Worst Things That Could Happen to You In Minecraft


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81 Falling off a cliff, Land in an End Portal, in The End fall into the Void when you have 64 Diamonds
82 Fishing on a perfect sunny day, and a creeper comes out of a cave behind you and ruins it V 1 Comment
83 Hackers raiding and killing you

I see some hackers witch raid peoples bases and turn them into a dump they take all your items and leave. they also mute people and they can kick you and there are stupid.

I felt sorry for that player getting raided

That must be sad for that player. So every person get a powerful faction and base to avoid that happening to you but you can be the next one for that to happen to you so please be careful

84 Be annoyed in the end by your friend then die by the ender dragon because you were distracted
85 A large oncoming of zombies trying to hit you and you only have a potato to hit them
86 Creeper exploding your chicken coop

Those green little devils

V 1 Comment
87 Trolling a friend and trying to steal from them noticing they have a trapped chest V 1 Comment
88 Hitting shift five times, only to find that that activates sticky keys V 1 Comment
89 Putting your most valuable item in the nether and forgetting where

Happened to me once. I got an awesome Enchanted Diamond Sword. It can kill a mob with a single hit (It's enchanted to that fire one with Bane Of Arthopods). I Even Renamed It. Me and My brother went playing to the Nether later. I put it on a Chest kinda far from the portal. Close to where to get Glowstones. I restarted from the portal and suprise! It took like more than 10 minutes to find it and I failed sadly T_T...
Imagine if all the Enchanted Books or All the Golden Apples You've Collected for weeks (months on the game time probably) Gone Missing because You Misplace Them While Going To The Nether. All your Hardwork would probably be wasted. Well it would be fine if the Autosave feature never exist! - MLPFan

V 1 Comment
90 Creeper ruining your day

I had just found this awesome biome, started building a house. moved my bed and chest with some good enchantment books diamonds and diamond horse armour. anyway I head in to sleep didn't shut the door and as I layed down creeper blew me and bed up and I lost my spawn point and had no clue where this biome is since.

91 Fall in lava

This IS one of the worst things

V 1 Comment
92 Tons of enderman slowly taking your house apart

I'd hate it if this happened

That would be hell

93 Trying to build a fireplace that burns your house down

This happened to me in my 1st Minecraft world. So sad... :( my dog died too.

V 1 Comment
94 Forget to enable KeepInventory

Well, this means you have cheats on, so just get some diamonds equal to what you lost in gamemode C.

V 1 Comment
95 Building an epic build on a server and it crashes

Knock on wood, it hasn't happened to me yet

It's happened to me COUNTLESS times.

96 Someone makes a pit of lava, then goes high in the sky, teleports you and you are not on ly mode and the other person is and you accidentally fall into a large pit of lava. V 1 Comment
97 You're about to win a game, and then the game crashes V 2 Comments
98 You're the first one to die in a game

Or you can't get any chests because
Your game glitches and you die

99 Spawning in a cave V 1 Comment
100 Spawning on a stranded island with no trees, and no other islands around
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