Worst Things that Could Happen to You on a Plane


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1 It crashes

In fact, a plane recently crashed in LA. Someone got a quick video of it through a dash cam. All you could see was the plane in a frightening vertical nose dive to the pavement before it disappearing behind some buildings, so the person who caught the video didn't get to catch the explosion. The crash killed 7 people. This is something that's truly scary. - Mcgillacuddy

I would probably never fly again if my plane crashes - Randomator

Hey, you'd probably be dead, so you wouldn't have to worry about it again! - awesomedp900

That would be the most terrifying thing that could ever happen to me. - CharismaticKat

This scares me

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2 Someone pushes you out the window

No one could push my fat ass out the window lol

The windows are way too small for a human to fit in

It would be hard to get those windows open. They’re rock solid. - PackFan2005

Wouldn’t that be terrifying?! Good thing it’s unlikely. - MadameWolf

3 The pilot is a criminal who did all of the training to crash a plane on purpose

That’s what background checks are for. - PackFan2005

4 The person next to you loves your least favorite music artist and plays their songs really loud

Me:Imma sleep on the plane
Stranger next to me:*plays friends*
Me:*throws stranger out the window*
Me:Ah better *sleeps*

I love how this is put above situations you could die in. - DapperPickle

It should be easy enough to ask them to turn the music down. - CloudInvasion

Like if I was in a plane and the person next to me was a fan of Cardi B, and blasted I Like It. I would just put headphones on, or maybe just ask them to turn the music down. - allamassal

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5 Someone throws your bag out the window

I don't even think you can open the plane window, unless you want to depressurize the cabin and cause lots of problems. - Gg2000

What would make it worse is if one of your electronics like your phone are in there. - PackFan2005

Depending on what was in the bag, your trip could be ruined. - MadameWolf

I don’t think this is as bad as some of the others, but would still be disappointing.

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6 Someone looks through your bag and sees your diary

Haha they could try to read it but I have what is commonly known as Badhandwritingitis. It's their own fault if they go blind. - Britgirl

So much secret stuff in there

If I had a diary, I wouldn’t bring it to begin with. - PackFan2005

7 The plane food is poisoned

That would explain why it tastes so bad. - PackFan2005

All they give you on the plane is crackers, chips, and soda.

This would truly suck. - Gg2000

8 Terrorists take everyone hostage

This should be number 2 or 1, I would be horrified if this happens

This is below something related to music... - PeeledBanana

9 The pilot falls asleep

Then the plane will crash... MAYDAY MAYDAY WE ARE GOING DOWN! *crashes*

Well, at least there’s a co-pilot. - PackFan2005

How do pilots not fall asleep in such long airplane flights? Don’t they sleep?

10 The pilot dies

Oh god, that would be sad. Not only he dies, the plane crashes too

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11 You post on social media that it’s a private plane but people who were on it with you say that it’s a lie

Lol! That would be funny!

Wait isn't that an FCC violation of wave interference with the plane by using internet by going to social media if so that is quite ironic because the plane will descend and crash to the ground anyway (depends on the environment) so that is why people use airplane mode because of many leading aviation deaths due to the internet which cause wave interference(hmm this turns me on because I am thinking of the Young slit experiment) I hope I am not wrong- Kevinsidis

12 You get on the wrong flight

One thing: you have to go through so many security checks and things that it's gonna be hard to get on the wrong flight. Plus, each terminal gate should have a sign with the flight destination. - Gg2000

This would be unimaginably embarrassing! - MadameWolf

Instead of catching a flight to New York, you end up on a plane heading for Oslo, Norway. That’ll end well. - PackFan2005

That would be awful, I would get taken to somewhere far and probably where I don’t even know.

13 You're next to a 3 year old who screams the entire time
14 Crying Babies

I'd just throw the baby out the window

15 Snakes somehow make their way onboard

Oh no Dita Von Teese is on the plane!

Somebody call Samuel L.Jackson. - DapperPickle

16 You get no seat for some reason
17 People randomly yell snakes on a plane references
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1. It crashes
2. Someone pushes you out the window
3. The person next to you loves your least favorite music artist and plays their songs really loud
1. It crashes
2. The pilot is a criminal who did all of the training to crash a plane on purpose
3. Terrorists take everyone hostage


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