Worst Things That Could Happen to You Infront of Your Crush


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1 Pants Rip When You Bend Down

I'm not even into romance stuff and don't have a crush. 😈😂 - Anonymousxcxc

2 Rip The Wettest, Loudest Fart Ever

Ripping a fart in general can make any girl dislike you - Mcgillacuddy

I once let a big wet fart go and my crush gave me a disgusted look and never talked to me again

My crush still likes me even though I did this in a lesson where I'm sat next to her

This sounds like something I would do. I better lay off the Taco Bell. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

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3 Teacher Yells at You

I'm actually really sensitive, so if the teacher yells at me, I will try to hold back my tears and end up looking ridiculous. - Pegasister12

This actually isn't true
Me and my crush are rebels
We like to break the rules
I like it when I get in trouble in front of him

4 People Laugh at You
5 Crush Talks Behind Your Back
6 Your Stomach Decides To Sound Like a Dying Whale

It always happens at the worst times. - Pegasister12

Once in music class during a lockdown drill the whole room was super quiet sitting in the corner, and then my stomach made a weird grumbling sound and everybody turned and stared at eachother. - Catacorn

7 You Accidentally Hit Him/Her In The Face

I totally did this to my wife (first time I met her). It wasn't a just a little bump either, it was an elbow when I swung around to get out of my seat to leave a cafe. I sat there just apologizing profusely and feeling awful because I thought she was crying; even tried to give her money to pay for her meal. Then she looks up and she's laughing her ass off. I ended up staying at that cafe for four more hours just talking with her and her friends that day. Been happily married for 10 years now.

Uhh you got a mosquito on your face, let me get it! - Unicorn

There was a musquito! lol - B0S5J4M3S

8 Trip Down The Stairs

I wish that I could take the elevator at school, but the elevator is only for kids with broken legs, broken feet, and sprained ankles. - Catacorn

This is why I don't like stairs. - Pegasister12

9 You Throw Up

Mostly on her and her best dress - FerrariDude64

10 You Get a Period Attack and It Bleeds Through Your Light Coloured Pants

Oh, that would be so awfully tragic. I would poison myself, shoot myself, jump off a cliff, then blow myself up. (Not literally, but I would certainly cry) :,( - D0gLover970

Oh god no, I hope that doesn't happen! Even if it's a girl, I'll still be embarrassed. - Pegasister12

You should calculate your exact biorhythms like I did so you'll know PRECISELY when it'll happen. - RockFashionista

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11 You bend over and your buttcrack hangs out
12 You Can't Hear What They Are Saying, So You Keep Saying, "What?"

That's really annoying. - Elina

This happens with me all the time. Thank God when it happens with my crush I only have to say "what?
once. - Popsicles

13 Burping Out Loud

I opened my mouth to try and answer a question in class, and instead, I let out the loudest burp. My crush and I haven't talked since 0~0

14 You Bump Into The Kid You Hate
15 Cry Like A Total Maniac
16 Telling a Friend of the Crush How You Feel
17 Your Pants Get Water on Them and Everyone Thinks It's Pee

I posted this thinking about Kellen from origami yoda

18 You Act Dumb
19 Walk into a wall
20 You Get Shoved Into Them

"Into" them? Hueheheeuueheueueheueuheeue

21 You get tripped and fall
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