Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

When ever its inside or outside of your school. So here is a top ten list about it.

The Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

1 Someone shooting the school

Below Justin Bieber visiting? I mean, I hate the kid, but seriously?

I think people are over obsessing over hating Justin Bieber. You'd rather die or see your friends and/or teachers die than listen to Justin Bieber? I get he sucks but come ON

Reallyy? You're just trying to be funny.

This happened many times and I would do a lot of things to tell the world something about that and why it is wrong. The kids are totally helpless and almost everyone dies, 5-13 year old students die, 21-100 (or maybe more) year old teachers die, and most them are innocent. Yeah. That's terrible, but also, Justin Beiber should be the last thing on this list, these jokes are getting way too far. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

I had to report a potential school shooter last month. He usually wasn't like this and he seemed serious about doing it on the HS bus, tried to get me and three others in it and was talking about guns, bringing guns, having ammo in his sack, saying to the bus driver that he wasn't going to ride that afternoon, and even said there was the Sheriff's car as we got near the school, which concerned me. He also was real angry over what he claimed a girl told his girlfriend about him and her, and when he tried to get me in it he said that I knew the girl said that, and to which I said yes as I kinda believed him.

So then I got on the shuttle bus to go to some other school (it's kinda complicated), and went to my school, where I immediately reported all that to the principal and the officers conducted a search.

After the tape was pulled by the officers he was suspended and later arrested for making a false threat of mass violence, and now has a class H felon at only 18. Dang, he ...more

2 No summer vacation

This should be #3, below "A Shooting Occurs", which always involves people being shot by a deranged person, and "Justin Bieber Visits And Sings", which could possibly involve people being shot by... themselves.

I think in some cases, this is the worst.

I heard some people talking on the radio about year-round schooling. First of all I think it is a TERRIBLE idea. You wound get the same amount of vacation during the year but it would be spread out through the year. Which is dumb because who wants to go on vacation during the cold months! Also you can't go to the water park or the pool or the beach during the fall and winter! This is a stupid idea!

There would be more suicides because so many kids would be depressed and constantly bullied. Also, it would be very bad for the recreation and pyrotechnic industry, this means that there would be a massive drop in sales of fireworks and tickets to water parks and theme parks.

3 Justin Bieber visits and sings

Why does every list need to have Justin Bieber in it? If we hate him, we shouldn't bother about him. Think about it. We stop talking about him, he becomes less popular, he'll go out of business, and we will all live happily ever after, OK?

Agreed. Putting him out of business would mean he is less popular, therefore not as many people know him, therefore there would be room on these lists for things more serious and tragic.

I mean yes, Justin Bieber sucks, but there are worse things (i.e. war). - CatCode

What a dick... Screw justin bieber

He did visit my school to sing because someone won a competition

I would need a doctor

If he came to our school I would write a book called how to be a normal human. Plus, he might just spit on us.

4 Bullies taking over the school

I would hate if the bullies I had in my old school took over the school and bullied every autistic kid and kids that are new to the school

This would be the worst if it ever happened when I was in school - trains45

I can think of this. At the start tons of bully's will start running out from bathrooms and secret spots around the school. They will start pushing people and stuff out of the way. They will then burst open the doors and start fliping and chucking everything in the buildings. Everyone would start screaming and run off everywhere. The bully's will start smashing the windows, ripping the doors of the cupboards and pushing the teachers cars around. Some would start to turn on the teachers and students. When they done all of that part they will start standing around. Talking and looking around. By then the police would have srourouned the school. That would be chaos and that would be the worse.

No! Everyone one would get wedgies and live in lockers!

5 School is mandated every day of the year, even holidays, from 4:00 am to 9:00 PM, with homework assigned

This would really suck I need a break from school I would go crazy if this happened

This is more like my vision of hell, at least I might be the last to survive this because I'm doing pretty well in school and I make lots of friends, for example in my last school I was the most popular kid, everyone knew and liked me and in my current school there is nobody that hasn't heard about me, but this will ultimately make me give up because I'm seeing most of my friends fail and that hurts a lot.

