Worst Things that Could Happen to You on the First Day at a New School

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1 You don’t know which way the bus is so you wait and the buses leave without you

I'll be just like spiderman on that day - BoyGenius234

This happened to me on the first day of middle school. People were waiting and those were the people in sports, but I didn’t know that so I waited there too and I had to go to baseball practice.

2 You go accidentally go to a class that is way too advanced
3 The only person you know in your class is your enemy

Oh yeah, that would be bad.

Good lord no - BoyGenius234

4 Your favorite song comes on the radio and then the teacher turns it off and plays your least favorite song

This would be my least favorite thing ever! I mean, imagine hearing the excellency of Heaven In Hiding’s intro, and then you suddenly hear the garbage known as End Game.

LOL, In The Name Of God comes on and then the teacher turns on “Bloody Underwear” by Six Feet Under... - NightmareCinema

5 Your backpack unzips and everything falls out

No one wants a bad impression on the 1st day.

6 You don’t know where to put your stuff so you set it in the middle of the room on the floor

I did this.

7 Everyone makes fun of you
8 You get lost on the way to recess and go to the sports field
9 Someone pushes you in a locker and locks it

That happened to me! It was horrible!

10 Your teacher has TheTopTens banned

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11 You Die
12 You don’t get a lunch table and have to sit on the floor
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