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21 15 zombies attacking you at the same time

I made a nice house in creative and switched to survival. There were bosses everywhere in my house. They killed me. - RiverClanRocks

Easy just keep running and get one at a time I have done it before

Yes! This happened to me before!

And your on hard mode.
Your so dead.

22 Dying before you have a bed, and losing everything because you spawn far away

Make your house close to spawn instead of wasting time wandering far away to make a house.

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23 Getting killed in Berserk mode
24 Getting excited when finding diamond and it falls into lava

I mine around my diamonds now, and this is very rare anyways.

25 Getting trolled from someone as Herobrine
26 Needing one more piece of sugar can to make a map

Wonder if you live far from sand

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27 Getting Lava'd
28 Getting struck by lightning

Never happened to me

29 Being one block away from finishing something

For example, being one stair away from finsishing a staircase aand having to make another 6.

30 Your berserk sword brakes
31 Justin Bieber joins a server and starts singing to everyone

Haters gonna hate hate hate

Oh great. Its another group of haters...



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32 Getting excited when finding diamond and only getting one piece

That's not possible unless something overlaps the rest if the ores, because diamond always spawns in veins of at least two. Once I was mining, I saw diamond, I mined it and couldn't see any more. Knowing there literally has to be more I mined around it and found more diamond. True story.

It happened to me once... I spent 3 days mining for diamond and when I found the diamond, I wanted to cry with happiness. Now I just want to cry.

Happened to me once. I digged all around it, like 5 blocks in all 8 sides and none.. maybe Xbox glitch

Or you could fiddle with settings and make almost everywhere you mine iron and diamond. That was fun.

Usually if you find ONE diamond ore though, it's a trap set up by a troll with a silk touch pickax or they mined away all the rest of it, leaving just one as bait. So don't trust singular ores.

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33 Spawning in the middle of nowhere

I once spawned in an ocean. is that supposed to be rare? Happened 2 times now

34 Briefing

Someone Briefed My Home Once I Blew Up At The guy loved yelling at him haha

35 Losing your way in the end

Happens it's the worst

36 You have a pet pig that gets zapped by lightning and despawns

If it gets zapped it turne into a zombie pigman

37 Dying, and then re-spawn and never find the area you died and if you do, all your stuff de-spawned already

This once happened to me when I had a half set of iron tools and iron armour and then I died... had to delete my best seed that day...

It happened to me... still crying...

38 Get killed by a friend you really trust

That is why I don't mine at lava spawning levels with him anymore...

He killed me so hard I hate him now

Never play anything but single-player.

39 You put your best stuff in a chest and your best friend took it

My friend is greedy and stole everything without permission. - TeamRocket747

Haha this always happens

40 Gravel falling on your head

On multiplayer when your inventory is full of cool stuff? Yeah I know -EmileeBrooke

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