17 hours of school every god damn day... you can't spend time with your family on Christmas. No vacations! I would be so tired every day and I would have about 30 minutes of free time every day except weekends where I would have 1 hour (because my bedtime is 9:30 and 10:00 on weekends). I would die from depression - SammySpore

The economy would collapse, think about why would you need an iPhone, restaurants, kids shows, kids movie, toys, sports etc

6 Walk into a class room where 2 teachers are having sex

Is that even legal?

I would throw up in front of them

This would be the worst it would upset me I would probably tell my parents and the principal

This would really be the worst to see if I came into a class and they were, it would bother me - trains45

7 An announcement of longer school years

My principal once pulled that as a April Fools joke - CommentandList

This would suck I had a dream once I had to school from september to july 31 unless it was on sat or sun, and only had august off and the principal announced it near the end of the day in my dream all the kids were angry except a few who loved school

This would be the worst if I heard this in june and say school was on until the end of july and had only August off it would really suck - trains45

Big riot by the students! Laugh out loud

8 Fire

I had this happen once in grade 1, the gym was on fire, it was a scary day, it happened in the morning before school me and some kids were in the gym playing basketball smelt something, and then saw sparks we told a teacher right away then they pulled the fire alarm

This once kinda happened with my old school on jan 28, 2013, the garbage can caught on fire, in the boys bathroom some how, they put out the fire before it got under control, it was also freezing cold outside like maybe -30Β°C would of been the worst to be outside for a fire alarm - trains45

If something set the school on fire then your in trouble because it can burn it down.

I'd actually be happy if my school burned down and all the good people and my friends and the people I know and/or like survived. - airplain313

9 You are forced to watch baby shows

Once I had to watch DORA THE EXPLORER, GO DIEGO GO, and POCOYO in Spanish class- and I was 12 at the time. I was so freaked out! The scariest part was the teacher laughing at the corny jokes- this is a VERY cruel joke to middle schoolers! I nearly died of being traumatized by these shows!

This would of drove me crazy if they forced me to watch caillou and dora, once I was forced to watch a Sesame Street youtube video in grade 9, I wondered why, the hole school did I think, at least it wasn't caillou barney or dora - trains45

When I was in grade 8, my music teacher would put on Bob the Builder whenever students were not listening. I think that it doesn't make sense because it is not Bob the Builder class, it's music class. And once my chem teacher sang "If your happy and you know it" in class one day for no reason and it's a grade 12 class. And then no one was happy.

I a month ago in Science we had to watch an animation about earthquakes where a dumb computer and a smart trash can are the main characters plus when they needed help thy called 1st GRADERS FOR HELP they asked us and all like Dora. And worse we were the 7th grade advance class! Half of us was mature! Some like me were way too mature, like not as in behave right but sexual mature

10 An earthquake

This would be scary for me if I had an earthquake at school or anywhere else, I never had one since they are rare where I am - trains45

This would scare the heck out of me if an earthquake happened even after school

If your in school and an earthquake happens then your in big trouble. Espessaily when your school is big that will be the worst thing that has happened to your school.

My art teacher is Japanese and she's awesome. She told my class that when she was a kid in Japan, there were pillows underneath every chair so in earthquakes they could easily hide. But living in NYC, an earthquake would;t be a big deal because an earthquake would be tiny. - maddyparrot22

Wow why does Japan always get the awesome stuff like Nintendo, Anime, Sega etc. - Nato_D9

The Contenders

11 The fire alarms don't work and there's a fire

This would be the worst, if the fire broke out in the gym storage room and no one noticed for awhile and the alarms failed to active from the smoke alarms, or if some staff member saw smoke and pulled many alarms and it didn't go off, I once had a night mare a fire broke out in my school and the fire alarms failed to go off and no one noticed for a long time

This would be quite scary if there was a fire in an empty classroom and the fire alarm fails to activate, or if someone kept pulling alarms and it didn't work then had to rush into a random class phone to make an announcement that there is a fire, be even worst of the phones were down as well - trains45

This is worse than having a regular fire because no warning. At least number two would usually not kill you ( Justin Bieber)

On 5/21/2014 the fire alarm went off during the tornado at school

12 A tornado

This would be quite scary if I ever had a tornado when I was in school, or at home - trains45

Scary time to be in school.

