Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen to Your Locker at School

A list of worst things that could happen to your locker.

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1 The door breaks

One time this kid went to my locker and he threw a bunch of useless stuff out of my locker ad locked it with a lock. My school books and homework was in there too! I ended up getting detention for the rest of the year

Now people could steal from you. Though it is weird, people steal school books. - Therandom

If the door breaks to your locker Tell the teacher if someone breaks into your door or call the police if the kid steals your items - SpencerJC

I wa whetting something from the locker and suddenly I don't find my locker anymore

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2 People steal from it

We need some stuff for class, and when the teacher says where is your book and you say it was stolen, they don't buy it. - Therandom

If people steal from my locker and I find out who took it I have a bad idea in my head and I do whatever I can to get my stuff back I might choke them to even knock them out if possible

Put the lockers next to the security camera please

My high school special ed teacher took my hoodie out of my locker WITHOUT MY PERMISSION once.

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3 The lock breaks

I was in math class and someone took my lock off my locker, I had to call police because my phone was stolen. Just keep an extra locker in the back of your locker, just in case you lock breaks

What's the password, um lemme think, self destruct?

Now people can get in your locker. - Therandom

Well mine doesn't even have a lock! - jmepa1234

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4 A teacher finds a hidden phone


Hey, if it isn't used in class, you're fine. The teachers can't confiscate any phone at any time.

Phones are allowed at my school, so this wouldn't be an issue. - Minecraftcrazy530

We are allowed phones in school but not in class - jmepa1234

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5 All of your books and papers come flying out of your locker

I don't have this problem because I keep everything in a binder for each class... Like math and science so if anything falls it's my binder that is locked... Yep

Hey kid catch these paper airplanes when I open my locker, watch out for books

Pretty sure my old school was haunted (i'm not the only one to believe this) so this wouldn't surprise me

How would this happen? - jmepa1234

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6 You find CDs of a music artist you hate in there

CDs of Justin Bieber scattered across the hall. That happened to my friend.

Really? They won't do that. I have a pad lock so you guys also need a pad lock if you guys don't have yet.

Why would those be in there.

Who put a Lil Pump album in my locker?

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7 Jeff the Killer is hiding in there and kills you the second you open it

Man, I always thought that story was creepy and dumb.

Why would he hide in a locker of all places? Doesn't the story say he hides in closets? I don't think he'd be dumb to kill someone in a public place. ESPECIALLY a school.

Why am I voting for this?


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8 A rat lives in it

On the first day of third grade, my friend found a dead rat and its babies in his locker. I am NOT kidding. It was really gross.

This would be a good thing, I can bring it to homeroom and freak out the teacher

I would tell the teachers, and if no one believed me, I would bring it to homeroom

Because I am a rat

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9 You open it and find a door to hell

I thought school was already Hell itself? - LostDream258

It sounds like dimensional doors again.

Why is this not like, number 3?

The place that educates us is hell. Oh well, it all starts at 7:30 am. - Hey1tsme

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10 Nothing is in there

When I was in high school my special ed teacher stole my hoodie from my locker once. I found it in her classroom.

My text books are missing And my basketball

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11 A bee hive forms in there

I know somebody who had an abandoned locker in my school in 7th grade, and when we were cleaning out our lockers a few days ago, a beehive was inside his locker. And we had to get an exterminator. - Catacorn

The bees could go sneak in there somehow. - Therandom

The one time you wish you could mind control them to the teacher - Captaincrunch2015

I hate bee stinhs - jmepa1234

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12 Someone puts their stuff in it

A bully did this to me so I put a bunch of baby toys in his locker for revenge

My friends knew my code because I needed help opening it so they put all their stuff in it for the school day

Oh my god people always put stuff in my locker WHY ME

Well keep it! Free stuff!
Joke I'm no burglar - jmepa1234

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13 Justin Bieber in your locker

Every list has to have something related to Justin Bieber in it, now does it? This is by far one of the stupidest Justin Bieber jokes ever. Really, Justin Bieber in a locker? - SlimVeggie

Justin Bieber in our lockers?! That's not possible! I mean, come on guys. He won't fit there.

