Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

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201 Slayer ringtone goes off during class

I love Slayer, but this would be worse than having a Slipknot ringtone go off during class.

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202 Hearing that your best friend is moving

Worst thing ever especially when that's your only friend in the class or school - JellyBean2000

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203 No toilets

Time to take a dump in the urinal.

If you've got no loos, just use the teachers shoes!

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204 You are forced to watch Sanjay and Craig

Now that would SUCK! But Breadwinners would be worse.

205 The teacher sucks you into Kirbys Return to Dreamland and Magolor kills you

Alright alright calm down... What am I saying? Who keeps putting fictional characters and stuff in there?

Why the heck are fictional things are in here!? You know what?! I hate how stupidly these people keep on making a top ''tens'' list when there are over hundreds of numbers! And they keep on making the most stupid fictional catastrophes that would never happen! These people suck at making lists! I am only on here for fun! >:(

206 You go on a field trip to meet the creators of Superman 64 V 1 Comment
207 Taco tuesdays
208 You accidentally walk into the opposite gender's bathroom

That happened one time when me and my friend were in Washington DC for a field trip. We saw two doors, so I assumed that one led to the men's and the other to the women's. We walked in, and all stalls, not urinals. A lady told us we were in the women's room, so we ran out. Little did we know that BOTH of the doors led to the women's... And there also was a big sign above us that said "GIRL'S", but there were trees when we walked up so we couldn't see it. It was HILARIOUS.

I've witnessed a couple of people doing this before. Yeah, it creeps me out, but I can't help feeling bad for the people who did it when I see them getting avoided for the rest of the year, assuming it was an honest mistake. - Entranced98

You know people dare each other to do that, right?

209 You are forced to watch the Kinder Egg Man
210 Someone farts and it kills everyone

Damn it Mikey what have I told you! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

(Some obese kid or teacher farts after a burrito)
Me: do you smell the- (dead)
Everyone: WOAH (dead)
Obese person: guys?

211 Miku performs at school

I'd actually like that. She sounds beautiful! - Pegasister12

He could perform Lollipop lol - JellyBean2000

That's cool, not horrible! - BorisRule

This would be cool, not horrible, and get to meet the rest of the vocaliod members.

212 You are forced to watch rip offs of good TV shows

In Spanish we had do watch this rip off of friends which was really bad, luckily I and some other people had to go out of the classroom to put all the chromebooks in the laptop tray. - Harri666

Do chrome books suck cause my school is getting them next year - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Family Guy is a ripoff of Simpsons,
Fish Hooks is a ripoff of SpongeBob,

213 Justin Bieber is your teacher in every grade

Lota of chances to screw then!

Lot's of chaos - BorisRule

214 The students fart on you

What the hell are you thinking about?

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215 A bully gives you a wedgie
216 Your boyfriend shows your nudes to his friends

I always find it funny how girls don't think a guy would brag and show his friends if he gets nudes

217 Nazeem visits the school

Just imagine the snobbery - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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218 Having to copy a study guide twice every night

I would grab a bazooka and blow my own face off.

219 Maths quizzes

I think maths is the worst, annoying subject ever!

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220 You accidentally play the music video to Forced Gender Reassignment by Cattle Decapitation

Even worse. You accidentally click on it during a presentation - SirSkeletorThe3rd

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