This actually happened to me when I was a fourth grader. It was hailing, thunder everywhere. It was scary. We got to leave early. And one girl was crying hard. - airplain313

When I was in kindergarten I watched the movie twister over and over again then one came I was scared and has nightmares about them we had to put books over our heads half of our class was crying louldly (really would I blame them though) and thunder was like earthquakes and ring my ears one of the worst days of my life but at least we got outta school early but I was scared

13 Homework every day

This would of really sucked I hated homework, be even worse if I had it on the weekends too and had to do it on saturday and sunday as well, or during holiday breaks, and summer - trains45

A lot of kids have to do homework every day expect for holiday breaks and summer - DrayTopTens

This is the reason why our big summer marshmallow BBQ roast bonfire is huge. - Captaincrunch2015

The worst thing that could happen to a school already happened: as soon as you get home and need a break, guess what? More " school in disguise" which is commonly known as homework.

14 An 80 and below are considered failing grades

That basically means if I finally get at least a B in Math I am still failing - JellyBean2000

My Asian parents would DISOWN ME if this policy was enforced!

100 and below you all fail. I'm assigning extra credit for everyone, no excuses

The worst test score I've gotten:94%. Especially on the 1st science test, I was a chosen one.

15 Flying pigs start killing everyone

If this is possible, we will use slender mans to kill the flying pigs!

If this happens, I'll just grab one and name it Waddles (only true Gravity Falls fans will get this reference) - FuffleyandPeetah

I love how random this item is. - Userguy44

That would be okay for me because I'm nicknamed as pig and I like pigs. I must worry about my friends. - Animefan12

16 Hitler visits

Last I checked, Hitler was dead.

Hitler is dead morons!

Hitler: Welcome, class, for you homework tonight, you will have to write an essay about why Jews are bad and tomorrow we will go to the biology room to build a gas chamber. - JoeBoi

I don't want to talk about it

17 You find out a bully is dating your crush

This would of sucked if this happened to me, I would of sucked if my crush dated some guy that was rude to me a few times in high school, and got mad at me for the way I acted sometimes and stuff and once got mad at me for scaring my friend on the bus as a joke, if my crush dated him, it would of been harder to walk in the halls and stuff, and if he picked on me by my crush it would of been embarrassing, and it would of sucked to see her dating that guy, and only way to feel normal is if I seen her walking to class by her self of if the bully was sick or absent, I never had that happen, but I have had a time when my crush best friend made me uncomfortable and I wanted to give her space, and at the same time I had to avoid seeing my crush since she hung out with her friend while I was uncomfortable with her, it probably kinda the same feeling with her dating a bully, except being friends with someone you don'r like or your uncomfortable with

This would of been worst if I found out that a rude guy was dating my high school crush, then It would of made me nervous every time my crush walked by with him - trains45

Once I saw my crush saying to my bully "____ is so stupid right? " and he saw me saying "oh hey ____! " I said "IDIOT I'm NOT STUPID I HATE YOU I THOUGHT OF MARRYING YOU BUT NO! I'm BREAKING UP WITH YOU!

This happened to me once imagine living in a dark house with tiny lights and there's only three big lights and suddenly one goes out and you only have two lights but it doesn't feel the same and all you can do is wait for the light return but unfortunately it never does its one of the worst feelings you can ever have.

18 Elmo comes to your school

I would slap elmo

I would throw him and then punch his face and then fart in his face and then kick his balls.

I will give him a hug along with grover and albert

That sounds great - iliekpiez

19 Test week

GCSEs and Mock Exams are like test weeks, they are nerve wracking at first but then in the middle of the week you get used to them. At least this wouldn't kill me unlike a Shoot-up at your school or an earthquake (luckily I don't live near any plate boundaries or where guns are legal) and seriously? Justin Bieber coming to the school? You're obviously having a laugh aren't you? I really don't like the kid and his singing but get over it, most pop-stars these days are just as bad or even worse than he is. Anyway at least that wouldn't kill you. - metaldude8

"Test week" is either quiz or tests every day or one big test for 5 days. - Captaincrunch2015

This happened to me many times. so what? - spongebobgymnast

This happens every year.

