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1 Mining a lot of diamonds then dying in lava

I had a good diamond pick then boom a found redstone I mined some of it then things went very wrong... I don't know why but I pressed walk and boom next thing I know I'm in the lava pit! I died with 55 points. I had gold ore. I regret that day... Stupid karma.. -. -

One time I had 3 stacks of redstone, 2 stacks of iron, 3 emeralds, 5 diamonds and like 10 stacks of lapis, and I was digging back up and hit lava, so I started running but there was a creeper behind me, so it blew up but I lived, only to be pushed into the lava and die. I STOPPED PLAYING FOR 2 WEEKS

Imagine... Diamonds, gold, iron, redstone and all those other stuff in your inventory. Then you're dancing around not noticing that lava pit, and BAM! No valuables. Rage Quit in 3... 2... 1...

Oh wow me and my friend mining so get this a zombie push us in we mined two emerald four dimonds and 10 lapis gone

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2 Getting lost

I Made A HUGE house no lie it was so big and I spent so many weeks on it and all my effort and one day I accidently fell off the house (it was high up) and then boom, I died and guess what? It said my bed was destroyed (so my whole house was long lost and gone)! SO UNFAIR! STUPID Minecraft so I didn't save it so I switched Minecraft off (without saving and going to menu) so my house would still be there when I go back on it but that didn't work! I was so disappointed!

Geez, I get lost in mine shafts with valuables all the time. The only option I have is to either spend an hour looking for the path I came from or commit Minecraft suicide...

When you're deep underground and you can find your way back up, you're gonna need quite a bit of patience to dig your way back to the top. Unless you're on creative mode.

If u have /gamerule Keepinventory true then just do /kill if u get lost

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3 Your pet cat/dog dying beacause you accedentally left clicked

My sister and I play Minecraft on our Xbox together. In the best world we had EVER created, there were many wolf packs, so one day we decided to get one dog each. They were nice dogs that my sis and I adored! One day, we were cutting trees that were next to each other, and guess what, I accidentally hit her. Then her dog attacked me and my dog attacked her dog and there was a big dog fight. We exited the game right then and there and vowed to never go back on that world. EVEN WORSE, THIS isn't THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED! I wish I knew how to prevent these things from happening!

I found a jungle far away, got a cat, and made a real bond with it, and then I HAD to just leave the door open, and a found a creeper next to my cat on my bed. I lost my cat AND my spawn point. :(

My idiot sister has over 30 dogs and we were mining in our house to expand it and I hit one because it ran in front of me and I died INSTANTLY.

Sadly, I've done this so many times. They may be computer operated, but I bond with them strongly. Luckily, my dog, Fang, is still around (only because I never let him leave the house ). - Emberflight_of_StormClan

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4 A creeper destroying your house

Once my first day on knew world a creeper outside me house blows my walls up and then 4 more follow with no like 15 spiders 11 skeletons 7 zombies and 1 little one luckily I just escaped but then a creeper killed me from behind so never trust creepers or you wont live for 1 night

Yeah it is one of the worst things in that game. One time I went to my house before it was night but then 6 stupid creepers blew up my beloved house! I want revenge on those guys!

A creeper destroying you house is okay Butt if A creeper destroy your chest IS NOT GOOD

Stop blowing up my chicken farm!

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5 Accidentally pressing Q instead of W and throwing thing in lava

I accidentally threw a ENCHANTED DIAMOND SWORD into someone's hopper

I threw my Minecraft diary in lava on accident. Don't ask.

Goodbye diamonds... Goodbye emeralds... Goodbye redstone... - Haumea

I was in a mc server then I found a donation chest so I decided to put some iron in it but accidentaly put my enchanted diamond sword in and coudlent get it back...WAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWWAHWAWAHWAH

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6 Dying/getting lost in the nether with valuable items

Just died today, spent like 2 hours to find a nether fortress got some blaze rods, and then I realized I was like tons and tons of miles lost from my Portal, started to think fast because I was running out of food then I started following North, then I dropped to the lava and lost a full set of diamond enchanted armor with diamond enchanted sword plus the blaze rods... :"(

Lost everything because a ghast blew me off a platform and I splat on the ground under me, which was like 50 blocks. Full enchanted diamond armor and sword. Screw you Nether.

Why would you bring any type of valuable items through the open plain of the Nether? If using it as a fast-travel thing, then make a tunnel or something.

Just bring a pickaxe and some gravel.That way you wont lose everything you have.

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7 Being shoved off a cliff by a cow

When I was in creative a pig shoved me off a cliff but I was lucky it was creative and after I fell down I couldn't see the pig properly but I spotted the pig had red eyes after pushing me off lol

Happens to me every time - the always push me in the lava in the nether :(

It's the worst when a sheep does it to you. Sheep are evil.

Usually wither skeletons do that to me in the nether...cheeky faces!

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8 Your only pickaxe breaks right as you find diamonds

UGH! That happened to me yesterday! It's the WORST!

That is the worst luck in history! Why is it not number one?

