Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen to You Out In the Wilderness


The Top Ten

1 Multiple snake bites
2 A bear crushes you
3 An alligator shoots bees at you

Is this a joke or is this real life?

4 You eat a poisonous centipede
5 You fall off a cliff
6 You drown in disgustingly unclean water
7 You can't stop vomiting
8 You get every disease known to man
9 A beaver attacks you
10 A cougar tries to mate with you

The Contenders

11 You run into a murderous psychopath

How is this not higher?

12 Multiple bee stings
13 You sleep on rocks
14 You get dragged underwater by a lake monster
15 You run into a mysterious creature in the woods
16 You get abducted by aliens
17 You run into Bigfoot and he kills you
18 You run into the Blair Witch
19 You accidentally get shot by a hunter
20 You get mauled by a bear
21 You sit on a porcupine
22 You get crushed by huge rocks rolling downhill
23 You get caught in the middle of a forest fire and you have no way out
24 You are forced to drink your own pee
25 You destroy the map that you brought with you on your trip
26 You have no food, no tent, and no fire
27 The trees magically come to life and crush you

Are we talking about the Ents from The Lord of the Rings?

28 Multiple mosquito bites
29 You get bit by a deer
30 Your clothes get all dirty
31 You run into a phantom
32 You step on a Bear Trap
33 You accidentally touch poison ivy
34 You forgot to bring food and water along with you
35 A tree falls on you
36 You stand in the middle of a campfire
37 You accidentally eat hemlock berries
38 You get kicked in the head by a deer
39 You get sprayed by a skunk
40 You set yourself on fire while trying to make a fire
41 A beehive falls on you
42 An apple from a tree falls on your head
43 You fall off a mountain
44 You get bit by a spider
45 You get splinters in your hands
46 An animal eats all of your food
47 You run into an old house filled with dead bodies
48 You get scratched multiple times by a cougar
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