20 No days off

This would really suck to go to school 7 days a week even on saturday and sunday, and during holidays and summer, would be super stressful - trains45

I don't think the parents would even allow this. some parents would agree but most would burn down the school

Absolute hell would break out. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I would burn down the school and then run away to do whatever I want. - Captaincrunch2015

21 Somebody commits suicide because there are bullies in the school

Someone actually did this when I was in grade 12, it was really sad - trains45

At my highschool there was a zero tolerance bully system that actually made bullying worse. If a girl didn't like another girl because she was getting too close to her boyfriend or somethin, she could report her for bullying and get the other girl suspended for up to a week. This happened to my best friend, who killed herself after having a fight with her parents because of this :'(

That's sad, parents need to think about how there kids are feeling and how much things like that can effect them - Tylerlangford1234

This happened to one kid in my school when I was in grade 12, it was sad

Never though that! Don't let people bully you! Bullies are terrible people that pick on people smaller than them. Tell someone and don't kill yourself. Be strong. If your a bully buzz off. How would you like it? If something is wrong in your life tell someone don't hurt people! PEACE!

22 Extended homework

Especially if it takes six hours - 4rs3R4mm3r

Just means teachers have to create more worksheets I won't do.

No no I hate homework

I really like school, but I hate homeworks

23 Uniforms become required

Based on what kids wear at my school, I WISH we had uniforms. The girls are always wearing booty shorts, halter tops, and flip-flops! And even worse, at some angles, it looks like they aren't wearing shorts! When we get to middle school (yes, I'm still in elementary) we can't have no straps or bikini straps and, pants have to AT LEAST be at your fingertips. Yea, I'm excited for middle school! - kaitlynrad11

A kid at my school made fun of this because not just your uniform but everything you bring into the school has to be from the school even your underwear I was like what? - Captaincrunch2015

We have to wear uniforms in India...

My school has uniforms, but all it is is just khakis, or blue pants, or shorts that color, and a white collared shirt. I don't understand why most people act like it's the end of the world if it happens.

24 School is year round

Oops too late I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks see ya suckers

I would skip school every holiday and summer vacation - Captaincrunch2015

Thanksgiving vacation! See ya suckers...

Anyone coming with me for summer vacation? I have 10 spots left!

25 A rat would eat your teacher

What if it’s your favourite teacher? - Userguy44

All of my teachers are nice though. :( - TeamRocket747

26 Having to go to school on saturday

That would suck I once had a dream of this happening and I think some kids were mad - trains45

With the exception of sports, nobody should be at school on the weekends.

I am almost always locked in the house on Saturday so it is impossible for me - Captaincrunch2015

I have classes of piano and karate on the weekends, so this wouldn't matter.

27 Nicki Minaj visits and sings

Her songs would be too graphic for a school, but this would suck. - Turkeyasylum

My anaconda don't- please just stop

Want none unless you got buns hon (sorry if ya think this is a troll comment) - TheAwesomeDude54

She swears in her songs! Make preschoolers repeat it.

She needs to get in her starship and LEAVE! - SamuiNeko

28 A bomb goes off

That would be really bad if a bomb went off in school - trains45

29 Obama becomes the principal

'Hello students. This month we will learn how to hijack a airplane. '

I would save my pee then switch it with the water he drinks.

Holy crap! What will he do?! - funnyuser

Do you mean OSAMA bin laden?

30 You have to do an assignment on Big Brother

That'd be great! - Luckys

31 Osama bin Laden visits

Osama is dead you idiots!

Hello there, welcome to Plane-Flying 101.

Zombie Osama bin Laden.

Hello class and welcome to Terrorist Education. Today we are going to learn how to hijack a plane and crash it into a building. - JoeBoi

32 A quiz or test every day

The entire school would go nuts.

That would really suck to have one everyday - trains45

Me: I got the answers
Everyone else: yay!
Me: this is gonna be easy
Teacher: is that the answers I see
Me: NEIN - Captaincrunch2015

33 All of your enemies form a gang and beat you up
34 A naked picture is sent of you to the whole school

That would be so embarrassing if that happened - trains45

I would commit suicide if that happened - DrayTopTens

What if teachers take shower pics of you and they sneak in and if you do somethingn wrong they send it to every1 - Captaincrunch2015

What did I say stop taking dick pics!