Really. This is just stupid. These Bieber jokes are getting really old. - OriginalVisionary

Same thing as Jeff the Killer. It is both stupid - Hey1tsme

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14 Cobwebs grow inside your locker

Cobwebs? Well...I wouldn't really care unless there's a poisonous spider. - Hey1tsme

(=^._.^=)/That actually happened to me a few days ago! And the spider was still in there...0^0 - CapriVoid

15 The lock is missing
16 Somebody puts drugs in your locker and when a teacher catches you with them, you get expelled

Bull! That should be #10!

Take this to number 1. parents would kill me literally. - Hey1tsme

I hope it's not prankday

17 A bully shoves you in it.

If anyone has experienced it or has a good chance of experiencing it, I recommend instead of yelling & banging in the locker, if the bully didn't take your cell phone, use your cell phone & catch some video footage for proof...will come in handy later as proof.

My locker is a half locker

This is actually one of the more reasonable ones... yes it is very likely that your locker is a portal to hell.

18 You get stuck in it

That would be HORRIBLE!


19 It gets TP'd (Toilet Papered) and Vandalised

Oh ye that unfortunately happened to me... someone wrote Maryanne orsomething and I got suspended for vandalism. Boi, I remember when I got home that day... :(

20 The door jams

This happened a lot when I was in high school because my special ed teacher forced the whole class to put their backpacks and supplies in them. The lockers were extremely small and our backpacks were really big. I have kicked and punched my locker so many times and I nearly got in trouble with my teacher because of it. I had to get help from another teacher/the principal several times. Luckily that only lasted several weeks and I didn't have to cram my backpack in there ever again.

That's happened to me dozens of times because my best friends bag is always having its straps caught in it and I have to pull on the strap in order to open the locker. - jabby1279

It takes so many kicks... Ugh

21 Locker Bomb

Open your locker. BOOM you're dead.

No... I'm scared now.

22 People steal your lunch money

What? - SpencerJC

23 You find a wormhole to another dimension
24 You find a camera with porn on it
25 Broly pops out
26 SpongeBob Pops Out

What? - SpencerJC

27 You find a note of ransom for your dog that you left there

Who would but their dog in a locker?! - Therandom

Why I would let my dog in my locker? - tent2

I think the dog was playing capture the flag, and your bookmark was the flag

What does this mean - Batmaniscole

28 You open your locker and you get Rick Rolled

Wow the school I am going to this school about the arts and the kids are weird so they would start a dance party

I'll go and give up the laptop.


29 You forgot to zip up your lunch box and your food gets all over your stuff
30 You lose the lock of the locker
31 Golden Freddy pops out when you open it

All the FNAFreaks in my grade would crowd it.

32 You find your favorite teacher's body
33 Someone kills a person and hides the dead body in your locker
34 You spill something in your locker
35 You find a black hole inside your locker and it sucks you in and you die

If it was already there, you wouldn't have had made it to your locker - SwagFlicks

Why how when and who put this on - Batmaniscole

A wizzard was in here wasn't he

36 You find a time bomb placed in your locker which has got only 3 seconds to explode

You must be the first bait

37 You open your locker and Justin Bieber's song Baby starts playing and it won't stop

Remind me to not bring some kind of small-radio because it can make this happen - tent2

38 Someone changes your passcode in your pad lock
39 Someone puts a dirty diaper in your locker
40 You find poisonous spiders in your locker
41 The lock gets stuck and you're late for class


42 The lock gets stuck and you're late for class

Detention...! ugh...

43 Someone figures out the combination and opens your locker.
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1. The door breaks
2. People steal from it
3. All of your books and papers come flying out of your locker
1. People steal from it
2. The door breaks
3. The lock breaks
1. Jeff the Killer is hiding in there and kills you the second you open it
2. You open it and find a door to hell
3. A rat lives in it


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