Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen Involving School

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221 Someone puts a squid in someone's locker

This happened at my school, me and the person below my locker even checked if it was ours, luckily it wasn't though... (Year 11 leaving day)

That's pretty lame considering you could do this with surströmming instead. - Entranced98

222 Having a perverted janitor

Already have one and some special Ed teacher always stares at me but I haven't seen him in a week so hopefully he's gone

223 Class wants you to go out in the hallway during a school shooting

Oh that would suck. I would push them out of the class if they did that

224 The school forces you to eat the horrible lunch they give you
225 Children who miss a day gets their parent fined.
226 A student sees porn on your phone

Easy fix don't have porn on you phone!

227 Justin Bieber becomes your Principal
228 Frieza becomes the principal
229 Forced to watch sex-ed videos

Am I the only one who is not dreading this?

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230 The school gets nuked when you are in summer school because the teachers are really mean
231 Taylor Swift becomes headmistress of your school

"HMM..maybe that would be awesome. Maybe she will be like a regular person." no.

Some male student didn't say hi to her. Looks like a new Taylor Swift single is being released today - SirSkeletorThe3rd

HMM..maybe that would be awesome. Maybe she will be like a regular person.

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232 Being forced to play Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

I would drop out of school if I had to do that

I agree. You shouldn't be forced to play that

233 Rainbow Dash takes over the school

Stupid ass bronies have to put everything related to their stupid 8 year old girl show everywhere

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234 The CEO of Electronic Arts visits
235 You are forced to say "I like trains" because the teachers want you to get run over by one
236 Your teacher reads the class an Arthur book and calls him a Prairie Dog

Apparently, my second grade teacher made that mistake, and I believed that for many years.

237 The Bell doesn't ring and the whole school gets held back until 7:00 in the evening.
238 You have to watch Naked and Afraid for homework
239 You sit next to a group of nerds and elitists and have a loud argument over Star Wars, Star Trek, and Legend Of The Galactic Heroes

One time I did have to sit near 2 students arguing over TMNT and Ninjago

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240 You have to do a project on Justin Bieber's life
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