35 Your teacher makes you watch big brother for homework

Seriously? Be happy it isn't math! My teacher once said watch Pokemon that's your homework I honestly love that show

I'd rather have five tons of math, thank you.

Teacher- I have an assignment for you. Don't worry it's not math. It's where you should watch these three Big Brother episodes and write a five paragraph essay on why I was evicted first. Due Wednesday.
Everyone- Aww... - Turkeyasylum

36 Being expelled

I got expelled and my dad didn't care because the teacher was a liar

One guy said bad words to the head of the school he got expelled for three weeks. - 111Donlijo3436

Someone I knew got suspended for 1 day for kissing a boy, it was only primary school and I think primary schools are trying to kill off love - Harri666

I really don't see the point in suspending and expelling children sure they'll get punished and it goes on their record but guess what they're out of school - JellyBean2000

Schools are kind of stupid suspending people. Cause the person in trouble gets to relax for like a week (unless your parents make you do chores everyday)

37 Someone pulls your pants down in front of the whole school

Be sure to wear a tight belt. There's lots of weirdos running around your school.

That's bad. Especially if you're not wearing any underwear. - CommentandList

That happened to someone I knew and I laughed so hard I cried

That happened to me once, and I wasn't wearing underwear.

38 Being suspended

The worst thing about this is that your parents give you the worst punishment ever! - Userguy44

One kid at my school got suspended years ago and his parents were very mad. - Userguy44

That's good but not as good as expelled

This actually happened to me and IT WAS HORRIBLE

Happen to me it sucked but on the bright side I've couldav got expelled

39 Getting caught watching inappropriate videos

I found some kid watching Happy Tree Friends back in 4th grade

40 A tiger kills your teacher

I wished that a tiger killed my high school special ed teacher

I doubt this would happen unless your school was in a remote forest in India - Seddeu

This would be wonderful! no more school work OR homework because the teacher won't be able to assign it to you! - LAURENRL

41 Someone spilled acid

What if the acid causes people to grow into giants? That would be chaos.

If you spill acid during a lab experament then your creamed because it can damage you and cause chaos in your school.

Imagine you get acid on you then you become Mewtwo

You'd just use that big shower thing to wash the acid off your body or eyes.

42 A new rule forces you to go to school even if you're sick

Lucky me I don't have that rule in school because people are sick if this school added this rule I could have been sick

Since schools won't allow bathroom breaks, I'll just release my toxic diarrhea everywhere! >

This is how a zombie apocalypse would begin

This would be bad. Because if you had the flu or strep (I have had both) than it would be very contagious and likely for someone else in your school to get it. And if you had mono you would be very tired which may negegatively affect your grade. If you had walking pneumonia you may not even be able to walk to class.
Anyhow I advice against going to school if you are sick but that also means you will have make up work which I got a lot of in 4th grade because especially towards the end of the year I was sick.

43 Someone using an axe to tear down the school

If someone brings an axe. Then he will demolish the school and you might have to run.

An axe? My school is made of concrete

I don't think an axe will tear down a school but that person will badly damage it. It would be scary though.

My school is concrete. And anyone who do this will get an electric shock badly (cables in the wall) - MChkflaguard_Yt

44 You are forced to clean the bathrooms, even though you didn't vandalize them
45 Your desk would get broken by a bully

Usually the school would have a ton of spares. - Entranced98

46 Detentions

Nobody can hear you scream in detention.

No, anything but detention! - Pegasister12

47 Activated time bomb in school

This actually did happen some guy kid actually bombard my school

That would be scary to have a time bomb going off in school - trains45

Should at least be in the top 5 - DrayTopTens

Everyone would evacuate the school and the school would have to pay thousands of dollars for the damage and the school would shut down due to not having enough money but everyone else would get a list of recommendations for other schools and we would all live evily ever after πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

48 A bully kills your teacher
49 The school could explode due to a gas leak, and kill everyone inside, and within a 5 mile radius

I don't think a gas leak could be that extreme.

That would be like a crazy hobo blowing up a bomb. - Captaincrunch2015

50 Someone turns the school on you

I always use my squad to destroy my enemies

Help. I have some friends thou who wouldn't leave my side thou! - LAURENRL

I turned the entire 5th grade on a dude before. Trust me it wasn't pretty for the dude. - Captaincrunch2015

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