Worst Things That Could Happen to Your Favorite Song


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1 It gets deleted/banned

Once I tried to listen to 1 of my favorite songs on YouTube and then it said that the user who uploaded it was terminated for some reason >:(

That would really suck - SilviaCat

2 It gets old

Well, that's a really sad thing. You always miss the feeling you had when you heard an awesome song for the first time. But then, this is what motivates you to look for newer ones, probably of the same quality as your previous old ones, and then you might accidently stumble upon a masterpiece that is better than all the previous ones you ever listened. - Kiteretsunu

I hate this feeling. This is exactly what the radio did with Don't Stop Believin' by Journey. Don't get me wrong. It is an epic song. They just played it so much I got sick of it. Ruined a perfectly good song for me. Sometimes I take a break from songs or albums I'm really fond of for a month or so just for the sake of avoiding this feeling.

Sadly, this happens. I miss the experience of some songs I liked particularly when they were new to me. - PositronWildhawk

Like Let It Go. I used to like that song and know people are singing it too much, then it got old. - funnyuser

3 You don't ever want to finish it because you're worried it might get old
4 You notice how horrible it is
5 You start showing it off, but they say its terrible

That's why I try to avoid talking about music (in the real world that is) - SilviaCat

That's happened to me before. - Songsta41

6 You start showing it off, now you cant get your MP3 back

Laugh out loud this annoying event happened to me 5 times - DubstepLover

7 Suddenly you realize, "What if its actually a horrible song?"
8 It makes you go deaf
9 Kidz Bop Sings it

Why isn't this no. 1? These kids make the worst song covers not realizing what they are doing. Instead of working on at least their own songs, they ruin songs by changing the way it is song. (two good examples is their cover on thrift shop and gangnam style). If these guys become the Justin Biebers or the Rebecca Blacks of the future, I can say good music has officially died

Kidz Bop ruins everything, they take all of our favorite songs and make them sound like it came out of the garbage can (change the lyrics to something worse, kids aren't that good singers, etc. )

Kidz Bop makes everything horrible. They sang my 6th favorite song, my 9th, and 13th. - Songsta41

Kidz Bob RUINS GOOD SONGS still new music is garbage - STANCAKE

10 Haters hate it

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11 You get addicted to its genre


12 One Direction Do an Awful Cover of It
13 The same radio channel that plays your favorite song suddenly plays Barbie Girl right after

No no noo

14 It gets stolen
15 Justin Bieber ruins it

That was the first thing that went through my mind when I read the title of this list.

16 Pop Version Is Created

This sadly happened to songs by Florida Georgia Line. Both songs have been butchered by that. - Turkeyasylum

17 It Gets Played When Something Really Scary Is Happening

Remember Singin' in the Rain from A Clockwork Orange?

18 Katy Perry Covers It
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