Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen While Writing a Story

Do you love writing a story, but then something has to come along and ruin it? Here's a list where you can vote and share your thoughts, as well as add your own.

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1 You lose inspiration

This always happens to me. That is why there are so many half finished stories lying all over my house. And cluttering the kitchen table! - birdechosplash

Has happened several times to me. I've had to rewrite several stories because of this. - Swellow

How can you lose what is all around you? Inspiration is literally everywhere! - Britgirl

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2 Your confidence levels drop

I sometimes can never write because I feel my stories aren't great. :(

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3 Your frustration builds up
4 You forget your story
5 You get stressed when writing

I always stress when I can't think of what to write next, or I get stuck on something.

6 You forget to save a draft

I deleted mine :(

7 You fear what others think about your story

I mainly fear what I'll think of it. I am my own worst critic. If I don't like what I write, how can I expect other people to? - Britgirl

Main reason why I only write privately. The only things I write for the public are YouTube comments and reviews. - Mcgillacuddy

All the time! Whenever I post a chapter of my story to Wattpad, I always fear of what people will think about it. I don't whether they like it or hate it. - Pegasister12

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8 You become unsure of how the story should end

This one is my worst problem because there are a million different possible endings and I need to choose just one? - AnonymousChick

9 Your back starts hurting
10 Your plotline becomes too confusing or has plot-holes

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11 Your characters become too hard to work with

Your characters actually tell YOU what their role is in the story. It's up to the author to listen to them. - Britgirl

12 You get trolled

Don't let this happen... They are everywhere. Be careful.

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1. You lose inspiration
2. Your confidence levels drop
3. Your frustration builds up
1. You forget your story
2. You become unsure of how the story should end
3. Your back starts hurting



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