would be everywhere!

13 Brazil Loses

Or you could say: Brazil plays Germany - epic72

Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany in brasil

I love Brazil losing

14 A Nuclear Bomb Hits Your City

This would be unfortunate

15 The country you are supporting loses

Already happened to the us

16 Going to a Restaurant
17 The TV blows up
18 Your country doesn't qualify or finishes 0-0-3

This happens to Canada. Why do I support soccer in this country...

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19 Your country plays Germany, Spain, Argentina, or Brazil

Spain was not that great in 2014 - newenglander1

20 Lionel Messi doesn't play
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