Worst Things that Could Happen to You While Cooking

The Top Ten

1 You cut yourself with a knife

This almost happened to me yesterday, but at least I got list inspiration!

This is a good list because it talks about the dangers of cooking

That happened to me once. It was painful. - TheTMNTFan

2 Your friend pushes you in the oven

Then they would be your enemy!

Some friend then. - Randomator

3 You start a fire
4 You spill all over your expensive outfit

Oh no, darling, this little outfit you see here cost me 300,000 dollars!

Still, at least you have your health. - Entranced98

Rich people should cook naked - Metal_Treasure

5 Your ingredients are poisoned
6 Pots and pans fall on your head
7 Your microwave blows up

€Oh boy! I can’t wait to have some of this delicious fo-” *Microwave blows up* - 3DG20

8 You accidentally set the timer for way too much time and it burns

That would suck - Randomator

9 You spill boiling water on yourself
10 You accidentally grab the blade of a knife

The Contenders

11 The oven explodes
12 Your hand gets shredded up in a blender
13 Hot oil spatters on you

Happened to my brother a few years back - he ended up with a second degree burn. - Entranced98

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