Worst Things That Could Happen to You Infront of Your Crush


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1 Pants Rip When You Bend Down

I'm not even into romance stuff and don't have a crush. 😈😂 - Anonymousxcxc

2 Rip The Wettest, Loudest Fart Ever


Ripping a fart in general can make any girl dislike you - Mcgillacuddy

I once let a big wet fart go and my crush gave me a disgusted look and never talked to me again

My crush still likes me even though I did this in a lesson where I'm sat next to her

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3 Teacher Yells at You

This actually isn't true
Me and my crush are rebels
We like to break the rules
I like it when I get in trouble in front of him

I'm actually really sensitive, so if the teacher yells at me, I will try to hold back my tears and end up looking ridiculous. - Pegasister12

4 Crush Talks Behind Your Back
5 People Laugh at You
6 Your Stomach Decides To Sound Like a Dying Whale

It always happens at the worst times. - Pegasister12

Once in music class during a lockdown drill the whole room was super quiet sitting in the corner, and then my stomach made a weird grumbling sound and everybody turned and stared at eachother. - Catacorn

7 You Accidentally Hit Him/Her In The Face

I totally did this to my wife (first time I met her). It wasn't a just a little bump either, it was an elbow when I swung around to get out of my seat to leave a cafe. I sat there just apologizing profusely and feeling awful because I thought she was crying; even tried to give her money to pay for her meal. Then she looks up and she's laughing her ass off. I ended up staying at that cafe for four more hours just talking with her and her friends that day. Been happily married for 10 years now.

Uhh you got a mosquito on your face, let me get it! - Unicorn

8 Trip Down The Stairs

I wish that I could take the elevator at school, but the elevator is only for kids with broken legs, broken feet, and sprained ankles. - Catacorn

This is why I don't like stairs. - Pegasister12

9 You Throw Up

Mostly on her and her best dress - FerrariDude64

10 You Get a Period Attack and It Bleeds Through Your Light Coloured Pants

Oh, that would be so awfully tragic. I would poison myself, shoot myself, jump off a cliff, then blow myself up. (Not literally, but I would certainly cry) :,( - D0gLover970

Oh god no, I hope that doesn't happen! Even if it's a girl, I'll still be embarrassed. - Pegasister12

You should calculate your exact biorhythms like I did so you'll know PRECISELY when it'll happen. - RockFashionista

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11 You bend over and your buttcrack hangs out
12 You Can't Hear What They Are Saying, So You Keep Saying, "What?"

Luckily for me, this can’t happen, because my crush never talks to me! - sadical

That's really annoying. - Elina

This happens with me all the time. Thank God when it happens with my crush I only have to say "what?
once. - Popsicles

П‍♀️This brings back a painful memory.
My crush is a camp crush so I rarely see him and didn't even know him until this summer. We rarely talked to each other, so I was so happy when one day He called my name and then started telling me something.(😍) UNFORTUNATELY I didn't hear him bcs my friends were being extremely loud. So then I asked him to repeat what he had said and moved closer.
He said it again and right at that minute my friend decided to shreak super loud so once again I had to move closer to him and ask him to repeat himself AGAIN!
Once again he repeated himself, and although I probably should’ve asked him to say it again, I just pretended that I had heard him and started nodding my head and giving him a stupid thumbs up.

13 Burping Out Loud

I opened my mouth to try and answer a question in class, and instead, I let out the loudest burp. My crush and I haven't talked since 0~0

14 You Bump Into The Kid You Hate
15 Cry Like A Total Maniac
16 Telling a Friend of the Crush How You Feel
17 Your Pants Get Water on Them and Everyone Thinks It's Pee

I posted this thinking about Kellen from origami yoda

18 You Act Dumb
19 Walk into a wall
20 You Get Shoved Into Them

Who doesn’t want that I think anyone would want to get shoved to their crush

"Into" them? Hueheheeuueheueueheueuheeue

21 You Get Tripped and Fall
22 You Run Into Them

It would be great if they run into you

23 Your Crush's Friend Shoves Your Crush Into You by Mistake

I bet people would love that

24 They catch you talking about them to your friend

This would be very embarrassing

25 You cough or sneeze on them
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