Top 10 Worst Things that Could Happen to You at the Amusement Park

The Top Ten

1 You are riding a babyish ride and people at your school see you

This is the worst and most embarrassing. The second worst thing is when you get banned.

Mostly it is just your parents' decision

For me once it was vice versa. - Entranced98

Wow ok

2 You have your phone on a loop roller coaster and it falls out

My overprotective mom won't let me ride loop roller coasters...

I make my mom watch my phone while I'm on rides

Once happened to my step brother years ago. Things didn't get any better for him when he was still there getting his phone when a severe storm came rolling into the area, pelting him with hail. Needless to say it was hell for him.

That happened to my brother. He hasn't gotten his phone back since. - 23windomt

3 You start crying on a ride that isn’t scary
4 You believe a fake myth that the worker tells you and you tell everyone
5 You can’t find the entrance to the wooden roller coaster so you climb up the side
6 You fall off of a ride

Fall off Kingda Ka and you're a goner. - Entranced98

Yep, fall off the tallest roller coaster, and you're definitely dead. - awesomedp900

Rest in peace

**Swing low swing high swing free to the chariot to flopping freedom/Swing higher to the cherry top**- Kevinsidis

If this happened you’re basically dead

7 You get stuck on a ride

I got stuck on Steel Force's lift hill for a minute once.

A few years back, my friend and I were riding a Ferris wheel when it suddenly stopped. My friend was scared of heights, and because we were at the top of it, was panicking. The ride was stuck for a half hour, which was one of the longest of my life. - PackFan2005

8 Your roller coaster car falls off of the roller coaster

That person would have the worst luck ever

Boom, you're dead. - Entranced98

If that happens: rest in spaghetti, never forgetti

Uh. I'd imagine this is the worst considering...
YOU COULD **DIE! *** - mattstat716

9 Annoying people buy really big slushees and pour them on your head when it’s 40 degrees

If this is on the Celsius scale, this would be a welcome relief if it wasn't for the sticky sugar. - Entranced98

10 You have an awkward face on your photo and your friends see it and you feel embarrassed

That wouldn’t be good...

The Contenders

11 You get banned
12 Someone drops their phone from a ride and it knocks you out cold
13 You vomit on a ride
14 You poop in your pants
15 Some stranger grabs you and screams for the whole ride.
16 You fall off a waterslide

I saw an image of someone who fell off a wAter slide. It was funny 😂

17 You pee on your friend while on the ride then he/she tells the whole school

That would be horrible

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