Uug! I HATE this! Once found whole wall of diamond ore... NOT kidding. Pickax was the right kind, iron, and I mined one diamond, BOOM! Pick axe gone. It was enchanted!

When this happens I usually do it with my hands lol

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9 Finding Diamond, Gets Killed, spawns In the Middle of No Where

Happened to me once. So mad that time. - Coolguy66666

Tip: if u make a new map brake wood from trees to mark the trail where to go to your house if you will respawn

It happened to me when I went on a walk to my trap cave I had some zombie traps in the cave and that is why it's called trap cave but then a skeleton killed me at night and I respawned in the middle of the forest and on my way back home there were 3 skeletons 5 creepers
2 enderman 10 zombies 4 spiders and 1 spider jockey! that was so creepy!

Happens to me all the +++ time! @

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10 Building an awesome thing and then respawning and losing it

Oh my gosh, yes! I built a massive sea village by making a huge enclosed wall in the ocean and using sponges to dry the water out. I made awesome houses in it, and even a dungeon for the quest I planned to do with my sister (I set up adventures for us to play). Funny story really, I made a dark hall in one part, and a Guardian in in, to jumpscare us. I went in to add some finishing touches to it, and got trapped in the 'horror map'. The guardian popped out of nowhere, flopping around wildly, scaring the derp out of me. I ran into a room, and shut the door behind me, terrified. Later, I went home, and thought I had mapped out where to find it. Sadly, I haven't rediscovered in to this day. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Once I built a 20 x 50 obsidian house and it had TNT under it if a mob ever entered my house, they step on a pressure plate, and blow up and die. Apparently, a group of charged creepers got in and it blew up a whole bunch of enchanted armor, swords. I was raging mad wanting to get revenge on those things!

If u make a new map mark your trail by braking trees and you are next to your thing!

I got killed by a skeleton and respawned far away from my village!

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11 Going to the Nether and spawn right beneath lava, not noticing you're right beneath lava and dying

That's why I only go to the nether in creative lol

They have a whopping 100 hp
And they deal MAJOR damage to you unless you have enchanted stuff or
Diamond armor.
Good luck with these in a mob arena.

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12 Getting your own iron golem turned against you

The Iron Golems you make don't really attack you, but Golems which Naturally Spawned, You cannot Steal stuff from blacksmiths or Harass The villagers, or your dead (Unless you have full enchanted Diamond armor and a great Enchanted Sword, then you probably can then fend off the Golem, unless there is more than two! )

That's bad really bad. I said it once ill say it again.. That's bad really bad. I said it twice il say it again.. That's bad really bad. I said it thrice so I wont say it again.. Cause that would be bad really bad

I once killed an iron golem that was hostile towards me with very little gear. To all those people saying it's extremely hard to do so.

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13 Herobrine is after you

So I were mining the first time because I just played mine craft and then I saw sort of a little house with a chest well I can only see one chest because I didn't even want to get near to it do you think hero brine did it? AND IT WAS MY FIRST TIME then I deleted the world plus the game.

One time I made a beautiful house right? So I went to mine to a cave near and when I got back, guess what happened? IT WAS ON FIRE. There was no way in order for it to be in flames. I deleted the world after I saw Herobrine.

I don't play the game but I watch videos about it. And yes he's real he can possibly kill you.

No, actually, there is no real proof that Herobrine exists. If Herobrine was real, and dangerous, Minecraft would be shut down for investigation. So far, all claims are either hoaxes, glitches, or ignored. So no, there is no possible way that- *sudden silence* - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Herobrine isn't real notch said it jeb said it and if u don't believe them last I checked they know more about the game the. You do

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14 Not having food

True :( all I had was 1 RAW mutton and a rabbits foot

It was nighttime and my house was right over the hill, no food, and it was hardcore. I suck.

U can't die of hunger but it can make u go down to 1 health

Just kill a pig!

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15 Going to the nether and getting surprised by 5 ghasts shooting you

That happen to me earlier and to top if off my portal was in a awesome shrine I built and they blew it up :((((((

And to make things worse, they ruin your portal and you're stuck with them!

Just do the "return to sender trick"

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16 Trolled on a server


You see this is why I quit faction servers as a total (unless I'M admin)

I'm waiting for a drop waited for 30 minutes 27 seconds left a stupid person kills me with diamond armor and steals it

It seems like everyone always does this to me

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17 Your Wooden House Got Hit by Lightning and It Burns Away, So You Pick All Your Diamond Run Outside Where You Got Blown Up by a Creeper

My wooden balcony was broken by a creeper!

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18 Going to the Nether and a ghast disables your portal and you have no flint and steel or obsidian

Then you decide to make a safe place to put down a chest to put all your gear in it so you can commit suicide, but then you fall in the lava and die with everything...

Reignite it with the ghast, or /gamemode creative. on the Xbox, never save in the nether. when you neex to, go back to overworld and do it. if portal is gone, exit world and rejoin then your back

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19 Dying in "Hardcore" mode

If you die on Hardcore, your Hardcore map gets deleted - CasinLetsGoBowling

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20 Getting Buried by a happy face made of sand

This happened to me before

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