Worst Things that Could Happen to You During Gym Class

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1 You get hit in the face with a dodgeball

I'm pretty good at dodging. It's just the throwing isn't the best... - PackFan2005

I love dodge ball. We use softer balls instead of the ones you see on T.V. - 23windomt

Happened to me once I think knocked my glasses off as well - trains45

Happened to me so many times

2 You’re bad at sports and the gym teacher makes you demonstrate in front of the class

It's happened to me before. One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you - PackFan2005

Yeah - Criz

True, true... - mattstat716

3 There is a fire drill while you’re still in the locker room

Luckily it only takes like twenty seconds to fling on the minimum you need to cover your undies. - Entranced98

That would suck

If it’s a drill you could just hide in the bathroom stall

4 You’re playing against a team who makes fun of you

Worth it for the look on their faces when your team ends up winning; it's just priceless! - Entranced98

AKA the "cool" kids. - mattstat716

5 Your team blames everything on you

When ever you mess up in gym class, the kids are all treating you like a sore loser - 445956

AKA the "cool" kids again. - mattstat716

6 Your gym teacher puts on your least favorite song

Luckily my school doesn't play any Nicki Minaj songs :) Yay.-DarkBoi-X

7 You are doing the swimming unit and your swimsuit is too big and it falls off

This would suck if it’s outside the pool but if you are in the pool you could hopefully get it back on before anyone notices.

That’s one of the things that scares me the most. I hate swimsuits because of these irrational fears that can’t happen if you get a suit that fits you

8 Your shoe unties and you fall face first on the hard floor

THis is bad but lol - BreakFastBeast2005

This would suck

This is why I opted for slip-ons and velcro trainers in PE class. - Entranced98

9 You try to kick the soccer ball and you fall on top of it

There's also that awkward moment of falling over hilariously when you kick the ball but you still score a goal. Then it's a matter of deciding whether to cheer like a maniac or creep away red in the face. - Entranced98

Option 3: Laugh hysterically with your friends at the hilarious moment. - mattstat716

This has actually happened to me before when trying to kick a ball in the game called Kickball or something like that

10 You break your leg

I’ve only broken my right pinkie finger from trying to catch a hard baseball. It bent back my pinkie and it hurt badly, this happened in 3rd grade but I didn’t cry surprisingly

The Contenders

11 You get caught in the volleyball net
12 You get hit in the balls by a soccer ball

All guys would understand this. It feels awful - PackFan2005

Almost every guy can relate to this reason

Faxts seeing this choice feels like I'm getting hit in the balls right now - 23windomt

I’m not a boy but I know that this sucks for boys. For girls it’s getting hit on the chest (in that area but I don’t want to say the word)

13 You break your finger

Back in 5th Grade, during gym, we were playing flag football outside. When one of my friends lunged for the flag, something happened to his finger that was pretty bad. I told him the rest of that day that it wasn't broken, because I didn't think it was. But the next day, he brought in an X-Ray, that showed bone fragments everywhere. He had to get surgery over Spring Break, which he said sucked. Trust me, breaking your finger in gym is not fun. - PackFan2005

14 You rip your pants

"Oops. I guess I ripped my pants again! " - Entranced98

15 Someone pulls your shorts down and you ain't wearing anything underneath
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