Worst Things That Could Happen to You On Halloween

The Top Ten

1 You wander off into the woods and you get eaten by a monster
2 You get locked in a haunted house
3 Somebody thinks you are a monster and shoots you
4 You have to go to school on October 31st

I'm used to going to school on that day.

What? I go to school on Halloween!

My vacation ends on Halloween =_=

I go to school on October 31st... - Catacorn

5 Your mom doesn't let you go trick or treating

This actually happened one year.

6 Someone steals your candy

The other things on this list are ridiculous, so this is the only option. - CardboardBox

Its supposed to be ridiculous! - Arcturus

7 The only thing you get is 1 piece of licorice
8 When you say trick or treat the people call the police because of your realistic costume
9 Your house gets egged


10 Your mom doesn't let you be what you want to be for Halloween

The Contenders

11 Your tree gets toilet paper rolled
12 It rains on you
13 Nobody answers the door
14 Michael Myers hunts you down
15 You go to a house that gives you Frozen on DVD

I'd trade with some little kid and get a chocolate bar

16 Justin Bieber answers the door

I'd throw a bucket of water at him and watch as the haters of him roll his house with toilet paper and egg his windows

17 No one gives you candy
18 You get Necco Wafers
19 Your candy gets confiscated
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