Worst Things That Could Happen to You In Minecraft


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41 Getting blown up
42 Summoning the Wither near your house

Say goodbye to you and your house.
It will destroy everything unless you have
MobGreifing turned to false.

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43 Your mobs on the mob farm you worked so hard on despawn.

You can get the mobs back by waiting a bit

44 Empty Hunger Bar

It sucks I was playing super smash mobs and died of hunger I was so mad

That's because u lose hunger if u don't attack

45 Trolling Herobrine

WHY would you troll Herobrine? He's, like, stronger than two enchanted diamond swords combined!

That's impossible because he's fake

Only one word can describe what would happen to you. And that 1 word is.

46 Thinking you found a diamond and mining it but it's lapis

I think gold is redstone unless I go very close to it

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47 Gravel falling on your head

On multiplayer when your inventory is full of cool stuff? Yeah I know -EmileeBrooke

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48 The Game Crashed

Once I was in the end and I had a super speed sword and I accidentally ran off the side. I was in the void and couldn't find my way, few seconds later it crashed. Another time I found something like 'Somebody's self building roller coaster! ' I put it in a command block, pressed the button and it crashed.

49 Have a charged creeper around your house and then some zombies get blown up by the charged creeper

That's worse than a normal creeper!

50 A villager trades bedrock for an enchanted diamond sword

How are you going to get your sword?

51 Getting Rapid killed
52 Your best build being griefed completely

THIS my friends is why I live isolated from absolutely everybody. I've learned not to trust ANYBODY!

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53 Go to the end and get knocked off by Ender Dragon

Falling into the void, no. But dying from falling off obsidian towers, hmmm I really have bad luck with that, don't i

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54 Going into a deep cave and have no wood to make a pickaxe or crafting table

Ha Ha. Once I found diamonds, and only had 1 stick. - EverythingStampyStyle

Haha laugh out loud true

55 Shoot your self with a bow and your dogs go after you!!

I hate doing that laugh out loud

Come on your joking right

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56 Your mom joins your server while your friends are online

Yeah right. Mom doesn't, and never will, play Minecraft, and my dad hates it. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

No, that's cool, if your mum plays Minecraft. If you think she'll embarrass you, get on a different server

I think that that would be totally embarrassing.

If you ask me, that is a 1 out of 10000000000 chance of happening.

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57 Finding diamond ore right above lava.

This is the solved to mine the diamond above of lava:
If you have 64 cobbles and you don't need that, go place the cobbles to lava and you can mine that - DragoniteTheMinerz

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58 Getting Caught Griefing
59 Your 8 year old brother burning the 3 diamonds you just mined
60 Die with armor by a zombie and zombie gets it

This happened with zombie pigman, full diamond and enchanted! :/

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